How to Heal the World (A Give-and-Take Guide)

how to heal the world christine kane

What did you do when you heard the news about Newtown, CT?

Maybe you read the details and wept as the horror sunk in.

Maybe you asked how this could ever happen.

Maybe you were outraged.

Maybe you were grief-stricken wondering how those moms and dads would cope.

Maybe all of the above.

At some point, however, you probably did what so many others did.  You got still.  You sent love. You meditated. You prayed.

Events like this can leave us feeling helpless, wishing there were more we could do.

But events like this can also strengthen our resolve to live in service.  (And yes, this is every bit as powerful as if you could be there and hold those families in your own arms.)

See, I believe many people look at “service” in the same way they look at “courage.” It has to be big, heroic and eventful.  Not true at all.

Service, much like courage, often comes down to your everyday “hey, no one even noticed that” choices.  Waiting for BIG heroic acts can be a convenient way never to serve because those opportunities rarely come!

In fact, many of my biggest moments of courage – of saying yes, stepping up, choosing not to listen to the negative voices – are often quiet and sometimes even lonely.  Ditto with service.  Service is HOW you live.

And as so many visionaries have stated in some way or another:  A healthy you is the best service you can give to heal this world.

This means that if you want to heal the planet, then there’s some GIVE and there’s some TAKE.

Let’s start with the GIVE:

GIVE your passion, your enthusiasm, and your talent.

Your passion speaks to you through your joy, your heart and your body.  When you love doing something, that’s your passion, that’s the spark that feeds you.  It’s what you were meant to be doing.  People want to be around you when you’re in this high level of energy. Find a way to do it more, to infuse your life with it, and tap into it regularly.

GIVE up complaining, whining, blaming, gossip, and excuses.

Mind you, this is not about being a nice person. It’s not about being noble. It’s not even about loving your neighbor as yourself.

It’s about being selfish (in a good way!).

Here’s the deal:  Your attention is way too powerful and creative to waste on splattering it all over the place with unproductive activity.  Honor the power of your attention by experiencing the space that is created when you don’t fill it with negativity and addictive behaviors. This alone will change your world instantly.

GIVE yourself support.

When we build something or start a new path, we often expect ourselves to go it alone. And then we wonder why we couldn’t “pull it off.” It is not weak to ask for or invest in support.

Athletes get it right from the start. Their system is set up with coaches and team support from day one.  We all need that level of support from mentors and teammates. Find a way to get support in creating anything from new higher-level mindsets to a business based in your purpose and passion.  If you’re going to heal the planet, you need to keep on top of your own health as well! You are not meant to do this alone!

GIVE thanks.

Your life situation can change on a dime. Be grateful for everything in it right now. Wake up in the morning and think on your blessings until tears form in your eyes. Because THAT is how blessed you are to have this amazing moment.

GIVE presence.

When I coach people – even when I’m being all strategic and laying out marketing plans – I am keenly aware of my full presence to them and their business.  My presence is the biggest gift I can give to anyone. And that includes clients, friends, family and pets.

It’s so easy to forget the awesome power and service of your full presence in our world right now. We are supremely distracted. That is the norm.  Make a conscious choice to turn it around and be fully engaged with your clients, customers, friends and family.  (And no, this is not always easy to do! It’s a practice!)

Now, let’s talk about the TAKES…

TAKE responsibility.

Take 100% responsibility (not blame!) for your results, your actions, your inactions, your income, your outcomes, your health, your wealth, and your life circumstances.

As long as you see yourself at the mercy of anything or anyone, you will remain in a place of powerlessness.  Again, this is not about blame. This is about choice. The choice to call your power back where it belongs.

TAKE stock.

One of the indirect results of any disaster is the opportunity to review your life situation.  Often, you hear stories about people who suddenly recognized that life was too short to live so unhappily – choosing to quit jobs, to move out of the city, reassess their relationships.

You don’t have to wait until things reach a critical point before you take stock of your life. Make it a habit to regularly sit down, be with yourself and ask yourself what you want, if you are happy with how you spend your time, if your relationships are strong or just a place to gossip.  Go on a retreat, take a weekend to write in your journal and read inspiring books.  Step away from your life in order to look at it more deeply.

TAKE it off.

What are you still settling for in your life, in your surroundings, in your schedule?  What’s draining you?  What’s not a “hell yes?”

Be ruthless in answering these questions. And then, be ruthless in letting go. Take it off and feel the space that’s created from not settling for excess ‘maybe’s in your life. Make your life one big YES – and live from that place.

TAKE chances.

People who don’t create or serve are the ones who wait until they get it perfectly first. They wait until they are sure that no one will judge them. They wait until they’re sure they won’t fail.  Which boils down to this:  They wait.

Imperfect Action is the way to go.  In fact, when you’re about to try something new, insist that you do it badly!  :-)  The experience of taking risks and facing fears is the ultimate healer for all kinds of emotional dis-eases.

TAKE it in.

Being able to receive is crucial to success in anything. It is also crucial to service.  We need to acknowledge our successes, celebrate our milestones, say “thank you,” charge what we are worth, and breathe in our blessings. Otherwise, we run on fumes, reaching for fuel from unhealthy sources.

Your happiness is a key element of the healing of this planet. If you place yourself at the bottom of the priority list, well, girlfriend, you’re not living in service. Learn to TAKE IN the gifts and the gratitude of this precious moment and let people celebrate you for the powerful being that you are.

TAKE a moment.

Prayer is powerful. It works.  Your energy and your intention can indeed heal the planet.

Take a moment right now and sit quietly.  Call upon the light that is you and smile as it comes into your awareness.  For one full minute, send that light to the people in Newtown, CT. Surround them with love, knowing that we are all connected.

And then tell me…

How are you going to deepen your level of true service in your business or work from this moment on?…

(Leave a comment and share.)

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  1. says

    Thank you so much Christine! I know that everyone has a gift and even more than one. The first step is to know it, to be concious about it. That needs a huge openess and self awareness. And then to have the courage to step up and to show it to the world. I know that can be very scary first- but so worth it! It would be sad to hide all the beauty that lives in us. Love, Andrea- and thank you to be that shining star!

  2. says

    I just had a major “aha” moment reading this article! I am at a tipping point in my business and feeling doubt and fear….I had forgotten that my business is all about service. As I was reading this, I felt a lot of that fear and doubt begin to melt away as I realized that growing the business means I can help more people and that is the whole reason I opened my doors!

    • says

      Major a-ha’s are what I’m all about Michelle! So happy to read this. (And I remember back when I was performing music, I had a similar turn around that really broke through stage fright for me. It’s a great feeling!)

  3. says

    This is just what I needed to hear today Christine. I’ve been drowning in despair since the shootings. Just now coming out of it with renewed intentions to play my part in healing the world…starting with helping parents nurture their relationships with their kids and get the support they need (and be open to talk about their struggles). Your “take chances” paragraph woke me up. I’m done with the waiting on several initiatives I want to start. Newtown reminded me that we don’t have the time to wait around. The time is now. “If not now, when? If not me, who?”

  4. says

    Good morning! As someone in a healing profession, the tragedies I see every day are certainly not of the magnitude of Newtown. But they are nonetheless troubling and sad. I work with women who come to me with bodies and spirits that have become “bad neighborhoods” that suck the joy and life and energy right out of them. And one by one, we turn around the thoughts and habits that got them to the places they are. It is my mission to continue to share the gifts that I have on a much bigger scale…to shrug off the “who are you to…” thoughts and help my ladies find the joy and health they richly deserve.

  5. says

    Christine – Another exceptionally well-written article. I’ve tweeted it, pinterested 😉 it, and facebooked it. I’m working on a video right now for my audience of moms and your article came right on time to reconfirm that I should share my message, even if there might be people who criticize or judge. Thank you for continuing to be a source of inspiration. xo

  6. says

    Hi Christine,
    Lovely article, as always. On Saturday morning after the shootings a friend of mine emailed me and said, “Let’s get an Open Mic going!” and so we did in the next few hours. Like you said, we need to pull our from our gifts to serve others. I also loved what you said about “imperfect action”–that’s how I built my writing/editing consulting business so quickly–I jumped in before I had all of the answers. Here are the details on our Open Mic benefit which will also be livestreamed:
    Triangle Benefit for Newtown, CT—Open Mic Concert for Families of Sandy Hook Victims
    Location: Pick A Class, 502 S White St., Wake Forest, NC 27587
    Thurs. Jan 3rd Time: 6:30-9pm
    Suggested donation: $10
    Come out to support this open mic fundraiser for the families of the victims from the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting on December 14 in Newtown, CT.

    hugs and blessings,

  7. says

    Share your gifts. You will “get” more than you give.

    Yesterday I had an unveiling of a painting commission for a local business woman. It was a scene of her son, husband and father in front of the business all 3 generations had built. Her father passed away before the grandson was old enough to work there, but the painting was how she imagined it would have been. Her beaming smile and grateful words will always be with me. I “got” far more than a check.

  8. says

    Another great post. Timely and needed. Thank you. I will give thanks everyday without fail (no matter how busy I think I am) to my family, friends, life and business. I will focus my full attention on my goals and do something every day to reach them.

  9. says

    THanx for that AWESOME article. I resonated with all of it. I stopped. Then got sad. Then got BUSY. FIrst cleaning my art room, then the rest of my house.

    Then I sat down at my recording studio with my guitar and just started to RECORD stuff. I have bronchitis and just got over food poisening. FUN EH? And I also have incontinence from all the coughing Ive been doing lately…ha…BUT I plugged my guitar in and decided to discipline myself by rehearsing! IT felt great. I do feel my music. My music heals ME, but also I am being ‘led’ to doing some more meaningful performances, songwriting and recording. This has been an eye opening time for me for sure.\

  10. Jerry Bailey says

    How to “heal” the world:
    1. Dig water wells where needed and provide pumps and sprinkler systems for farming on a worldwide scale.
    2. Finance with “e-currency” backed by worldwide concensus.
    3. Build affordable, interest-free housing worldwide.
    4. Provide employment on a concensus/priority based direct voting method.
    5. Use all known sources of power; construct automated transportation methods.
    6. Release all victimless crime offenders (provided they work – jobs can be provided assuming productivity by the worker).
    7. Provide every employed person with $20,000 bonus each year.
    8. Provide employers with 25% of all employees salary.

    These provisions are non-negotiable


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