Should You Use Your Own Name for Your Business?

Written by Christine Kane

What’s in a NAME? A business name, that is.
Coming up with a name for your business may not be so easy for some of us. There are three things to consider when using  your personal name as the name of your business name.

Today’s #InstantUplevel question comes from Cora…

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It’s ok to think simple when coming up with a business name. Make it easy for people to find you! @christinekane


“I’m wondering what your thoughts are on using your own personal name for your business? That’s what I ended up doing back [...] Continue Reading…

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5 Rules for Following Up and Getting the Client

Written by Christine Kane

Business owners who want to make more money and grow their businesses inevitably must face the reality of consistent follow up.
Sexy, right? Makes you want to read on, right?

Well, being able to get clients is not about magic, or complex systems.   It IS about the follow up that entrepreneurs forget to do because they’re always looking for that complicated answer. And they trip over the simple one right under their noses.

Here’s an example….

At my Uplevel Academy retreats, I do a “Money on the Table” contest. I challenge my [...] Continue Reading…

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Four Ways to Get Back Your Health and Energize your Business

Written by Anna Garrett

Being an entrepreneur comes with a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows as you begin to create and grow your business. This can leave you with one of your fight-or-flight hormones (cortisol) running the show, putting your health and your business at risk.

When this happens, you’ve essentially hired cortisol as your C.O.O. And cortisol is not world-renowned for making good decisions!

If health and stress management are not high on your priority list, the challenges of running a business increase the likelihood of making less-than-ideal choices about nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management [...] Continue Reading…


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How to Keep Your Business Thriving in the Face of Tragedy

Written by Christine Kane

Life happens. But is your business set up in such a way that you could leave if something happened?
Today’s topic is about just that—how do you LEAD your business when tragedy strikes?


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When you’re serving people, you show up as a leader in your life. @christinekane


Charlotte writes in with a great question,
“Have you ever been in a situation where something in your personal life influences how you show up in your business. Let’s say someone dear passed away, an accident/injury of a family member or a divorce. [...] Continue Reading…


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Are All Your Great Ideas Just a Cover for Your Fear?

Written by Christine Kane

Paula was a nurse practitioner.  She paid for the courses. She got her certifications. She worked for a year at this.

Then she decided it wasn’t for her.  She knew that being a healer was her calling. So she got her massage therapy certification.

Within the span of a year, that wasn’t quite right either.

What came next?

Chiropractor training!

Certification? Check!  Business started? Check!  Business abandoned? Of course.

Last I heard she was a struggling realtor in Florida.

That’s four businesses. Four certs. Zero  dollars profit. But the worst part is that she feels down [...] Continue Reading…


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