How to Name Your Business (My No-Fail 3-Step Formula)

Written by Christine Kane

This time you’re determined, dammit.

You grab your coffee. You sit down.  And you think the same thought that’s been plaguing you for weeks now…

“Okay, time to name my business. Let’s do this.”

And then?

Then, all the RULES rush through your head…

You know the ones…

Your business name has to be unique. Totally different.

Your business name must be clever. But not TOO clever that no one understands it.

And holy hell, it can’t be boring either.

Plus, your exact business name has to be readily available as a domain name. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Barely [...] Continue Reading…


7 Mindset Practices for “When the Dirt Comes Up”

Written by Christine Kane

A mentor of mine used to say that when a seed is planted, the first thing that comes up is NOT the sprout.

The first thing that comes up is the dirt.

If you have your own business, you know exactly what this looks like.

You set an intention for growth. And the first thing that happens?  A whole bunch of old stuff (that’s probably not working anyway) comes up and shouts loudly at you.

In other words… you’re literally moving into alignment with your intention but first you have to clear out [...] Continue Reading…


How to Complete those Projects that Never Get Done

Written by Christine Kane

Quick moment of irony: As I began writing this article, I thought, “I’ll do a quick check on Facebook first.”

I stopped. Then I marched myself over to this document.

If you keep NOT getting things done, it’s not because you are lazy.  It’s probably because you are scared. Or you’re a perfectionist. Or you’re overwhelmed. No big deal. It happens to everyone.

Here are 9 of my favorite tricks to stop procrastinating and get your projects done already…
1 – When you get a business idea, do some little thing to begin.
When [...] Continue Reading…


The Night My Backstage Collided with My Front Stage

Written by Christine Kane

In this video clip, from my most recent talk at Emerging Women Live, I tell the story of what happened to me one night when I realized what was truly supposed to be doing with my life. 
This process of coming face-to-face with your obstacles time and time-again, is what I call Upleveling.
Every time you uplevel, you create a new normal – and you become someone with new standards.

You become someone with higher energy.

You become someone who can create more income, who has a deeper sense of his or her [...] Continue Reading…


The Unsexy Truth About Success

Written by Christine Kane

My trainer pisses me off.

She puts these heavy weights in my hands and makes me push them in various different ways to build various levels of strength in my body.

That doesn’t bother me so much.  I can play that game.

But just when I think I can’t push any more or lift another time, she says, “Okay, three more. You can do it!”

That’s when I decide to hate her.  Sometimes I spew mean things to her in between breaths.  This makes her laugh.

The truth is, I pay her to do [...] Continue Reading…


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