1. MK, Greensboro, NC says

    I knew from hearing Christine’s music and seeing her perform that she was one of “my” people and finally got up the nerve to step out of my comfort zone and sign up for the June 2006 retreat. Besides going to college, I think this is the smartest decision I’ve ever made. I am a bigger, better, more open person because of it.

  2. Michelle, Lexington, KY says

    Finding Christine’s website after googling “vision boards,” a friend and I registered for the retreat figuring she had some good things to say. I was in for an amazing surprise – the weekend certainly did unfold as the land, the women, and Christine’s quiet wisdom created a cocoon for contemplation and growth. Even now, I feel the effects of the teaching, the thinking, and the ‘making space,’ and know that my life is different, that I am somehow different. Our group has continued to encourage one another through the Internet and mini reunions, to create a web of support I’d never anticipated. I encourage any woman who wants to take time for thoughts to marinate, is willing to connect to self and others, and desires wisdom through words, interaction, nature, and music to try one of Christine’s retreats. The only thing you’ll regret is that it’s too short!

  3. Anne, Asheville, NC says

    “Christine initiated an incredibly open and affecting experience with humor and insight and also a good dose of practical help for us to continue to grow beyond the retreat weekend. The retreat continues to inspire me and make me bigger. Suffice it to say that the experience has gone way beyond my expectations!

  4. Ruth, Phoenix, AZ says

    Christine is funny and tender and inspiring. She shows up, so real and present and creates a sacred space that is somehow safe enough to touch the deepest places in ourselves and connect there with others.

  5. Becky, Jacksonville, FL says

    “Christine skillfully weaves a circle with her retreat attendees, bringing their colors and textures out. Each person chooses how much of themselves will be in the weave. Through exercises, talking and quiet, we all discovered hidden things within ourselves and within the circle. An understanding of our lives “clicked”, and we found a new peace and hope. Christine is gifted. If she never sang another note, never wrote another song, she would still be a gift to the world.”

  6. Dianne, St. Louis, MO says

    “I came to Christine’s retreat after a grueling semester in Seminary, exhausted in body and spirit, not at all sure that I was in the right place; and if I wasn’t, what I wanted to do about it. Those three days changed my life. Christine provided beautiful and sacred space that allowed me time to center and recharge, to get out of my intellect and into my heart. I came away from that time renewed and able to look in new directions. I did not leave with complete clarity but I did come away with the ability to trust my heart and soul and move forward again.”