How to Master Money and Succeed at What You Love


Whenever I teach or coach about money, I get a little nervous. That’s because it’s such a highly charged topic for so many business owners.

But here’s the thing—

Six months ago, I surveyed the Uplevel community. The last question went like this:
“If I’m being really honest, the thing I’m MOST challenged by in my business is…”

Hands down the number one answer was that your income is not consistent and you feel burnt out and overwhelmed.

So, the more we DON’T talk about money – the more this feeling of pressure will keep bludgeoning you into a crapload of panic and overwhelm…

(…which, of course, takes you OUT of the heart and into the fearful lizard-brain. Not good.)

And yes, I’ve been there too. (I share my story a bit in this video.)

Starting next week, we’re going to change this old panic pattern. (For good.) It’s a deep-dive training (free!), and you’ll finally master this thing called cashflow.

For now, you can start the ball rolling by doing two simple things:

  1. Write down one number. This is your “number” for 2014. How much do you want your business income to be this year?
  2. Answer this question:

If I could wave a magic wand and help you reach your financial goal for 2014, what is the BIGGEST difference this would make in your life or your work?

a) Having a high level of confidence in the work you do each and every day.
b) Knowing that you are serving, inspiring and influencing many more people.
c) The satisfaction of being able to create amazing opportunities and experiences for your family and kids.
d) Being able to breathe easier, have more free time and take vacations.
e) Knowing you can now create new ideas and new directions, rather than just worrying about your current situation.
f) Knowing that you’ve become a role model to other people in your life.
g) Feeling supported because you can now hire a team to do the things you’re not good at.
h) Or write your own… ____________________________________________________

If you are bold and want to get the best results, post it in the comments below!

And if you’re ready to take part in the free training I mentioned above… It is now LIVE. Click here to learn how to reach your number in 2014!

If you’ve ever believed it was impossible to be totally authentic AND make lots of money in your business – then you’re not alone. Purposeful entrepreneurs want it REAL – and I promise to deliver! Get my FREE VIDEO, and I will walk you step-by-step through my own Uplevel Fast Track Formula for making money… on your own terms and in your own way. Enter your email and let’s get started!


  1. Tammy Hart Dyer says

    My goal for my business is $40k this year. My DREAM for my business is $100K. It would definitely allow me to create new things and spend more time on developing creative ways to serve my peeps.

    That includes someone to do the housework. Ugh.

  2. says


    My life has changed so much since my first Uplevel Class with you last year.
    This past year I totally stepped out of my comfort zone, and started a new business venture with a partner whom I then encourage to do the Uplevel class again this year with me. Starting our new company was intense and time consuming and required tons of energy. It was thrilling and terrifying, and my biggest issues were cash flow and energy flow. We grossed almost half a million this year!!!!! Profits are low comparatively, but we have learned so much. Plus I really enjoy making food, planning events, and helping other people make lifetime memories.
    We set our goal for this second year at a 225% increase in our Gross Sales, and we are on track to reach that number. My personal income goal is 40,000 this year, and I feel the need for more breathing room. More time and resources to relax on occasion with my family, a few vacations, and more time to visualize, act and manifest more amazing adventures for our company.
    I just hired a small team to help me do the things I do not enjoy and those things that overwhelm me on a daily basis.
    Thank you for allowing me to say all of this outloud.. or at least in writing.
    We love you over here!!

    • says

      Rachel! Wow wow wow! I loved reading this! And congratulations to you for APPLYING all of this. (Lots of people can do a program… you took it all and ran with it. Go girl!)

      And yes, now you are at the point where taking time for yourself will be crucial. You’ll do it though. I say that from experience!

  3. says

    Goal: NET of $50k in the existing business, but I have another dream to expand into other travel ventures.I will need MUCH more training, systems (yes, a good word) and the daily “focus” jolt to keep me on track with that system. (Staying “present with self” so to speak) ;-) Thanks CK, we all appreciate YOU so much!

  4. Shawntane says

    My financial goal for my business income in 2014 is $250,000.00. The biggest difference this would make in my life is to give me financial freedom, peace of mind, more time to spend at home with my family and ultimately the confidence to know that I Can Do ALL Things !!!

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