How to Write a Call to Action that Gets Results

Call to Action

A Call to Action (CTA) is that exciting moment when you tell your prospects or clients what exactly you want them to do… Sign up to get my free eBook Schedule your free assessment now Grab one of the last spaces at my retreat Hit reply and I’ll send you the information For some reason, […]

5 Steps for Setting Boundaries with Demanding Clients

Boundaries with demanding clients

There is one fundamental truth that has served me (and my clients) immensely. It is this: Setting boundaries with clients teaches people how to treat you. So, what does that mean? It means that it’s up to you to allow or not allow certain treatment.  It also means that you have to get clear about how you want to […]

4 Productivity Strategies to Uplevel Your Time – and Your VALUE

Productivity Strategies

  You’re a hard-working entrepreneur or business owner. Careening along at top speed. You have some clients (yay!), and you’re busy – way busy in fact – but… It’s not enough. (Does this sound familiar?) You’re not meeting your financial goals. You need to “do” more. Problem is… You’re at maximum capacity. Working umpteen hours […]

How to Scale Your Business (Or Choose Not To!)

scale your business

The entrepreneurial path is clear. First, grow your business. Then scale your business. So, here’s how it goes: Darlene starts her own graphic design company.  At first, she’s thrilled to leave her cubicle job and get some clients. She can’t believe her great good fortune that she’s paid to do this thing she loves. After […]

Straight Talk About Raising Your Prices

Raising your prices

It seems logical to lower your prices if you’re not getting all the clients you want. Of course, it’s tempting for many solo or small business owners to justify going low. But is the answer to lower … or could it be to raise your prices? So, if business is down or if you’re just not bringing […]