I Couldn’t Resist

My friend Elaine sent this to me. It’s just too perfect not to share. It was created by an English animator named Simon Tofield.

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  1. says

    Christine – You can tell the creator really is a cat owner! I laughed right out loud at the point where the cat reaches its paw out and pats the sleeper’s cheek. I’ve had a number of cats who did that when I didn’t pay attention to their morning meows. Thanks for the first laugh of my day!

  2. Sarah says

    OMIGOD! I *just* went through exactly that! Well…except for the baseball bat. There is no way for me to sleep in without feeding my Calvin first. But on the days I can’t sleep in he gets me up. The recent time change was a shock for both of us. Thanks so much, Christine!

  3. says

    Well, I have seen this video. I didn’t play it where my cats could see it…cuz I think they were involved in the research that was done for producing it! I even had a cat once (now an OUTDOOR cat!) who would pee on me if I didn’t get up and feed her! Yes, pee. Not a pleasant way to wake up, let me assure you.

  4. says

    Thanks for the laugh! I’ve been a cat owner all my life, and I’ve woken this way more times than I can count… I’d say maybe including the bat, but I don’t usually keep a bat in the house, so they must have found some other implement. It’s not quite so unnerving as when my oldest son was little, and he would take his tiny sweet hand and wake me by opening my eyelid! Hmmmm… He’s a heavy-sleeping teen now, and while I try not to wake him unless absolutely necessary, I now have another method to try! Payback is heck.

  5. zach says

    And people wonder why I’m not a cat person! Things just can’t be trusted. That and I’m allergic.* Seriously though, that was funny. Funny and cute.

    *Allergic to baseball bats, that is.

  6. says

    Hi Christine –

    I’ve chosen you to receive a “Roar for Powerful Words” award. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how this kind of thing works. But if you go to my blog, you’ll see the rules!



  7. says

    Leonie sent this to me a few weeks ago – it’s great – I hide my eyes when the bat comes out. Mitchell does the paw on face thing usually on my nose and there’s akmost always a claw sticking out. Ahhh, kitty friends…

  8. says

    hey tammy – that exact same thing (paw on cheek) was what made me burst out laughing first. the sound of it is priceless.

    thanks jena – i’ll go check it out.

    thanks everyone! i’m glad you enjoyed it!

  9. says

    Oh, my… it’s Kris and our cat Spike! The face the guy makes right after the cat pulls his ear is the one Kris makes every time the cat starts dancing on his head because he wants to be fed.

    Hahahaha… I need to send around this link! Thanks for the bit of morning humor!

  10. says

    Okay, who put the camera in my bedroom, that pretty much happens every day at my house, except times three cats, plus the two dogs adding to the mayham. . . Of course we don’t know who is responsible for the baseball bat; they all blame it on another.

  11. Sue says

    Thanks for sharing! It was a great way to break the boredom of homework for my kids! We only have dogs, (well, and lizards)and the dogs are persistent as well. Our bigger dog wakes us up whacking his tail against the nightstand, head on edge of bed. If the lizards did that I may have a heart attack!

  12. Lisa says

    Hilarious – my Maisie does some of the same stuff, including batting me on the face…only when she wants to be fed.


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