Two Things About the Upcoming Retreat

Written by Christine Kane

1 – Almost Final Retreat Call!

The March 9 – 11 Retreat is filling up quickly with only a few slots remaining. If you’re thinking of coming, I encourage you to let me know this week! Please email me at for details or questions or just if you want to send me a check for the heck of it. Participants are coming from many far away places, including (but not limited to) London, California, Illinois and Texas. (I have had people fly from overseas to see me in concert before, but not for a retreat. I’m honored! Plus, it’s always good to have a British accent nearby.)
2 – And we have a recipient!

The very first Loving Hands Scholarship (fully funded by former retreat participants) has been awarded. This is the first retreat I’ve facilitated with a scholarship participant. I just got an email with a giant and colorful “Woo-Hoo!” on it. I think she’s excited!

Happy Monday everybody. It’s time to Segment Intend that it’s a fantastic week. And spend a moment remembering your word.

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Hannah December 18, 2009 at 1:25 am

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