Stop Procrastinating & Get to Your Creative Work


Are you addicted to the unsexy work in your business? Maybe you’re just procrastinating and afraid to get to the creative work that is the genius behind your business. In my experience, the great thing about that tedious work is that you get a dopamine hit every time you check off one of those tasks. It’s […]

How to Get People to Open Your Emails

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If you’re like me, you’re on many mailing lists.  Which means 20 new emails hit your inbox for each 1 that you actually manage to read. Reality is—we’re just not opening emails and when we do, we’ve got so much going on that we’re onto something else midway and never even click a link. Now put […]

5 Rules for Following Up and Getting the Client


Business owners who want to make more money and grow their businesses inevitably must face the reality of consistent follow up. Sexy, right? Makes you want to read on, right? Well, being able to get clients is not about magic, or complex systems.   It IS about the follow up that entrepreneurs forget to do because […]

Four Ways to Get Back Your Health and Energize your Business


Being an entrepreneur comes with a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows as you begin to create and grow your business. This can leave you with one of your fight-or-flight hormones (cortisol) running the show, putting your health and your business at risk. When this happens, you’ve essentially hired cortisol as your C.O.O. And cortisol is not […]

How to Keep Your Business Thriving in the Face of Tragedy

How to Keep Your Business Thriving in the Face of Tragedy

Life happens. But is your business set up in such a way that you could leave if something happened? Today’s topic is about just that—how do you LEAD your business when tragedy strikes? Click to Tweet: When you’re serving people, you show up as a leader in your life. @christinekane   Charlotte writes in […]