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comebackAfter a private coaching call with one of my Platinum Level clients last year, she said:

“Oh man, will you please record EXACTLY what you just said to me so I can listen to it every single day as a reminder?”

This week, I’ve received many personal emails and notes about my last two blog posts.  And I’m betting there’s a few people out there who’d really benefit from having a “coaching reminder”  here and there throughout the week – as they stage their comeback!

So, this is a gift to you.

It’s an audio recording of “How to Turn a Set-back Into a Comeback.”

(And yes, throughout the recording, I add a few extra BONUS coaching thoughts and tidbits – including one crazy embarrassing part of my own little break-up story! :-) )

Click here to download for free!

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  1. says

    Thanks, Christine! So great to hear your voice. The great thing about become stronger through transforming a setback like Jill’s is that she, or you, or I *MODEL* that for our daughters, nieces and other young girls in our lives. Hugs!

  2. Sally Wally says

    Ms. Kane, speaking of words that have profound impact, I seem to remember a night at the Four County Players rendition of Night of the Iguana, when STARTLED TOURIST 1 blurts out, “Is that a chicken?” Yup, nothings been the same for you since then. ;-) Best wishes “hun” — Salad

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