My Top Strategies for Creating a Paperless Office

paperless office

Keeping your work-space clutter free is critical to the flow of energy and money. According to the ancient Chinese science of feng shui, clutter is stagnant and confusing energy that constantly drains you. And if we’re totally honest, most paper piles are a “gotta get to this” physical representation of a to-do list. Am I […]

How to Vision Map your Future Business Success


Having a business means it’s hard to find the time to create and align with (or re-create and re-align with) a vision that both excites you and drives you forward. The biggest problem here is the word “find.” Of course you won’t find the time. You’ll never find the time! You have to make the […]

Uplevel Academy Gold Mastermind Retreat – August 2015

Uplevel Academy Gold Mastermind - Aug 2015

Last week, Team Uplevel and I welcomed many new clients to their first Uplevel Academy Gold Mastermind retreat. (And welcomed BACK many continuing clients who are building major momentum!) I love my retreats because I get to pull back the curtain and share every single aspect of starting, building and running a super-successful business. So […]

How to Use Your Signature Story to Get Ideal Clients

signature story

Best Of Series: This is a repost of one of my most popular blog posts. When I teach students how to get more clients using your signature story, I get pushback. The idea of revealing the bare truth about ourselves is something that solo business owners struggle with. After all, aren’t we supposed to be […]

9 Productivity Tricks for Procrastinators


Best Of Series: This is a repost of one of my most popular blog posts. Irony: As I started to write this article, I thought, “I’ll just go check my Facebook messages first.” I caught myself in the act and opened a Word doc instead. People who say that procrastination is about laziness are probably […]