Do You Strangle Your Productivity Using This One Phrase?


As entrepreneurs, we’re idea people. Our gift is coming up with cool new ways to serve, make money, delight our creative minds, change the world, whatever. The challenge is that with this trigger-finger, fast-thinking brain of yours, you tend to forget things like, you know, the time it’ll take to carry out your idea. When […]

3 Must-Do’s for Your Online Video (Hint: They’re Not Technical)

3 Must-Do's for Your Online Video

It’s not a secret. Online videos may be the fastest way to build the know-like-and-trust factor that builds a client-base and a business. It’s like having a one-on-one conversation with your ideal client, but on a one-to-many scale. It gives you a voice, positions your message and lets your ideal client know you’re out there. […]

7 Online Tools that Unleash Your Creative Beast


In this age of content marketing, there’s a lot of pressure on entrepreneurs to produce content – i.e. be creative – on a consistent basis. That pressure can sometimes dampen rather than ignite creativity. Hey, it happens to all of us. The ideas slow down…or dribble to a full stop. Or a brilliant idea emerges, […]

Is Your Wardrobe Holding you Back from Business Success?

Is Your Wardrobe Holding You Back From Business Success?

When you’re first starting a business, you are focused on the things that will get you going NOW. Your website, your offerings, all the admin, the emails, networking and sales. One of the most common mistakes I see women make is thinking that their style doesn’t impact their success in their business. For the majority […]

How to Get a Great Client Testimonial That Will Help Your Business

How to Get a Great Client Testimonial That Will Help Your Business

You’re great! You’re awesome! These are the words an entrepreneur loves to hear from their clients. And while they are great and awesome, they don’t do much as testimonials you can actually use in your business. So how do you get genuine testimonials that you can actually use for your business? That’s the topic of […]