Hit the “Reset” Button on Your Word-of-the-Year

Hit the "Reset" Button on Your Word-of-the-YearWe’ve recently crossed the halfway mark of 2014.

Back in December, if you read my Word of the Year Discovery Tool, you chose a word for yourself. It was a word to guide you through this year.

This practice of choosing a word-of-the-year (rather than making resolutions) is something I wrote about in a blog post back in 2006.

Since then, all kinds of articles get written about it, jewelry artists create custom-made word jewelry for people who want to wear their word, and Facebook hops with discussions about it.  The month of January is all abuzz about it.

But let’s revisit it NOW, in July.

Here’s why:

In the world of entrepreneurship, the idea of intention all too often revolves around ego-driven achievement. I believe that choosing a word for the year is so compelling because it takes the “should” out of our own Upleveling. Our word calls us out, rather than driving us to work harder.

But we have to wake up and be aware of the many ways this is happening.  Sometimes this requires that we transcend the traditional ways we would normally interpret certain situations. Or that we take a 10,000 foot view of our life unfolding and say, “Ah, there’s my word again.” Or that we celebrate the ways our word has made us break out of our old prisons of limiting beliefs.

So let’s reconnect with those fabulous intentions you had at the beginning of the year. It’s a great time to come back to center and get clear again.

Here are some ways to hit the Reset Button on your word-of-the-year, and get re-inspired:

1 – Check in. See if your word still applies. Ask yourself if this is still your word-of-the-year. (Sometimes a change is in order!)  Go get my Word of the Year Discovery tool and revisit the process again.

2. See or say your word every day. If it’s not already where you can see it, post it, paint it, photograph it… whatever may inspire you to see it every day, just to remember.

3. Unsplatter yourself.  Have you over-reached AGAIN? Did your word somehow multiply, and is now more like seven words? If so, then it means you’re creative and enthusiastic. Congratulations.

However, there’s a problem with perpetually over-reaching.

And that is that you never experience completion or success in ANYTHING.

Similarly, when you focus on one single intention, often the other things you want will begin to manifest effortlessly.  (OR you come to realize that you no longer want all those things!)

So come back to your word. It’s the foundation, the catalyst from which all this other stuff will come.

4. Stop trying to figure out the HOW. I call it “The Unstoppable Power of Intention” because when you set an intention, you don’t have to know HOW.

Yes, of course, you take action. But you don’t “figure it all out” first. Trying to figure out HOW it could possibly happen is just your scarcity mindset trying to take control.  (How’s that been workin’ for you so far?

5. Dismiss your ego. (Again.) You can spin your wheels for years trying to discover an Academy Award-Winning Life Purpose, or waiting til you’re “totally at peace.”

Don’t set this trap for yourself.  The simple action right in front of you is all you need to take. (And sometimes, it might be deceptively boring!)

6. Celebrate.  Acknowledge your successes. Recognize your progress along the way. Realize that no one goes from idea to outcome, from goal to success, overnight.

So celebrate the little milestones along the way. Forgive your setbacks. Realize that slashing your other three tires because you got a flat doesn’t make a lot of sense, and keep going.

So, let’s Hit the “Reset” Button!!  If you chose a word of the year, what’s your experience been so far? What’s happened? What hasn’t happened? And most important, how is opening you up?  Share away and let’s do some celebrating and reconnecting!

Oh, and if you want to grab my Word-Of-The-Year Discovery Tool, it’s here for the taking.

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  1. says

    Mine was (and is) STEP OUT — and yes, it’s in ALL CAPS.

    It’s been wonderful for me. I’ve just done my first outdoor art fair and been successful at it. I’m in the process of becoming a volunteer at a local world-class museum where I want to become part of their community. I’ve accepted an exhibit date at a prestigious local hospital after their art director contacted me for a studio appointment. Today, I’ve got an appointment with the owner of a printing company, to talk about getting my greeting cards and calendars off the ground for real.

    Every time I feel like shrinking backward or staying “safe” in the shadows (and that’s a lot of times), “STEP OUT” repeats in my brain.

  2. Corinne says

    Hi Christine,
    Mine was evolve which is made up only of the letters in the word love. I am allowing myself to grow and change based on love – of people, things I think are important, self. It’s working out pretty well, but I will hit the reset button anyway. I think I’ll call it the refresh and renew button. Can’t wait to see all the Golds in Asheville.

  3. says

    My word of the year is Thrive. My intention was/is to thrive in all areas of my life. For example, so far my health has – generally – been better than in previous years; I’ve stepped up and started a new business this year; I’m making more art (and more consistently) than ever before…so yes I do believe I have been thriving! And it keeps getting better as the year progresses. It is definitely helping me to opening up and uplevel, no more hiding and playing it small. Thanks, Christine! :-)

  4. says

    My word for 2014 was “Reach” but due to a big of life events, I don’t feel like I am “reaching” or doing what I wanted to do with “Reach”. It just has not felt like a fit.
    I think I will dig out my workout and hit the reset button and see what might surface. Thanks for the email, this hit just about the best time!

    • says

      Kim – i’ve changed my word a few times here and there – especially when the “match” just wasn’t right – or i was “shoulding” myself with the word. Share what you come up with!

  5. says

    My word was elevate. I think I have done that a bit but I need to do it more. I like the idea of creating a visual that I can see and reinforce everyday, so I keep intention there.
    Great reminder!

  6. says

    My word of the year is, Change. Inspired by a quote from a 1994 episode of Seinfeld called “The Opposite” ”If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.” I decided this year I would observe and question my typical ways of doing and being and in many situations “do” or “be” the opposite. In terms of business outcomes I’ve worked less and made more money than I ever have. The money part is a wonderful thing. The aspect of change that is really lighting me up is that I am beginning to truly “know” on a level beyond my thinking mind how I am creating my reality and honestly stepping into full responsibility for what I choose. If I had to describe my year so far in a word, I’d say uncomfortable. Outwardly that doesn’t sound very appealing but inwardly it feels like some sort of alchemy is taking place and that brings with it a new sense of comfort for me. Thank you for offering us the opportunity to reflect.

  7. Sharon says

    My word was ‘acceptance’. My reason for choosing this so long ago was to accept that it was ok to be who I am and that when things are not so wonderful that it was par for the course and accepting the rough with the smooth was key. I readily accept how others are and their lows and highs but not my own. I gave been kinder to myself but am going to do a reset in my empty space and really reflect on the next steps. Thank you for your insight and positivity.

  8. Jessica says

    Hi Christine,

    So my word was/is SOAR. Posted it in glitter glue on bristle board on my fridge back in January. Still up there.
    It really opened me up because back in April/May/June, I thought I’d done a nose-dive after I’d been soaring along; turns out now, with reflection, (and intention!) it’s just a way for me to get a second updraft and an even-better bird’s-eye-view of my life.

  9. says

    My word was REAL and your Word-of-the-Year tool was the initial reason I joined UYB. It’s been a powerful magnet for me, drawing me to Atlanta and into direct relationship with other heart centred entrepreneurs and kept me aligned when I felt myself wilting back into my comfort zones. It’s the reason I finally got my website up and out. And it’ll be the tuning fork in the challenging months ahead, helping me to find my authentic blogging voice and my own definition of success and income level. Thank you for this timely reminder – I really need to revisit No. 4 (Stop trying to figure out the How) and ‘let go and let flow’ or ‘let go and let God’. Love your clarity, energy and wit, Christine! Hope you’re having a soulful Summer.

  10. says

    Thank you for the reminder. My word is “upgrade” and it has been perfect, enlightening, and challenging. It encompasses many parts of my mindset, as well as my business. I am still daunted by some of the upgrades coming my way. I need a more prominent visual reminder of my word. It’s time to break out the glitter glue!

  11. says

    My word was “Perceive” . . . how I perceive myself in the world…how I perceive others…assumptions dismissed. It’s been a wonderful journey so far to have a different perception of myself and learn that not all my perceptions about others are accurate.

  12. Nina says

    Mine is MASTERY. It jumped out to me and I had no doubt about selecting it! I see it as a reminder to me to take that extra step and also to propel into action. I have it posted on the board in front of me as a daily reminder. It propelled me into to taking up yoga once more, and lead me to signing up for UYL and UYB. But the most direct result that I see from its influence is that I applied to and got accepted for a Masters program (I really had doubts about being accepted as I will be 56 by the time I start the program!) which I hope will help me master/complete my diverse development field experience of the past 15-20 years. And I am going to need the inspiration of the word MASTERY for my coursework!

  13. says

    My word of the year–Brave– chose me and it is proving to be an interesting ride. I had no clear idea of what “brave” would mean to me or bring into my life, but the whole idea scared me! I have always been on the shy side, I hate confrontation, and I am easily made fearful and anxious internally, though I hide it from most people. So far this year has been filled with personal challenges, and I’ve repeatedly had to ask myself what would be the brave thing to do. I’ve also had to face the story that I tell myself–that I’m afraid of many things–and reconsider that image of myself. (A close friend of mine has been instrumental in helping me examine this belief–thank you, Laure!)

  14. Rachel says

    My word of the year was/is “Attention.” I actually didn’t think that much about it, and wasn’t sure that it was the “right” word. (Ha!) But it definitely is. Since I know that I do NOT want to work yet (still loving being a stay-at-home-mom), but want to get READY to work, paying attention to what gives me energy and how I am reacting/responding to situations is setting me up for the next steps. So cool…

  15. says

    Christine, my word for the year was “Alignment”. I felt very out of alignment with so many things in my life, both professionally and personally. Because of my focus on my word for the year, I am happily (although sometimes not easily) working on correcting that which is out of alignment, and creating people, places and things that are more in alignment with my intentions.


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