Next Women’s Retreat Scheduled

The next Women’s Retreat will happen March 9 – 11, 2007. The theme is Great Big Dreams. Below is random information about the retreats, and about how to register and/or get some further information.

I’ve been facilitating these retreats for five years now. This one will be the ninth retreat I’ve done.

The retreats happen at the Bend of Ivy Lodge in Marshall, NC. Click on the link to see photos and read all about the property and lodging.

Participation is limited to 18 people.

The theme of the next retreat is “Great Big Dreams.” (A line from my song Right Outta Nowhere.) These retreats are not about songwriting, or being an artist, or creativity. (Creativity is included in the discussion and activities, but it is not the focus of the retreat.) Women from all professions and lifestyles have participated.

Meals are lovingly prepared by a local natural foods chef who uses only organic products, most of which were grown in her own gardens. Unlike so many retreat situations, the food at these retreats is unbelievably healthy and has great energy.

Massages are available (and encouraged) from one of the best massage therapists in the land. (Really. I do not exaggerate here.) Most of the participants sign up for at least one hour-long massage.

One full-scholarship slot is available! This is a new thing. Inspired by a check that was sent to me as a random act of kindness through my blog, I began the Loving Hands Scholarship Fund for my retreats. So many people have written to ask if they could receive discounts for these retreats. Until now, I didn’t see how I could offer discounts to one person without offering them to everyone. The scholarship was started by this one person and has been contributed to by the participants from the last retreat. (Which is why I’m calling it Loving Hands.) Please email me at, and I will send you details on how to apply for the scholarship slot.

On Saturday night (the second night of the retreat), I do an “Unplugged Total Request All Truths Revealed” concert for everyone. After the concert, the “stage” opens up and women read poetry, sing their own tunes, or just sit back and listen.

If you are wondering if this is right for you, or if you can’t figure out what to do, here’s what to do: Send me an email. ( I will send you all the details you could possibly want! Then you can decide.

Listen to your heart. Come if this feels like the right thing for you. Let it be an Absolute Yes. The women at the last retreat were so completely in that Absolute Yes mode that they have stuck together for several months, still communicating with each other, making life changes, and improving the quality of their thoughts, actions and life situations.

If you know this is the right thing, and you don’t need any more information, here’s what to do: send in your deposit. You can go to my store (on this website) and use your credit card. All of the retreat deposit options are listed. Or you can email me at, and I will send you a PayPal Request-for-Money form, and you can pay through PayPal. If you want to pay by check, please email me as well.

Thanks! I look forward to meeting you!

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  1. barb says

    just wanted to tell those of you who read the blog and wonder if ithe retreat is something you are interesteed in but not sure. Christine is one of the most authentic and sincere people I know. enough said.

  2. amyk says

    Christines’ retreat really changed my life almost 2 years ago . We talked alot about listening to our inner voice and leap and the net will appear. It is all true. I hope to be able to come to another retreat soon after all I think I need to be refreshed again.

  3. Casey Finn says

    Hi! I met you at your concert in Asheville, NC this past October. I’m interested in the retreat idea, but need to know the cost and other particulars. Thank you. I love your music esp. 4 legs good!

  4. says

    Hi Christine, I came across your website while researching gratitude. Your site is a treasure trove of life-affirming information. Thank you for sharing your light with us.

    I am conducting a survey on the role spirituality plays in the health and wellbeing of women. The responses of the survey will be shared in my upcoming book, The Heart of Living Well: Reclaiming Health, Spirit and Beauty. I would be most GRATEFUL is you would get the word out to women in your circle about the survey (it closes on Feb. 16th) Please visit to take the survey.

    Many thanks, Judy


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