10 Signs It’s Time to Take a Chance on YOU… - Christine Kane

Best Of Series: This is a repost of one of my most popular blog posts.
There are two kinds of people.

First, you’ve got your toe-dippers. You toe-dippers stand at the edge of the water and poke the tip of your toe in.  No freakin’ way – it’s too cold. And what about bacteria or sea creatures that may be lurking?  You wait to see if anyone else is going to swim with you. You wait to see if you’ll feel foolish. You wait… maybe you’ll be more comfortable next time you’re here.

Then, there are those who jump in.

YOU JUST JUMP! You go under and burst out with a shout that it’s COLD!  But then you swim. Your body warms up. You get the hang of it. You see amazing fish. And you laugh – you laugh with your swimming, splashing friends. And you look at the toe dippers and don’t quite get why they choose to miss out.

Toe-dippers have some advantages:

As a toe-dipper, you get the temporary satisfaction of being safe.

Plus, you’ll never have to experience the paralyzing fear that happens when you’re about to quit your job, take that first step to commit to your business, or step onto the stage. Or the heart-thrumming vulnerability of writing a published article…or a book. Or even the heartbreak of losing a client or forgetting your lines.

But here’s the problem for you toe-dippers out there:

In all of this safety, you miss out on the biggest reward of all…

…who you become when you dance on the edges of your comfort zone.

We’ve all been both kinds of people.  But let’s face it. Most people are scared to take even the slightest chance on themselves.  They’ve been taught – by their environment, their families, or their teachers – not to trust their own ideas and dreams.  They’ve been taught to play safe.

Risk is different for everyone. For some, it’s a simple action, like raising your prices. For others, it’s a big giant change, like starting a business or joining a mastermind, or ending a dead-end relationship.

Sometimes it’s not really a risk. It’s just an action. But since it’s not something you’re used to doing, it feels like a risk.

Here’s the thing.

The fear starts to fall away once you take the action.

So, if you’ve been toe-dipping, and teetering around the edges…

…I’m going to remind you, that waiting will never get you there.

If you’re reading this, you probably know you need to stop waiting.

And, YOU know when it’s time.

So, how do you know?

Sometimes, you just know. Sometimes you can only sense it. But if you’re nervous as hell, you’re often on the right track!

Here’s my list of 10 clues that’s it’s definitely time to jump in:

1. You’ve said, “…at least I have benefits” more than once in the last month.

2. You think to yourself, “I need to just learn to surrender to this place and be present and grateful.” And a few seconds later, you think, “Don’t I?”

3. You’re waiting to be discovered, rather than committing to discovering yourself.

4. You’ve recognized that you can’t do it alone. But you still keep doing it alone.

5. You’ve thought, “Maybe I’m not genetically engineered to succeed.”

6. You’ve used any of the following words or phrases when referring to yourself: “Stuck.” “Can’t.” “Shouldn’t.” “Should.” Or “This is just how I am.”

7. You’ve used any of the following words or phrases when referring to your situation: “Wish.” “Yeah, but” “Benefits.” Or “This is just how it is.”

8. You worry about upsetting your spouse.

9. You worry about upsetting your friends.

10. You’re waiting until you’re sure you can do it perfectly.

Okay, throw your comments my way! Which of these things have you ever said to yourself – and how did you or will you be DONE with it, and take a chance on yourself by making a decision and taking action???

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  • Tammy

    I’m not a toe dipper. I know where my shortcomings are and why. I know my website sucks; it is unclear and has not call to action. I know I need your help. I know I keep listening to your webinars to sort some of the “how’s” to get the client to get the “deposit” to get started.

  • Danielle Louise Ross

    Way to be a cheerleader for “jumping in” and playing big! Those “clues” you described are spot on, and the metaphor of a cold pool is just right. When we jump in our bodies adjust and we realize what’s possible (instead of wondering but not doing anything, staying stuck, and missing out!). Love the message. Thank you!

  • Leanne Regalla

    I dipped my toes in, then I waded, then I jumped into the shallow end (bought a business while keeping the day job), worked and worked and learned and studied and taught and sang and played guitar – until I was finally ready to leap, with a safety cushion. It took years, but I’ve been swimming over a year now with 2 businesses – a music teaching studio and a blog (Make Creativity Pay).

    My main concern, as a single woman and sole income, was the security. But I’m certain I can build more security and reward for myself than any day job ever could.

    My biggest challenge right now is #4, going it alone. I have help, but not all I need, so I’m working on getting that in place.

    Thanks so much Christine for all your great insights and inspiration! 🙂

  • Susan

    I totally see myself in 2, 4, and 10. I have been so blessed that I’ve wondered why I’m not content. And I’ve sat isolated thinking I need to have all the answers instead of drawing on the amazing people in my life. But I took the leap last year and started my consulting biz. I only have 1 client (but he’s now a Fortune 500 vp). It’s time to grow and scale. Like my dive buddy Jimmy says “If you aren’t living life on the edge you’re taking up too much #@$% space!” I’m so looking forward to this next year in the gold program :0)

  • Sandra

    Hi Christine, admire your work and really appreciated the opportunity to “tune in”, the first time. Learned a lot. Maybe there are more than two categories, types? I can’t answer Yes to most of the questions on your list, but it also doesn’t feel as if this is what I need at this point in my career. Twenty years ago maybe, but I have a lot of training, been a pioneering woman in business already and am pursuing the paths I need to take to move forward with the next chapter.

    Will continue to follow you and maybe there will be something that seems just what I need at that point! All the best to everyone and I’m thrilled this kind of thing is available now, especially for women.

    • Christine Kane

      Hey Sandra – Totally fine! Sounds like you’ve done the big work, the big leap and are in the “living the dream” place with it all. The question is always about how much support and structure you need at this point… And thank you!

  • Nav

    Hi Christine, I really loved this post (as usual). I don’t know if this is
    Relevant, but I have really been just “putting up” with my living situation.
    I still live with parents (way past an age where I want to be!) but I just
    “Can’t” seem to see my way out of this one. We live in an area where
    The neighbours constantly change and are not ideal. In the last
    Year I have got myself a coach and started making changes in my
    Life, but this is the one area where I’m hitting the block. This
    Morning when the neighbours were playing their music loud, I
    Literally thought, I have to be peaceful and serene in myself. A strong
    Woman would not be fazed by this. I live in London and the seeming
    Impossibility of being able to afford a house or even rent on a charity
    Job wage, is a mental hurdle that I just really have to overcome! X

    • Christine Kane

      Nav – it truly is a choice to take action. And i’m SO glad you’ve got a coach on this one! Set a goal for it! Go! Your life is too precious!