Hit the “Reset” Button on Your Word-of-the-Year

Written by Christine Kane

We’ve recently crossed the halfway mark of 2014.

Back in December, if you read my Word of the Year Discovery Tool, you chose a word for yourself. It was a word to guide you through this year.

This practice of choosing a word-of-the-year (rather than making resolutions) is something I wrote about in a blog post back in 2006.

Since then, all kinds of articles get written about it, jewelry artists create custom-made word jewelry for people who want to wear their word, and Facebook hops with discussions about it.  The month [...] Continue Reading…


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The Single Biggest Cause of Failure

Written by Christine Kane

Chances are, there’s something you’re doing that will hold you back again and again in your life and your business. This is the biggest cause of failure. It isn’t about your marketing or the packages you’ve set up. This is all about YOU.

This has to do with what I call the SOUL and STRATEGY tracks of a business. The way I teach this in my Uplevel Academy Masterminds is that in your business there’s a STRATEGY TRACK– (this is the marketing, systems, and the real how-to and left brain work); and [...] Continue Reading…


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5 Words That Bring You Freedom

Written by Christine Kane

I remember my first taste of real-life personal freedom.

It was about a year after I quit my cubicle job. I was ruthlessly determined to live life on my own terms – so I had done some radical things to earn this delicious moment.

I had sold my car (the one with the monthly payment) and bought an old beat-up car for cash.

I had found the most perfect low-rent apartment on the outskirts of town, near the railroad tracks and fully equipped with both a bedroom AND a studio.  (Ideal for [...] Continue Reading…


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Think You’ve Got a Procrastination Problem? Think Again.

Written by Christine Kane

Victoria was despondent.   A talented landscape designer living in a major city, she’s got the portfolio of a superstar. But all of her energy and creativity was drained as she shared her challenge:  “All of my projects are taking me a hundred times longer than my projections. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I think Mercury Retrograde has it out for me or something.”

I asked her to tell me more about this.

“Well,” she sighed, “I think I have huge issues with time.  I’m procrastinating getting started on [...] Continue Reading…


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How to Start a Mastermind for Great Results

Written by Christine Kane

“The most common weakness of all human beings is the habit of leaving their minds open to the negative influence of other people.” – Napoleon Hill

Many people attribute the idea of the mastermind to Napoleon Hill’s classic book Think and Grow Rich.  Hill studied the wealthiest men of the early 1900’s, and wrote the book as part of his research.

And a single commonality of these people was taking part in a mastermind — solving problems and moving forward in their goals with a group.

Today, women, creatives, and entrepreneurs are [...] Continue Reading…

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