Body Language and Public Speaking: 5 Simple Hacks to Rock the Stage

Body Language and Public Speaking: 5 Simple Hacks to Rock the Stage

Last week’s article on public speaking gaffes garnered some thought-provoking comments – so let’s continue our discussion on speaking… As a business owner, you already know that speaking is one of the fastest and most powerful ways to get our message out to many people at once. You’ve probably also discovered that the first impression […]

5 Business Travel Apps that You’ll Actually Use (and LOVE!)

My Top 5 Business Travel Apps

If you travel for business, no doubt you’ve got more than one app that was supposed to make travel more convenient.  But have you noticed?  Apps can become clutter because they’re way too easy and cheap to download.  Yes, there are lots of cool apps – but if you don’t actually use them, they just […]

Take the Fear Factor Out of Networking: Jedi Mind Tricks for Introverts


Let’s face it. We live in a noisy world that often rewards the loudest voices–whether or not they have something valuable to add to the conversation. (Witness Kim Kardashian and reality TV.) “Networking” conjures images of hordes of hungry professionals roving with business cards in hand, scoping for what they can get… Ugh. Networking in […]

Do You Strangle Your Productivity Using This One Phrase?


As entrepreneurs, we’re idea people. Our gift is coming up with cool new ways to serve, make money, delight our creative minds, change the world, whatever. The challenge is that with this trigger-finger, fast-thinking brain of yours, you tend to forget things like, you know, the time it’ll take to carry out your idea. When […]