How to Get Wealthy Running Your Own Business

Written by Christine Kane

How do you get wealthy running your own business?

People ask me some version of that question all the time.

And, of course, there are many ways to answer that question.

The first place I like to start is to examine the question itself…

…that’s because many people SAY they want money.   BUT they see it as some entity outside of themselves that will magically show up, and then they’ll never have to worry again. Much like the prince on the white horse of our childhood fairy tales, we will be rescued at [...] Continue Reading…


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How I Went From Freelance Graphic Designer to Successful Business Owner

Written by Christine Kane

Jack Kinley, owner and Founder of Lab Monkey Communications talks to me about going from Freelance Graphic Designer to Successful Business Owner.

Jack started as a freelance graphic designer, but found the hours for dollars model was burning him out.

Jack leads with SOUL in his business. He’s learned to be present and of real service to his clients. And he’s used what many call the “soft” stuff to drive hard results.

Learn about how Becoming 360 can bring you in alignment with your business, and drive the hard results that give you [...] Continue Reading…


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How to Live That Impossible Dream of Yours

Written by Christine Kane

This week, I asked you to post your questions about my Defying Gravity training, and the winner is…drum roll please… ‪Julie Wienen! I think her question is one that will resonate with many of you.
Do you think it’s unrealistic to want it all? To dream that impossible dream of yours? Have a wildly successful business, have great relationships with family and loved ones, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs… does it all seem like it could be too good to be true?

Click to Tweet: “You CAN live that impossible dream of [...] Continue Reading…

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The One Thing You Must Do to Succeed at Just About Anything

Written by Christine Kane

Intention is where it all begins.

One of the first things I do every day—after I hug my dogs—is set an intention.

I decide who I want to be, what I want to create, and how I want to feel in situations I’m in- even, and maybe especially, the unexpected ones.

Yes, traditional business people (I call them “Muggles,”) would probably label this practice “unconventional,” and write it off as “woo,” but then I’m talking about something they wouldn’t understand.

And if those traditional business people really knew the power they could harness [...] Continue Reading…


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What Does it Mean to Defy Gravity in Your Business?

Written by Christine Kane

An interview with Christine Kane:

Register for my live Defying Gravity webinar here. 
As business owners, we tend to think of things like mindset, soul and personal energy as “soft.”
On the other hand, we think of things like numbers, metrics, and conversions as “hard.” The hard results. (And we want them! Now!)

The problem is, it’s doesn’t work that way. In fact, the “soft” stuff is often the root cause of business failure! I see it all the time!
We’re creating a new movement in business. It’s a new class of entrepreneurs.  
The new class [...] Continue Reading…


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