I knew I was being called to do something much bigger!

I knew I was being called to do something much bigger!

I love this short video of my Uplevel Academy client Kelly Ruta, Owner of FierceChick Coaching, who introduced my mindset session at Uplevel Your Business LIVE! last week. Take two minutes to watch this and you’ll hear the secret to her success.  

Train Your Brain into Your Future Business Success

train your brain

Here’s how I taught my dog to catch food in mid-air: My husband and I would sit on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn. My dog would watch us. Piece by piece, we would fling popcorn at her. She looked utterly confused each time a kernel bounced off of her face.  She’d watch them […]

How to Get Higher Conversions from Your Emails and Marketing

conversion from email marketing

In business, the number “one” is considered a bad number. One is a bad number in your business when you only have one person on your team. It’s a bad number when your only product fails on its latest launch.  Or when your ONE client gets hit with a disaster and has to stop being […]

Should You Brand Your Business?

brand your business

It’s inevitable. Whether I’m hosting an “Ask Anything” call for business owners, or giving a talk to a group of entrepreneurs, or meeting a small business owner at a local party… …someone always asks this question: “Should I brand my business?” By the end of this article, I’ll share my answer. But first…if this is […]

How to Name Your Business (My No-Fail 3-Step Formula)

name your business

This time you’re determined, dammit. You grab your coffee. You sit down.  And you think the same thought that’s been plaguing you for weeks now… “Okay, time to name my business. Let’s do this.” And then? Then, all the RULES rush through your head… You know the ones… Your business name has to be unique. […]