How to NOT “Bombard” People with Your Emails

Instant Uplevel YouTube Video - Stop bombarding with email

Today’s question comes from Marilyn and I think a lot of you can relate with it. Do you ever feel like you’re bombarding people with emails during a launch, and frankly, so exhausted you want to stop all those other great things you do, like sending out your weekly eZine? First things first, we need […]

Is It a Marketing Problem or Is Your Desperation Showing?

Having a business means you have to be able to market...but you also have to spot where you are grasping in desperation.

There are people who think that your success is all about your marketing. These people will tell you that if you launched a campaign that didn’t work, then you should examine the offer, your list, your click-throughs, your subject lines, your headlines, your copy and your price points.  They will tell you, “It’s a marketing […]