Powerful Lessons From Your Word-of-the-Year

Powerful Lessons from your Word-of-the-Year

This is the time of year when I get emails and Facebook notes from people who downloaded my Word of the Year Discovery Tool last year at this time. They’re writing to share the breakthroughs that happened to them as they let a single word “guide” them throughout the past 365 days.

How to Blog Like a Badass

How to Blog Like a Badass

Recently, I was on a video call with one of my clients who was getting increasingly hung up on her marketing. She put her face in her hands and said, “Sage, do I really need to have a blog?” Then she looked up and gave me those puppy dog eyes as if pleading with me […]

Do You Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Business?

Are You n a Healthy Relationship With Your Business?

…or are you letting your business be a big, fat bully? The day I realized I had an unhealthy relationship with my business was HUGE. I’m a therapist and relationship coach, and I was working with a struggling couple. He was judgy and sought to dominate most conversations and interactions. She was a self-described “door-mat,” […]

What to Do When Your Prospect Wants to Wait

Strategies for the "I need time to think" sales moment.

What are the best strategies for the “I think I need time to think” sales moments? Here’s the scenario: You just had a great strategy session with a prospective client where she’s super excited to work with you—ready to sign on the dotted line…BUT…she’s planning on meeting with a couple of other businesses first. And […]