Four Ways to Get Back Your Health and Energize your Business


Being an entrepreneur comes with a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows as you begin to create and grow your business. This can leave you with one of your fight-or-flight hormones (cortisol) running the show, putting your health and your business at risk. When this happens, you’ve essentially hired cortisol as your C.O.O. And cortisol is not […]

How to Live That Impossible Dream of Yours

This week, I asked you to post your questions about my Defying Gravity training, and the winner is…drum roll please… ‪Julie Wienen! I think her question is one that will resonate with many of you. Do you think it’s unrealistic to want it all? To dream that impossible dream of yours? Have a wildly successful business, […]

How to Bathe in Gratitude

Bathe In Gratitude

Years ago, I traveled to Peru and Bolivia.  It was a journey to many sacred sites.  It was most definitely not a luxury travel scenario. [[She writes as she flashes back to a freezing cold night involving heavy rain, food poisoning, a herd of goats, a dead flashlight and an outhouse.]] When I flew back […]

The Awareness Link: 7 Focus Areas that Create Success

Your Personal Awareness is the Poerful Force that will Transform Your Success

Whether you like it or not, your business is about YOU. Your success is about your awareness. And once you understand that nothing is separate from you – then you master success. This is not about striving for perpetual meditative bliss.  This is about living from a place of power and the willingness to listen […]

The 9 Skills Every Woman Should Master

Women group

There’s a popular Esquire Magazine article called “75 Skills Every Man Should Master.”  There’s stuff about baseball, neckties, and other things that most of the extraordinary men in my life could care the least about. It got me thinking about the happiest, coolest, most successful women I know.  And how they would take the question […]