On Deserving Vacations and Space

Written by Christine Kane

I grew up in the suburbs of DC, surrounded by whip-smart politicos, ranked military officers, and lobbyists. My friends were their children. At that time, it was the best public school system in the country. Anxiety and achievement were driven into us youngsters at birth.

A year or so after my husband and I were married, we were visiting the area. I was showing him all of my old haunts.

“That was my neighborhood.”

“There’s my high school.”

“There’s where the cops busted me and my BFF for mooning traffic.”

The usual stuff.

I also took [...] Continue Reading…


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Top 10 Business Travel Tips for Mindset and Sanity

Written by Christine Kane

When you travel, much of your time is spent reacting.

Business travelers know this all too well.

“Annoying Thing A” happens.

“Business Traveler B” decides what to do.

Some days are a constant impetus/response pattern. Some of us get good at it.  Some of us pride ourselves on our inner peace in spite of Annoying Things A, B and C.

But here’s the kicker:

Even if we learn how to react well, we’re still simply reacting!

That’s why your proactive choices – the ones you determine in advance – are a key to a sense of [...] Continue Reading…


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How to Turn a Setback Into a Comeback

Written by Christine Kane

How do you rebuild confidence after you fail? How do you turn a setback into your biggest comeback ever?

These are questions that were posed to me recently by Gina.

Gina is ready for a comeback.

All year long, she has watched the proverbial wrecking ball have its way with her life. No need to dish out the details. A few words will do the trick:

Business partner. Betrayal. Theft. Lawsuit. Loss. Disillusionment.

Gina said, “Okay, so it’s all over. I’m on my own. I want to get back on track. I want momentum [...] Continue Reading…


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How to Get Higher Conversions from Your Emails and Marketing

Written by Christine Kane

In business, the number “one” is considered a bad number.
One is bad number in your business when you only have one person on your team. It’s a bad number when your only product fails on its latest launch.  Or when your ONE client gets hit with a disaster and has to stop being your client.

So yeah, there are plenty of ways that one is not a great number in your business.
However, the number one is the ONLY number when it comes to marketing with email.  Especially if your emails [...] Continue Reading…


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When Good Clients Go Bad

Written by Christine Kane

“As a leader, you are always going to get a combination of two things: What you create and what you allow.”   – Dr. Henry Cloud

One of my pals is dealing with an abusive client.  It didn’t begin that way. But over the course of a year, there have been verbal attacks, degrading emails and even outbursts at my client’s team.

After a recent rampage, my friend is panicked. She’s wondering how she could attract anyone so horrible into her business and what she can do to transform this energy and [...] Continue Reading…


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