Uplevel Your Life

If you've been thinking it's time to ignite your mindset, create new results, reinvent your life and activate a new direction for yourself

... then now's the time to do it!

Hey there my Visionary Friend,

woman looking out windowI'm offering you the chance to join me in my Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program - probably my most popular, most life-changing program ever. You get a full 9-weeks of mindset training, obstacle-removing, clarity-building, results-creating training.

Here's the deal.

Read all the stuff below. (Yes, it's kind of long. But I want you to know what you're getting.) And if you're ready to create new outcomes and new beginnings in your life... then I am ready to be your coach.



p.s. Btw, this offer is LESS THAN what most coaches charge PER MONTH. (And this is a SEVEN week program - with daily support!) Pretty cool.

p.p.s. If you want to get one of these for your wife, and you want to keep it secret, you can totally count on us! Just let us know how we can help! :) (email us at info@uplevelyou.com)

So, what is the Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program anyway?

The Uplevel Your Life® Mastery Program is a proven field-tested system that has now changed the lives of over 2000 people. You will learn how to think differently about your life, how to dream big, how to make your dreams come true, and how to build the momentum you need to truly create huge results and new outcomes in your life.

Here's what you get with the Uplevel Your Life® Mastery Program

whole package

This program represents over 20 years worth of life-Upleveling experience meticulously formed into an easy-to-follow high-content, high-power step-by-step system. Let's see what's inside, okay?


EVERY SINGLE DAY for 7 weeks - you get HIGH-LEVEL support with a high-power, high-content, high-authenticity Coaching Lesson. Both by email and in your binder.


The foundation of the Uplevel Your Life® Mastery Program is that you're supported DAILY for the full seven-weeks of the program as I walk with you through the teachings and show you how to apply them - practically and authentically - to your life.

You can get these lessons in audio format, and of course - it's all there in writing as well. Everything is easily digitally accessible from your online customer center.

And the coolest thing is that I deliver these hands-on lessons to you in a simple step-by-step way so that you can learn deeply - and really feel the energy of the progress you make!



You'll get absolutely CLEAR as you apply everything you learn to YOUR OWN LIFE - with the Transformational Toolkit (digital AND print version!).


The Uplevel Your Life® Mastery Program is a hands-on experience! It's not for people who want to sit back and hope for change in their lives. I want you to feel the excitement as you watch your own energy and power keep getting to higher and higher levels.

So, as you and I move through the Uplevel Your Life® steps together, you'll gain clarity and get total velocity using the tools I give you in a complete Transformational Toolkit that accompanies the lessons in the program. Tools like the Uplevel Your Energy Program, the 4-Step Situation Upleveler, the Leak Discovery Tool, the Decision Awareness Tool, and many many more!

In a do-able, step-by-step, easy-to-follow process, you'll be able to take these tools and get awareness, clarity, and action-steps for how to Uplevel ALL areas of your life.



You get to put it all in order and keep yourself on track with the beautiful Uplevel Your Life Storage Binder.

big notebook

I don't want you to get confused or lose track of where you are - so you'll get a beautiful binder delivered to your door that includes copies of all of the daily lessons! (You can download extra copies of everything on our exclusive Uplevel Your Life website too!) This is the perfect storage system as you experience all the transformations you'll be making in the program. Plus, you can easily access and revisit any areas you'd like to focus on later.



Keep track of your A-HA's, gratitudes and newfound awareness in the beautiful "Uplevel My Life" Journal.


Writing connects your hand with your heart. And if you're anything like me - you want a place to write down your A-HA's, and keep track of your progress, and keep that connection alive - while gaining clarity and perspective.

So, I'm going to send you the Uplevel My Life® Journal. It's more than just do-it-yourself lined pages though! There are special features in it like:

  • The Be Do Have Dreamscape
  • The Gratitudes, Gifts & Gains Journal
  • The Sunday Summit
  • Life Script Pages

These pages are also available in an easy-to-download PDF format too, so you can always print more copies as you need them!



You'll get full support from and access to other like-minded Uplevelers who are committed to living clear, congruent, purposeful lives and making positive changes - in our exclusive closed-door Uplevel Your Life® online group.

circle with hands

You've heard of the power of the mastermind, right? Well, I wanted each person in this group to have access to the full community so that you could "feel the energy" and get those "woohoo's!" you need when you have a victory. Plus you'll have someone holding your back when you're facing a challenge. (Many of us don't have friends who understand this work, so it can feel sort of lonely when we start Upleveling!) This group energy will fire up your results in a big way!



Your Very Own Weekly Insights Tracker


Included in your Uplevel package, you'll get your very own Weekly Insights Tracker that you can hang right by your desk or somewhere that you can see it daily so that you can keep track and visually remind yourself of the breakthroughs and ahas you're experiencing each week.

Bonus #1

Bonus #1

4 Bonus Accelerator Training Sessions

CDsFour Jam Packed CDs to add to your training. These Teachings show you ways to Increase Your Productivity, Build Wealth Mindsets, Answer some of Your More Burning Questions, and helps you Build a Purpose Based Business.

Its like having me right there with you, as I coach you, encourage you, and open up my own box of secrets to reveal the steps along my own journey. You get it all: the triumphs, the tips, and the times I fell flat on my ass.

Bonus #2

Bonus #2

Catalyst Card Deck

catalyst cards28 Daily Cards that present you with a "jump start" for action. One Card per day with an amazing quote on one side and an action for the day on the other. Be adventurous shuffle the cards. Choose one. You may find that it is the perfect thought, the perfect action, the perfect motivator that finally anchors your mindset transformation.

Bonus #3

Bonus #3

Foundation-ing Week

woman with scarfMany people start from a place that is scattered and unclear... The truth is you must build a foundation.

This is called being grounded - and it's almost impossible to manifest on this earth if you are all over the place and not standing on a strong clear foundation...

I want to give you a full bonus on-ramp week before the Uplevel Your Life mastery Program begins. Starting on the Monday after you purhase, we will build a strong foundation - with a bonus week. It's called Foundation-ing - and each day you get a video training... don't worry, they're not long - but they ARE designed to get you super clear and super focused and grounded before the program begins the following week... The Foundationing week is designed to activate your mindset, your power and your clarity... so that you hit the ground running when the program starts...

Bonus #4

Bonus #4

Momentum Builder Week

momentumAfter we've done our seven weeks together - we'll continue the journey one more week and I'll personally teach you how to keep it going with a full BONUS week that is the MOMENTUM BUILDER WEEK . This is where I'll give you all my tools and techniques for getting back on track, for dealing with unexpected triggers, and life getting in the way - which happens.

So these are all IN ADDITION to the tools you've gotten in your tool kit. This is the high level stuff you'll be ready for after going through the program with me.

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Here's what others are saying:

Laura Mixon

"I first discovered Christine through her blog. When I heard that she was offering this course, it was a no-brainer!

I thought to myself, "I've spent thousands of dollars in academia on my education. Surely, Christine's course will actually teach me how to actually DO something with my life. It'll probably be an investment that will pay for itself!"

And it did!

I wrote and defended my doctoral dissertation at warp speed. I'm now creating avenues of passive income for myself. And I healed two of the most challenging relationships in my life: with my mother and with my ex-husband.

I no longer live in a reactionary state. I absolutely know my own power and creativity now!"

Laura Mixon
Wilmington, NC

Gaye Abbott

"I have spent literally thousands of dollars with world-renowned coaches and teachers - and never came close to what I received in the 7 weeks of Christine's Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program.

Today, I could go for pages about the transformations I have experienced because of Uplevel Your Life ... and about the many ways that I have grown, increased my awareness about myself, moved beyond my old patterns, and committed to my fullest expression through intention and attention.

What's most wonderful of all is that I am finding absolute delight in the gifts of my mind, heart and soul that I bring to the world. I have now begun to step into my power and create work based in my passion and purpose!

All I can say is that I feel turned on by a creative Spirit that constantly is whispering in my ear ... and the best part is that I am listening and trusting!!

Christine, you have inspired me by the grounded, real, honest approach (with humor!) you have to coaching, mentoring, and blessing each person you work with."

Gaye Abbott
Philomath, OR

Kevin Ward

"I am a pretty well-known face in the recording industry - so I'm on the front lines, helping lots of people, and working with artists and others looking for my advice and leaning on me. Problem is, I'm also creative - which means I'm scattered and don't always know how to set my own priorities straight and take care of ME. Things were starting to get pretty bad - I was burnt out and feeling lost.

When I jumped into the Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program, I was a little dubious (I'm a GUY after all! Christine always talks about helping WOMEN!) - but I noticed that I started looking forward to those lessons that came in every morning. Uplevel Your Life gave me a path to follow - and structure to help me create big changes little by little.

Now, I'm a work in progress here - but in just a short time some things are really different: I am more focused than ever before, I have more clarity, and I'm experiencing the power of "imperfect actions." I'm loving the power of investing in myself. People are telling me over and over that something has really changed in me! It's a great feeling!"

Kevin Ward

Katy Tafoya

"I have been following Christine's work for a few years now. I wanted nothing more than to attend one of her retreats. So when she came out with the Uplevel Your Life Mastery program, I knew that I had to be a part of it.

And I'm so glad I did!

With Christine's help, I learned so much about myself - my strengths and my gifts as well as my challenges and energy draining beliefs. Uplevel Your Life Mastery is a great way to gain some clarity and focus on your life.

I was able to identify and clarify my passion and in turn, authentically share my passion with others. I learned ways to get started creating the life I've always wanted (and hoped for).

And the best part...not only has my life been Upleveled, but my business has as well! Christine is truly an inspiration and a mentor to women. I can't recommend her enough."

Katy Tafoya
Los Angeles, CA

Ruth Atherly

"I took Christine Kane's Uplevel Your Life program and expected to get results. Boy, was I wrong. I didn't get results - I got magic and miracles, unexpected income came from all over the place, and I took myself to a whole new level of personal and professional success, satisfaction, and achievement.

I took the program seriously. I had been reading Christine's blog for sometime and realized that this was an opportunity for me to Uplevel my life. I actively listened, I did the work, I participated and I engaged. And it worked. It really, really worked.

My husband and I are having more fun at work and at life, our business is thriving and we have attracted several new people into our lives as friends that are positive, caring, considerate people that we love to spend time with (as opposed to some of the people we were hanging out with before that really sucked the life out of us!).

Uplevel Your Life really did that for me. I can't remember when things have been this good. By applying and reapplying the principles I learned in Uplevel Your Life, I am moving forward and growing each day. I am being creative, conscious and courageous.

Thank you Christine for this wonderful opportunity!"

Ruth Atherley
Vancouver, BC

Sheri McConnell

"As a successful entrepreneur, I've taken part in many programs over the years. The Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program is one of the best programs I've ever done. It gives you results.

That's because it teaches you a complete system for creating not just success - but intentional authentic success, custom-designed for your perfect life. Christine has created a framework that will teach you, empower you, make you laugh out loud and build momentum and confidence."

Sheri McConnell
President & Founder
Smart Women's Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning

Colleen O'Grady

"Christine, you taught me how to Uplevel from the inside out, and I'm so grateful! Not only, have I created a living environment and office space that is soothing and peaceful, but I've learned how to say "no" to anything that isn't perfectly right for me. I'm clear. I know where I'm going. I'm not afraid to take chances. I'm creating a life I love.

And, since I've been working with you, I've got more clients than ever in my psychotherapy practice. My business is bursting! And to add to my joy even more, I've expanded my practice to include coaching, something I've always wanted to do!"

Colleen O'Grady
Houston, TX

Sue Ludwig

"I'll start by saying that if the only thing I learned from this program was the power of my own intention and how to use it, that alone would've been enough to change my life completely.

But it didn't stop there!

I had been lugging around some horrible mindsets for most of my life. Christine helped me to let go of these in a way I never thought possible. It's like internal freedom. I have totally changed my mindset on just about everything from my emotional experiences to how I do my job.

In fact, I could go ON and ON here, and it would never be enough to describe how much my life has changed! I'm more excited about my life than I've ever been.

If you're wondering whether or not to do this program - I'll just say that the thing that's so DIFFERENT about how Christine teaches is that it's apparent that she's done or is doing all of those things in her own life. Her power and her authenticity are evident. Go for it! You'll be SO happy you did!"

Sue Ludwig
Cincinnati, OH

Andrea Hiltbrunner

"I am forever grateful that Christine's program showed up in the minute I really needed it.

I needed to be very wise with my income because of all the bills that flew in to my door. I had just become a mother for the second time when 14 days later our dog died and 14 days after this my beloved Daddy passed away. My energy got lower and lower by all the circumstances I suddenly was confronted by. I found myself in a difficult situation after my fathers death with all the tears and struggles that came to the surface.

A lot of financial issues to clear as well as family twists that all of sudden showed up with big intensity.

So then I got an email about Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program and I only had the same amount in my bank account as the investement for the program.

It was very close to Christmas. I said to my husband that this is the gift I wanted to give myself. I am brave person and I invested my last money into this program because I felt that it would change everything.

It did!

In the coming 5 month I grew so much. I started to learn what the word boundaries really meant. I let go in love all the draining familiy members and was even able to find a wonderful new proprietor form my Dad's house. And the best part of it: We became so good friends that the door to my childhood house is now always open.

From the bottom of my heart- I say my grateful thanks to Christine and her life changing Uplevel Your Life Mastery program."

Andrea Hiltbrunner
Founder of DreAmheArtsMartArt

Sybil Smith

"I'm loving every minute of the Uplevel your Life Program! I've made some huge internal shifts in the last 6 weeks of doing this program, and am about to make some external leaps toward success, wealth, and happiness. I have let go of the anxiety and depression that haunted and immobilized me, and am taking pride in my own self-care.

I actually enjoy making decisions now. I look forward every day to my morning and evening ritual. New students and clients have been calling me every week for 5 weeks! I haven't even done any marketing yet!!!

Like I already said ...this stuff really works! Thanks, Christine, for putting this info and inspiration out there for everyone to share."

Sybil Smith
Blountville, TN

Janelle Holden

"When I began Christine's Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program, I had just been diagnosed with celiac disease, an autoimmune disease, and multiple food allergies. I was struggling with my health, my job, my stress, and my overwhelm. I knew that I didn't love life, and I wanted to find out WHY and what I could do to turn it all around.

During Uplevel Your Life, I learned how to think about my life, and how my thinking could change everything about who I was and wanted to become. I learned concrete action steps to take to start feeling better emotionally, and start cleaning up all the things that bothered me about who I was (my work, my clutter, my health). I learned how to focus on what really mattered, and that miracles could happen in my life.

Since Uplevel Your Life, I've lost 50 pounds without stepping on a scale, counting a calorie, or berating myself and my body. I regained the health that I once thought I had lost. I have transformed my work life and opened up my own business. I finished a novel. Uplevel Your Life really works and it keeps on working! I am amazed at where I am today, and so very thankful. Thank you Christine!"

Janelle Holden
President & Founder The Gluten Free Life Coach

Eryn Morgan

"When I signed up for Christine's Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program, I knew it was time to try something different, no matter the cost. I was in a place where I was *sure* there was more to life, there had to be! I was working all the time. I wasn't kind to myself. I wasn't having much success on the dating front and I was no longer enjoying my hobbies. I was generally tired, frustrated, and sad, and I felt a real void in my life.

I knew I had the willpower to "do the work" and change my life, but I just had no idea what to do!

From the very first moment I heard Christine's voice in the audio lessons, I knew I was in the right program. I immediately got practical "how-to" steps I began applying to my life. In less than 2 weeks, I attracted a wonderful man who is still a part of my life today. I was able to start focusing on my own happiness and went on an impromptu trip to Paris, just for me. I began to create the life I wanted just by creating new habits and systems. It wasn't always easy to make the changes, but oh did I see the results of my efforts!

Today, I'm happier and healthier than ever before. I started running, eating better, and being much kinder to myself. I was offered my dream job out of the blue. I've also started my own business as a professional organizer. I'm so fulfilled now! The void is completely gone!

It might be dramatic to say this, but Christine Kane and Uplevel Your Life literally transformed my life from one that was status quo and disappointing to one filled with happiness, love, beauty, opportunities, and joy. This program changed my life!"

Eryn Morgan

Barb Churchill

"When I started the Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program a year ago, I had no idea how it would impact my life. Man, what a difference a year makes!

A year ago, I was totally overwhelmed with life and felt a huge change was coming, but I wasn't sure what it was going to be. That's when I signed up for Christine's Uplevel your Life Mastery Program.

The clarity that came to me in the 49 days I spent in this program was amazing! The daily lessons quickly became something I really looked forward to. I loved going through the Tool Kit and finding out what wasn't working in my life that I had the power to change. More importantly, I learned what was working for me and how to get more of that in my life. I actually took time to create how I wanted to live my life moving forward.

That entire experience led me to make a career change into something that has been my passion - being of service to others. I can honestly say I've gotten more results from Christine's programs than any other program I've invested in. Christine's the real deal, and I am a perfect example of how you can take your life from "how" to "wow"!"

Barb Churchill
Life Coach & Mentor


If you're like a lot of people, you're probably wondering if this is going to work for you. (I know, right? After all, you've read TONS of books on this stuff already!) Well, take a deep breath and read my guarantee to you...

Satisfaction GuaranteedMy Own Personal "Leap-And-The-Net-Will-Appear" Guarantee

Here's how I do this.

I live what I teach. And this program simply MUST be life-changing and business-changing for you. Otherwise, we're not serving each other and changing the world, are we?

So, register today. Join the program when it starts. Try it for 4 weeks (28 days). Get everything you can. And if you don't think I'm delivering massive value, high-level authentic success-bringing Upleveling information, - then contact my team at info@uplevel you before day 28 to get a full refund (they'll tell you how to return your binder) - and I'll still love you anyway.

That's how it works. It's the way we run our businesses in an abundant world.

So, dude (or dudette), you have NOTHING to lose. (Well, except staying stuck, feeling overwhelmed, or living without your true purpose. But hey, maybe you enjoy that!)

Only $997 Best Deal

five payments of $225

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The payment plan is 5 payments of $225 each, beginning now and 30 days apart.

Take a minute and do one thing. Imagine yourself six months from now. Are you still exactly where you are now? Or are you thriving and living a purposeful creative existence? The choice is yours. Six months from now, you'll wish you'd started this today.

christine christine

P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to contact my team at info@uplevelyou.com. We'll do our best to answer you within 24 hours!