The Easiest (Fatal) Mistake We Make When Writing Content

mistake writing content

When writing or recording content for your website or social media, it’s typical to use the lingo or jargon most familiar to you. Healers talk about chakras. Branding experts talk about brand attributes. Corporate types use acronyms that no one knows except them. Now, of course, your current Ideal Clients may know this lingo. They’re […]

Hate Networking? These 3 Mindset Blocks May Be Why


Mention networking to any of my students, and you’re likely to get rolled eyes and looks of sheer horror. Truth be told, networking gets a bad rap. Yet, as entrepreneurs, we know that building relationships is an integral part of our business success. If you’re like me, you build relationships in a variety of ways: […]

Delegation Basics: Starter Steps for Getting Stuff Off Your Plate

Delegation basics

I’m going to start our discussion on delegating with a story about a lawn… My first house had a lawn. A big lawn. Lots of grass and weeds. And at the time, I prided myself on being a “pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps,” DIY kinda gal. So I mowed it myself. Every week. And every week… I loathed it. […]

Freedom, Risk and Failure: 7 Big Truths about Small Business

7 big truths about small business

It’s SMALL BUSINESS WEEK! (Did you even know that?) Well, it is. Small business week is an official week sanctioned by our very own U.S.  government. And if you go to the Federal Government’s public service announcement about it, you’ll probably fall asleep right along about paragraph two. (At least I did.) And this is […]

Unpredictable Income? Use these 7 Strategies for Managing Your Money

unpredictable income

As a business owner, your income is probably not consistent from month to month. So what happens when you read the Suze Ormans, Dave Ramseys, and Tony Robbins’s of the world, all who create plans for the person earning the regular paycheck? Well, if you’re like many entrepreneurs, your eyes glaze over, you feel left […]