How to Scale Your Business (Or Choose Not To!)

scale your business

The entrepreneurial path is clear. First, grow your business. Then scale your business. So, here’s how it goes: Darlene starts her own graphic design company.  At first, she’s thrilled to leave her cubicle job and get some clients. She can’t believe her great good fortune that she’s paid to do this thing she loves. After […]

Straight Talk About Raising Your Prices

Raising your prices

It seems logical to lower your prices if you’re not getting all the clients you want. Of course, it’s tempting for many solo or small business owners to justify going low. But is the answer to lower … or could it be to raise your prices? So, if business is down or if you’re just not bringing […]

Six Magic Words that Make You More Productive

6 Magic Words That Make You More Productive

You’re a busy entrepreneur, and carving time out to create your passion business. How does an entrepreneur get it all done? Let me tell you a story… I dated a guy in college who had a strange ritual.   Every now and then, he decided he was out of shape. “I’m disgusting!” he’d announce to no one […]

3 Copywriting Traps that Drive Your Readers Away

3 Copywriting Traps that Drive Your Readers Away

Writing marketing copy is all about connection. It’s about your relationship with your ideal client. The words you choose – on your website, in emails, on your blog – can either magnetically attract your ideal clients… …or bore them to tears. Sure, you can hire a copywriter and pay out the big bucks to make […]