Live At My CLiCK Retreat: These shoes hurt (and other in-the-room spectacles!) - Christine Kane

Wow. We had a full house at yesterday’s CLiCK livestream. Were you there? We had people from all around the world join us in the Uplevel Vortex. What a joy! I hope you could get on okay! (And yes, I know. Some people couldn’t make it. So we now have replays for you.)

Here are a few glimpses at the stuff you definitely DIDN’T see on the livestream from in-the-room at CLiCK…

Scene 1: Is this service? Or insanity?

This always cracks me up. Uplevel attracts so many kinds of dietary needs – gluten free, dairy free, soy-free, legume free, low carb, vegan, you name it. And Team Uplevel just gave up trying to figure it all out – and decided to simply pick one of everything. (We’re like Richard Gere ordering everything on the menu for Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman 🙂 ) So, is this overboard? Or would you appreciate such a display?

Live at My CLiCK Retreat

Hmmmmm. Is there any possible option we may have missed?

Scene 2: Do you have a plan? Or do you just “hope?”

Here’s how we end up stuck:

We’re great at getting started. (Ideas are NOT a problem for you. It’s how you began your business!)
But then we realize that we’re not so great at following through.

So we get scared. And when we get scared, we avoid looking deeply at the strategy in our own business. Instead we just try to duct tape it together with all the latest tactics from any overnight guru out there on the internet.

Well today at CLiCK was all about ending that pattern. (yes!)

Today was all about the HOW. Our intention was to reveal the VERY NEXT STEPS, no matter what level you’re at in your business. We started with Uplevel coaches Jen Roberts and Robbin Jorgenson teaching what I call “the keys to the kingdom” (Which is the Uplevel master checklist) …

Live at My CLiCK Retreat
…and then Elaine Baily and I taught how to take your business goal and Reverse Engineer it, even down to the exact number of calls to make and emails to send.

Live at My CLiCK Retreat

All of this came with an amazing set of tools that allowed the entrepreneurs in the room to experience breakthrough after breakthrough all day long.

the Uplevel Master Checklist – and the Reverse Engineering Tool – these two tools have literally made business owners cry with relief

The Uplevel Master Checklist – and the Reverse Engineering Tool – these two tools have literally made business owners cry with relief

Scene 3: Is this fun? Or just annoying?

When we started planning for CLiCK last fall, we began calling the attendees “clicksters.” And then we started calling ourselves the “clickstinistas.”

Pretty soon, we couldn’t stop. Things started becoming “Click-tactular” and “clicksterized.” Pretty soon, we created an entire CLiCKtionary.

And yes, it’s taken off in the room. Here are a few of the faves:

Live at My CLiCK Retreat

Guess which one is everyone’s favorite???


Scene 4: Is it fashion? Or is it torture?

These are the shoes I’m wearing on stage…
Live at My CLiCK Retreat
This is what I wear when I’m backstage…
Live at My CLiCK Retreat
Which do you think I like better? (Ow. That’s all.)

Scene 5: Do you want a quick fix? Or a real business that expands your soul and serves the world?

Uplevel helps entrepreneurs build their businesses, yes. But it’s all creating CONTINUOUS growth. This is not about a one-time money-hit that dies away the very next month.

(Hey, I’ve built not one, but TWO businesses. I’ve lived this stuff. I didn’t just hang a shingle. I know the many possible things that trap people.)

So yes, I can toss out some fast tactics to make you money.

But here’s the thing….

…if you’ve created a mess…
…or you’re burnt out…
…or you can hardly think…
…or you keep stopping yourself out of fear…
…then quick money will NOT break that pattern.

And patterns ALWAYS stay locked in place until they are addressed.

Live at My CLiCK Retreat

This is why when I coach people on stage, we always have to work through some limiting beliefs. (I’m sure you caught that on the livestream.) Every level of business has its own set of fears and limiting beliefs.

So imagine what it would be like to have a business that expands your soul and sustains you for many years to come.

Imagine having the ability to make money at will while standing in your confidence and power. (Not just hoping you can go out there and “pull this off”)

Imagine what it would be like to be a role model to your kids (like Krista on the livestream) when they see you working confidently from home or from your own “boss-less” office!

It’s totally do-able. If you watched the livestream, you know this.

Check your inbox to catch a livestream replay.  And if you have yet to sign up, do so here before it’s all taken down.

  • Alicia Sanders

    Hi Christine,

    I must say, I immensely enjoyed the live stream replay! It was so beneficial! I always receive breakthroughs in whatever I read or see through Up Level or CK’s blog. This session was a game-changer for me! I will do a program in the future. I know I need a support system, and this is it! It’s something that has been missing for a very long time. I was led here looking for the meaning of “courage,” something the late and great Maya Angelou stated as a must-have! I Googled, and was somehow led to the vision board. Well, I downloaded the book, and it worked!

    I always felt my case was so unique, and warranted special assistance because of all of my attempts, classes, books I’ve read, false starts and massive disappointments. The vision board helped me release my past disappointment of feeling like a failure for what happened in my 20’s, and I’m now in my 50’s (it’s never too late). I learned that it was not what, but how I went about my dreams, goals. I learned from another CK sharing about congruence. So, right afterwards, I thought around 2 am, “why don’t I just play crazy (not a good word choice, I know), and act as if money was not an issue, what would I do?” Well, I found a tremendous retail resource, another major piece to my puzzle. Fast-forward to today, after the last Up Level retreat session, I grew, and grew, and grew!!! The live stream session gave me courage, understanding, and confidence to charge what I choose, and not worry about people not buying it!

    I will attend a retreat, and will get an Up Level coach. I see the value of CK’s products, and my own value with much more clarity! I also saw my limitations or views of such, in watching the onstage sessions (dynamite)!

    I am eternally grateful for what I have overcome and gained through this passage!