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For starters, discover the Abundance Mindset 4X4 ...

Entrepreneurs must operate by a different set of rules when it comes to money and wealth. If you’re trapped in old scarcity mindsets, you’ll never thrive in your business.

The Abundance Mindset 4X4 is an audio training and downloadable tool. Together, we’ll break through your blocks around charging money and raising prices and release those old lack mindsets that keep you stuck.

It’s like getting a closed-door private coaching session with me. (And it’s free!)

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Hey, I’m Christine...

... and this is where I’m supposed to tell you all about my innate entrepreneurial skills, perpetual positive mindset and how I knew from the start I was built to kick ass and take names in business.

But that’s not exactly how it worked for me.

The truth is I succeeded at two businesses in spite of, well, everything.

And that’s why I’ve been able to help thousands of people like you jump to six and seven figures in their businesses. I’ve lived it big time and I’ve been in your shoes …

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How to Protect Your Energy When You’re in the Spotlight

How to Protect Your Energy When You’re in the Spotlight

My CLiCK Retreat is happening in Asheville next week, so I’m going to share something personal about being on stage. I want you to understand that the work you do – yes, even the great stuff – can occasionally come with challenges. And what to […]

Making Space For Silence In A Recklessly Noisy World

Making Space For Silence In A Recklessly Noisy World

I’m on another silent retreat this week. Which makes me remember my first silent retreat. The one where I went batshit crazy. I was out of my mind with rage at the people meditating around me who felt the need to swallow. Or cough. Or […]

Beware of Everyone

Beware of Everyone

Exhibit A: Woman says to her coach: “I’m lowering the price on this package. Everyone says that number is too high.” Coach pauses. Then she asks: “Everyone? How many people have said this?” Woman thinks for a moment.  She says, “Well, there were two, actually.” […]

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