What Does it Mean to Defy Gravity in Your Business?

Written by Christine Kane

An interview with Christine Kane:

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As business owners, we tend to think of things like mindset, soul and personal energy as “soft.”
On the other hand, we think of things like numbers, metrics, and conversions as “hard.” The hard results. (And we want them! Now!)

The problem is, it’s doesn’t work that way. In fact, the “soft” stuff is often the root cause of business failure! I see it all the time!

This is the way of the new class of entrepreneurs.

I teach business owners both the STRATEGY (the hard [...] Continue Reading…


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The Secret that Blows Positive Thinking Out of the Water

Written by Christine Kane

No matter how much you try to crank up the positive thinking in your business, and no matter how much you work on your success mindset… you’ll stall out every time if your actions aren’t congruent with your thinking.

What does that mean?

Well, positive thinking remains wishful thinking unless you make some moves to get in alignment with your intentions or dreams. In other words, you must become congruent with the thing you say you want.

(This doesn’t happen all at once, but there are easy places to start – as [...] Continue Reading…


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Are you ashamed of wanting more money?

Written by Christine Kane

Are you ashamed of wanting money?

Money is a highly charged topic.

Click to Tweet: Thinking you’re greedy for wanting money is a huge limiting belief for creating success in your life. @christinekane

I’m standing in front of our I’m Done wall that we had at our Uplevel Your Business event in June. This is where people wrote down what they’re no longer willing to tolerate as they move forward in their business.

One that I absolutely love is this: “I’m DONE thinking that making more money or wanting more money means I’m [...] Continue Reading…

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How to NOT “Bombard” People with Your Emails

Written by Christine Kane

Today’s question comes from Marilyn and I think a lot of you can relate with it.

Do you ever feel like you’re bombarding people with emails during a launch, and frankly, so exhausted you want to stop all those other great things you do, like sending out your weekly eZine?

First things first, we need a MINDSET CHECK…

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Here’s Marilyn question:

“When you are bombarding J people with emails during a launch, do [...] Continue Reading…


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How to Use Your Signature Story to Get Ideal Clients

Written by Christine Kane

When I teach students how to get more clients using your signature story, I get pushback. The idea of revealing the bare truth about ourselves is something that solo business owners struggle with. After all, aren’t we supposed to be experts in the know?

My students ask me:

How vulnerable should I be?

How much should prospects know about my story, my “why?”

In other words:

If I share this stuff, will I still be seen as professional?

One of my signature stories happened ages ago. The setting was a freezing cold room [...] Continue Reading…


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