Stop Procrastinating & Get to Your Creative Work


Are you addicted to the unsexy work in your business? Maybe you’re just procrastinating and afraid to get to the creative work that is the genius behind your business. In my experience, the great thing about that tedious work is that you get a dopamine hit every time you check off one of those tasks. It’s […]

5 Rules for Following Up and Getting the Client


Business owners who want to make more money and grow their businesses inevitably must face the reality of consistent follow up. Sexy, right? Makes you want to read on, right? Well, being able to get clients is not about magic, or complex systems.   It IS about the follow up that entrepreneurs forget to do because […]

Top 10 Business Travel Tips for Mindset and Sanity

Business Travel Tips

When you travel, much of your time is spent reacting. Business travelers know this all too well. “Annoying Thing A” happens. “Business Traveler B” decides what to do. Some days are a constant impetus/response pattern. Some of us get good at it.  Some of us pride ourselves on our inner peace in spite of Annoying […]

Think You’ve Got a Procrastination Problem? Think Again.

Think You’ve Got a Procrastination Problem? Think Again.

Victoria was despondent.   A talented landscape designer living in a major city, she’s got the portfolio of a superstar. But all of her energy and creativity was drained as she shared her challenge:  “All of my projects are taking me a hundred times longer than my projections. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. […]

How to Complete those Projects that Never Get Done

improve your productivity

Quick moment of irony: As I began writing this article, I thought, “I’ll do a quick check on Facebook first.” I stopped. Then I marched myself over to this document. If you keep NOT getting things done, it’s not because you are lazy.  It’s probably because you are scared. Or you’re a perfectionist. Or you’re […]