Are All Your Great Ideas Just a Cover for Your Fear?

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Paula was a nurse practitioner.  She paid for the courses. She got her certifications. She worked for a year at this. Then she decided it wasn’t for her.  She knew that being a healer was her calling. So she got her massage therapy certification. Within the span of a year, that wasn’t quite right either. […]

What Kind of Mom Does This?

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Today’s guest post was written by Colleen O’Grady, licensed therapist and life coach. “This feels selfish. I can’t invest this kind of time and money into my dreams/business. What will this do to my 12 year old daughter, especially since I am a single parent?” I was a working mother. I worked – and was […]

Are You Stealing Content? How to Avoid Being a Copycat in Your Business

Content is EVERYWHERE, and it’s so easy to find and share it nowadays. That’s what today’s topic is all about—a question that comes to us from a very conscientious entrepreneur who wants to know how you make sure you’re not stealing someone’s content. Click to Tweet: “Find the time to create things that are […]

How to Live That Impossible Dream of Yours

This week, I asked you to post your questions about my Defying Gravity training, and the winner is…drum roll please… ‪Julie Wienen! I think her question is one that will resonate with many of you. Do you think it’s unrealistic to want it all? To dream that impossible dream of yours? Have a wildly successful business, […]

The One Thing You Must Do to Succeed at Just About Anything

Shift your thinking and begin using intention to transform your business and life.

Intention is where it all begins. One of the first things I do every day—after I hug my dogs—is set an intention. I decide who I want to be, what I want to create, and how I want to feel in situations I’m in- even, and maybe especially, the unexpected ones. Yes, traditional business people […]