How To Hire the Right Person

3 Steps to follow to hire the right person

One of the most common limiting beliefs among business owners goes like this: “If I get more successful, it means I have to work harder.”  This keeps many people stuck in a place where they literally AVOID success, systems and growth. When you get clear on how you want your business to grow, what kind […]

Can Surveys Help You Find Your Tribe?

Can Surveys Help You Find Your Tribe?

What are the first steps of starting or starting over in your business? The solution is in my head…I WILL make this work! If you’re starting out or starting over in your business, you very well may have had these thoughts mulling through your mind. Click to Tweet: Simply talking to people will help you […]

Creativity Tools For Personal & Business Success

computer splash

6 Creativity Tools to Ignite Your Creative Process Creativity lives in all of us. It’s a part of who we are. Seriously. ALL of us. And, yes, that includes YOU, even if you claim you don’t have a “creative bone in your body.” So how about I give you some creativity tools? Because the thing […]

4 Steps to a Compelling (and Converting!) “About” Page

Creating an "About" page that your viewers will love.

Next time you land on an “About” page, check out your mouse hand.I am willing to bet my favorite mittens that your finger is hovering, ready to click away. What does this mean for the business owner? You only have one chance… and under 15 seconds… to make a first online impression.  And that’s enough […]