13 CD's to Give Away for Thursday Thirteen - Christine Kane

afniol.jpgI’m fairly new to the Thursday Thirteen as a blogger.

As a Thursday Thirteen reader, however, I’m an old soul. (On the internet, an old soul is anything over six months.)

So, today I’m doing a special Thursday Thirteen that coincides with the release of my new CD, A Friday Night in One Lifetime.

I’m giving away thirteen CD’s. THAT’S my Thursday Thirteen.

So, here’s how it works:

Leave a comment below.

Any person who comments on this blog from midnight on Thursday until noon on Friday – that’s 36 hours – will be added to a hat for a drawing. Me and my dog will draw 13 names from the hat over the weekend, and I will announce the winners on Sunday on my blog! (My dog would announce the winners, but she has a hard time typing.) The CD’s will be mailed out on August 1.

For those of you who are new to this blog, I’m a songwriter and performer. (and teacher and blogger too.) You can see a YouTube video of me performing one song here. And you can download a free song by clicking the link at the top of the left sidebar. Or just click here.

A Friday Night in One Lifetime will be released on July 31. It is a CD version – with a few extra stories – of my DVD that was released in the Spring. My DVD – Live at the Diana Wortham Theatre – just won a Telly Award.

The songs are all original tunes. There are stories and rants in between the songs. But we gave them their own separate tracks so that you didn’t have to listen to them over and over again!

And in honor of the occasion, here are 13 great links to Thursday Thirteeners who have written about songs:

Deborah McDonnell

but I digress…

Mindless Drivel

One Hundred Farmers

Blue Monday (this one is funny. she and i have the same embarrassing songs on our iPods!)


Don’t Call Me Mummy

23 Seconds to Circulate

Almost Somewhat Positive

rus vw: rhetoric and ramblings (This gave me chills. I always hear song lyrics I wish I’d written!)

This Crazy Thing called Life

Present Storm

The Knut Hut

  • Katy Jo


    i tried to listen to your music on pandora.com but they didn’t have it πŸ™ i dont use itunes (b’c it like takes over your computer and LIFE so I just stick to the streaming stuff and then go buy the cD). just wanted to drop u a note to let u know it’s a pretty cool web 2.0 app for music (if you didn’t already know about it)

  • homemom3

    I see I’m too late to enter this, but what a great idea. Happy TTing!

  • Stephen

    If too many of the winners have cute, dog-like names, I’m going to be mighty suspicious of the selection process! And I realize that I’m too late but I’m writing from Switzerland where it’s still 1996. Cheers!

  • Kathy

    Oops – I’m too late. Bummer! I was in London and just got back last night. Great Thursday 13 though. I’m working my way through your TT links. We are new to TT too but think it’s pretty darn cool. We missed this week but will be regulars with a TT episode every (well MOST) week.

  • Corinne Edwards

    When you mentioned, CLOSE TO YOU, it suddenly brought tears to my eyes. I had forgotten that it was my mother’s favorite song. She left us far too young. She was a crazy Irish lady who was always the last one at a party and had the biggest heart in the world. There was always someone sleeping on her couch who had arrived for tea and stayed six months!

  • Kristine

    Adding my name to the drawing hat. I would love to learn more about your music.

  • Angie

    Ooops, I think I missed it! It’s only 10:37 am on Friday in California, but it definitely is past noon on your coast!

    I’ve never commented on your blog yet, but I am a big fan of yours. Last fall, you were a guest on a conference call for a coaching group I was in. I’m sure you’ll remember. You were making eggplant in your oven while you were talking to us. πŸ™‚ (I always remember the trivial little details… those that paint the picture and add color and feeling to the experience.)

    Someone in my group had introduced me to your music, and I have three of your CDs on my iPod and love listening to them. In fact, I was just listening to you on my walk along the ocean on Tuesday, and it brought back many memories of the feeling space I was in last fall, when I still lived 5 minutes from the ocean (instead of 40) and would walk every night with your music on!

    I saw you’re coming to my area this fall, and I hope to be at your Berkeley concert on September 22nd!

    with love,


  • Christine Kane

    Thanks everyone! I’m honored and verklempt. (are catholic girls allowed to speak yiddish?) And really, I don’t mind if you haven’t commented in a while, or if you don’t know my music. This was strictly a fun thing to do. I’ve got lots to do for the drawing! So, I’ll post the winners on Sunday!

  • Kerri Roberts

    Hi Christine,

    I’m just making it under the wire. One of my great friends sent me a link to your site and said I would love your blog and your music. She wants me to attend one of your retreats too and I think that sounds wonderful. I look forward to reading more and learning more about your music too!

  • Jim

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks so much for all of your wonderful song writting. Your music has been an inspiration for years and you are always on the rotation at my house. I was very happy to see you have a new CD. I’m looking forward to getting a chance to see you again in 5 weeks at the Great River Folk Festival.

    I hope you and your dog had a great 4th of July. I can’t really get my birds away from it like that, but if I ever need to install a new roof, we will all head out the the woods until its over. It took them months to get past that one πŸ™‚

    See ya soon, Jim.

  • Jeanne

    I didn’t check blogs yesterday – trying to stay a little farther from the computer to control the attention splatter (it didn’t work, other things did it anyway). Good thing I didn’t carry that to extremes – look what I’d have missed! I have the DVD now, but the CD wold be great for the studio. So I’ll post for the drawing for sure!

  • Sarah

    Hi, been reading your blog for a little while. More for the personal development part than the music at first to be honest!

  • lala

    Since I won a copy of the DVD that this CD comes from when your server went down months ago, I feel a little guilty entering this drawing too, but not guilty enough to keep me from doing it!! I’ve shared your DVD all around my family and friends (hmmm, which reminds me, I need to find out where it’s living now) and I’d love to have the CD version to sing along with in the car.

    Love your blog and your music and hoping to see you in a couple of weeks when you play the Raleigh area!! πŸ™‚

  • Robin Hardin

    I am fairly new to this web site and you probably should not let me win one of your disk (might encourage my attention splatter problem). But on the other hand it might encourage me to keep reading, in which case you may inspire me. I did like your Youtube video. I am a closet guitar player and song writer and your upbeat style appeals to me. I take it back, I should be a winner.

  • Susanne

    Hey, links to blog posts about songs! I’m always looking for music blogs. (Well, okay, not that hard anymore since I’m already reading close to 90 blogs already, but – nonetheless.)

    I love the DVD. And am slowly learning how to play “She don’t like roses”. I haven’t been playing guitar for long and haven’t done any finger picking before.

    And what lyman reed said, “It’s been so long I commented, and yet here I am trying to get free stuff.”…

    Have been thinking about the attention splatter thing a lot though.

  • Lyman Reed

    OK, I just feel dirty somehow… πŸ™‚ It’s been so long since I’ve commented on your blog, and yet here I am trying to get free stuff!

    87 comments as I type this… wow!

  • Hali Chambers

    Hi Christine!
    I can’t remember how I discovered your blog–but what an inspiration! πŸ™‚ H.

  • Lisa Danton

    You are an inspiration and a daily read. Please include my name and keep up the great work!

  • Terry Starbucker

    OK Christine, count me in! All the best.

  • AuthorMomWithDogs

    Add my name to the hat please. πŸ™‚

  • Tim


    Please enter me in your drawing. Keep up the great work– your Blog is a great source of entertainment and wisdom for me! I’m going through a weird time of transition in my life and I’m sure, whether I win the CD or purchase, your music would be a great companion for me at this time. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Old Town here in Chicago soon.


  • Kelsey

    I think the CD would make an excellent companion to the my copy of your DVD which just came in the mail. Watching it will be my reward when I finish my school reading this weekend!


  • Jon Dittert

    I’ve been meaning to email you this story for a while, but I just never got around to it. Now seems like a good time to share.

    I was at work (in a restaurant) the other day when one of the cooks started complaining about not wanting to be there that particular day. I just turned, looked at him, and said, “Man, I don’t ever want to be here.” It made my day. Thanks for all your music!

  • Chloe

    Oh man, I think I just talked myself out of an entry…

  • Chloe

    It’s 12.37pm on Friday in Australia right now – do I qualify?

  • michael

    You writing and music hits me in the gut! You are very inspiring and have such a gift for expressing universal experiences. Thank you!

  • cinnamon

    pant, pant….i’m hiding under the futon just brooding about this cd. my mom plays your mom’s music all the time…and it puts us all in a great mood….and i am one moody dog…..so please help me out. I’m still recovering from the 4th of July fireworks…cringe when i hear the builders in our neighborhood even hammering nails. A little music could sooth my soul.

  • Tiffany F.

    What a neat idea! Thanks for offering! πŸ™‚

  • Katherine

    Wow Christine! Look how many of us already love you!
    Please pick me – I already have the DVD and need the tunes to carry with me. πŸ™‚
    Congratulations and thanks for this offer.

  • Caralu

    I’m glad fireworks season is over so your dog won’t be too traumatized to help in the picking of winners! Make sure she has some meditation time before undertaking the name-picking.

  • Lisa

    Very cool! Neat idea! Here’s hoping your dog picks me πŸ™‚

  • zach

    There are a lot of comments here. I’ll add one more to the number. Count me in.

  • Marina

    Count me in, I’d love to win your CD!

  • Andi

    I think you just need to get your dog the voice recognition software, in no time she’ll have her own blog (the dogblog) and be like the dog in the Bush’s baked beans commercials. Thank you for your thoughtful and thought-provoking posts, I’m looking forward to seeing you live in Columbus!

  • Linda c

    1st time here–great looking blog. Would love to win!

  • Susie

    Hey Christine’s doggie; I’m holding my hand up really, really high right now so you’ll see me and pick my name from the hat πŸ™‚

    P.S. Christine, I know I’m a little late on the Congratulations, but CONGRATS on the Telly Awards!

  • Kevin

    I really look forward to checking your blog every morning. I’ve enjoyed the free songs you have posted, so hopefully I can win a CD.

  • Kevin Doyle

    Here is my name for the hat. Thanks.

  • April Groves

    Throw my name in that hat! I think what you do is phenom.

  • Jennie

    What a great idea! I got the free download already. You have a lovely voice!

  • MB

    Always a sucker for a chance to hear you … and if your dog announces the winners, I’ll get my dog to translate for me.

  • Aaron M. Potts

    Wordless Wednesdays, Thursday Thirteens, Friday Funnies… Uh – I feel like I’m part of the Semantic Circus! ;)~

    Your music rocks, Christine, and anyone who gets to listen to it is a privileged soul!

    – Aaron

  • Karen

    I would love a copy. I have been waiting to see you in concert to pick up your latest, but with a small child, getting out is sometimes challenging. Maybe next time you’re here in Austin, TX. Or maybe I’ll be a winner!

  • fivecats

    all i have to do is leave a comment? cool!

    i should probably say something deep and meaningful…

    I’ll get back to you on that…

  • Kris

    Yep…took the leap and started my own blog. With the “one step at a time” philosophy ringing through my ears, i’m now reading up on your blogging thoughts since I always appreciate what you have to say.

    And a new CD to go along with that? Too perfect.

    Have fun choosing!

  • Michelle

    When I was 9 I won a new dirt bike in a raffel at a shoe store. When I was 26 I won a beenie baby in a raffel at a business conference. Lets see if my lucky streak continues.

  • Kristina

    Count me in! Just got Right Outta Nowhere from iTunes and I love it. With 3 dogs and 2 cats in the house, the motto around here is definitely “four legs good, two legs bad.” Thanks for a great Thursday Thirteen!

  • Mindi

    Holy crap, I can’t believe how many posts there are already! I loved the retreat last weekend. I love reading this blog. I have finally started my own. I read all the posts about creating creativity, cleaned up my office, cleaned up my home office (well, all except for one pile I still have to deal with there), actually played guitar for two hours last night for the first time in months (kept my poor dogs up!) and have visited people and done the work I need to do. Wow. In the past I never had enough time, and I have been so inspired since Saturday and seem to keep finding time. Amazing how that happens!
    Here’s hoping I get a CD! πŸ˜€ I have to order a new one of Rain and Mud and Wild and Green, because mine now has too many scratches from overplay! πŸ™‚

  • Susan Helene Gottfried

    Christine, this is a clever approach to Thursday Thirteen! Nicely done!

  • Lisa

    Love your blog! I need to schedule it in my day to read and enjoy it so I’m not splattering bits at a time!

    Much Love, Lisa

  • Lisa

    Thank you for the wonderful offer – I’d love a CD.

  • deana

    this is one way to get the comments! thanks for the incentive!

  • Lisa

    ooh…I feel lucky! please put my name in the hat.

  • barb

    pssst emu (I think she spelled it right), please put us in for the drawing (only one not 2) and bb will give it to a friend of hers. thanks hannah and bull

  • Mackie

    Wow! So THAT’s how you can generate comments!! haha Neat, fun idea. I already have and ADORE your music…so drop my name in the hat anyway and I’ll pass the winnings on to my sister! (That’s me, a giver. =D )

  • Linda

    Dear Christine,
    Thanks for the CD give-a-way thingy.
    What fun to be included in the drawing.
    Have a very intentional and outrageous day!

  • Eileen

    Hi Christine,
    Please count me in the drawing.
    Bright Blessings

  • Michelle

    WOW! Look how chatty we all get when offered free CD’s! I wonder when there will be a way to enter comments AND add scents (dill and cat turds for instance! πŸ™‚ ) that may up our chances!

  • Amy

    Count me in! Hope the puppy paw picks me. Love your music!

  • Mel

    I would love to put my name in the hat! I’m a fan from back in the Winthrop days of DSU, and I’ve loved reading your blogs!

  • Charity


    I would love the new CD. I’ve purchased the others from iTunes after finding your blog and reading it. You are an inspiration, and I appreciate how honest you are about things like attention splatter and those voices that keep popping up when we’re trying to follow the LoA wherein feeling bad one day starts to feel like a crime. It’s nice to feel not-alone and to have someone talking about it all in a real fashion that the gurus don’t always hit on. Thank you.


  • Kenn Nay


    I read and enjoy all of your articles, In addition, I also feature some of your articles in my blog.

    Look forward to seeing you in Berkeley.


  • Susan

    I would love to have the new live CD. I enjoy the DVD very much. It’s hard to watch the DVD in the car while driving, so the CD would solve that dilema.

  • NancyCz

    Wow! I just popped in here after updating my “Adventure Days” blog and what a nice surprise! I already ordered mine, but would love to get one to give to my mom so I’ll throw my name in the hat!! Gotta love a raffle.

  • Caren

    Good heavens, that’s a lot of comments! πŸ˜€

    Tisha – It’s an incredible retreat! Still processing the energy waves shaking up my life from the one in March. In a good, good way.

    What fun, Christine, to give away CDs!

  • Brad

    I first saw you perform at a house concert in Salt Lake City a few years back and I’ve been a fan ever since!!!

  • Ms. George

    What a great idea! Your blog has certainly made me think…
    Even if I don’t get a cd, if it will be available on iTunes or if I can find you on Amazon, I will.
    Happy TT and have fun with the drawing!
    I posted my Harry Potter predictions. If you are interested, stop by.

  • Matt

    OK, I’m going to send this comment and then my name will be picked and I’ll receive a CD. Then I’ll enjoy listening to it very much.

  • Nina

    but, wait! what happens since i already bought one? two cd’s? i’ll gift one to my mother-in-law, who i think would like your music nearly as much as i do! woot! out of the doghouse and into the good graces right quick!

  • Petra

    Hello Christine (and Christine’s dog)! Love your blog (it’s the only one I read regularly)–it’s inspirational and thought-provoking. While I’d love to win a CD, as long as you keep writing your blog, I come out a winner!

  • AlisonG

    Christine, I recently went on a low-information diet, and your blog made the cut! I only have seven blogs in my RSS reader now, and four of them are friends and family. Thanks for your generosity to your blog readers! (Oh, and I’d love to win a CD.)

  • LuAnn

    It’s been 2 years since I’ve seen you perform. My hubby and I are excited to come see your show in St Paul Aug 23rd. If I’m not a winner, I will definitely be purchasing it then! Thanks for all your wisdom. πŸ™‚

  • Janet Green

    What a lovely idea, Christine! If your dog wants to pick someone for a CD because they have another dog, I’m your gal! πŸ™‚ (oh wait, it’s random? LOL well that’s okay too…) Best, Janet

  • Kristen D.

    Count me in…and what a cool idea!

    My hubby and I live in Oregon, and are going to try to make it down to Berkely in September for the show you are doing there.

    Thank you for all of the wonderful articles you keep posting…they have helped me quite a bit in my own life.

  • Nic Wise

    If by “CD” you mean “itunes files or mp3’s”, please count me in. Otherwise, will it be out on itunes on 1 august? I’m happy to just buy it, I enjoyed the last one so much….

    (I can’t use CD’s, as we are travelling and have limited space, so it’s ipod or nothing πŸ™ πŸ™ )

  • pam

    Christine, Love your blog – the only one I read. You have insired me to start a gratitude journel – did well for about 3 months and I bought poster board yesterday and have been looking for pictures for a vision board. I have 2 of your CD’s and love them both and hope to win another one. Pam

  • Star

    Of course I want my name added for your music. I was just listening to you yesterday at work. Thanks for your generosity, Christine!

  • Christi

    Okay, I’m going to try for this too. I turn to your blog when I’m struggling to live in the way that I want to, and I always come away feeling a bit more positive, a bit more centered. Thank you so much for that.

    I’m not sure what the Thursday Thirteen is, but I’ll look for ways to give generously today, following your example.

    Thank you!

  • Deb

    I am not splattering, this is my designated read stats and check reader feeds time.

    You should tell the developers they need to come up with voice recognition for dog-speak.

    Oh goody, a chance for a free CD. I have been dying to hear your music but I have a longstanding personal rule about not sampling what I can’t buy. I know, the ladies at the grocery hate me and when the kids were little they used to hate me too. But our budget got into less trouble operating on that foundation. And I sense I would love your music and it would be impossible to figure out which one to buy and I would blow the budget just getting them all.

    Hey it’s only 5 months until Christmas. I can start my list now, right?

  • sheista

    You are always so generous!
    I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: You inspire me, make me laugh, make me think and get me off my butt!

  • Colin

    (raised arm with flailing digits)…oooh…oooh…oooh…pick me, pick me…oooh, pick me…mine…mine…mine…mine!”

    PS- tell your dog it’s pronounced with a long “o”.

  • Dean

    Thanks for the CD … see I am using the law of attraction as you have taught here on your blog.

  • Ed

    Hi Christine,

    Right out of nowhere… So glad that I’ve landed here… to catch a small glimpse of your world… It is so good to know… That there is “girls” like that.

  • Sarah

    Dear Christine!!

    I feel lucky today because I get to go to one of my favorite places in the world (Ocracoke) with one of my favorite people in the world – my niece Nora. And I know I’m being just a little bit hoggy (piggie?) because I won one of your DVDs (so excellent!), but, hey why not – you just never know.

    Thanks so much for your generous wisdom day to day. I don’t comment all the time, but I check in almost every day and listen to your wonderful music – so does Nora. Thanks for being such a cool role model for both of us.

    Have a beautiful day!



  • Srinath

    Hey, I’d really love to have one of those CDs. Whether or not I win, hope your record has a good time.

  • Tisha

    Christine–what a blessing for you to offer the world this treat! Count me in the drawing…I’ll cross my fingers and toes today!

    p.s. I’m thinking about your October retreat–it sounds fabulous! πŸ˜‰

  • CathyK

    What a fun idea! Love your writing (& hope to win of course). I really enjoyed your last series. I definitely suffer from Attention Splatter at times. Terrific description.

  • Susan

    Christine – I would love a CD to help share you with my two sisters-in-law who are also singers/performers. Please count me in! Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago.

  • Michelle

    I love your blog, I look forward to all your posts, they are so wonderful, and give me things to think about as I travel my road thru life. You are so inspiring.
    Best of luck with your new CD!

  • Jer

    count me in…the hat…for the drawing.

    does your dog accept bribes? a chew toy maybe…or bacon?

  • Marie

    Have been enjoying your site for some time now. Would love to win some of your terrific music! Thanks for all that you do.

  • Meg, Drake & Henry

    It must be my destiny to be a winner. After all, the dogs woke up early today AND I got up with them; that doesn’t happen very often. So here I am at 6:15am willing the universe to have you and your cute pup Pick ME! Then I will have a copy to lend out to everyone I know who I think would love this CD! And then I can keep my pre-ordered copy safe and sound in my CD player.

    I’ve lent the DVD out a few times, but am usually nervous I won’t get it back; it is sooo good, I feel it is a rational concern.

    As a means of swaying your dog into picking my post, I’m submitting this WITH my dogs, Drake & Henry. They can tell how much I enjoy your music, so they wanted in on it. I was going to add the cat’s name, but he wanted me to sign some kind of a release form or waiver before using his name…hmmm, cats…

    Great to hear the CD is officially out! Congratulations! Can’t wait for the next one, and the one after that, and so on, and so on…

    Keep on rockin’ Christine! πŸ™‚ — meg

  • Tammy

    Christine, it was terrific to see you perform in Lebanon, NH last week! You have a new fan in my husband, too, and he’s been humming Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad for days. Thanks for all you do.

  • Ariff


    Free CD from Christine? Can’t say no to that. Count me in.

  • David

    Hi Christine,

    Love your blog, especially Attention Splatter, Saving Money or Wasting Time, When you Don’t Know What to Do, Risks, Discipline, Gas Prices… alot!
    Just saw you’re performing near me in Chautauqua soon!

    Maybe I’ll be lucky thirteen!

  • Sunth

    Hey CK,

    I bet this CD is even better than the fantastic ‘The Real World’, so bring it on!

    I used to be into performing bigtime, spending 12 years at theatre school and performing at prestigious venues with the British National Youth Choir, but left both to explore my solo side. Years and years of directed ensemble work does get kinda tedious and robotic. Anyhow, I’ve since been very dormant with my musical side, concentrating on a scientific/psychological career.

    Then I came across your site via a few other popular personal growth blogs. And you are *so* good – “Personal Development for Artistic People” that actually compels readers to take massive action. Love it!

    Merci beaucoup from the UK πŸ™‚

  • mustafa

    Please include me in the draw.


  • Rodney

    Please pick me, pick me!

    I’ll even be in Seattle for Christmas, so you don’t have to post it to Australia.

  • Alicia

    Thank you Christine for all you do, say and are.
    I tripped onto your site and music maybe 6 months ago and am knowing our little Center in Raleigh will be sponsoring a concert in the (hopefully near) future.
    A CD of really cool songs would go a long way in sharing you!

    Thanks for the inspiration and humor!

  • Michelle

    Count me in, sounds great!

  • Luci

    Wow! How can I resist commenting on THIS one?!

    Man, I’ll bet you get a bazillion comments….but I’m feeling lucky!

  • Mardougrrl

    Ooh, I’m second! This blog is constantly challenging me to think of things in new ways–now I see how much “attention splatter” is affecting my life, and I’m taking action to reduce the problem.

    So thanks!

  • Walter Hawn

    I got my hand up! Does being first count?

    BTW, your ‘Attention Splatter’ series is doing me some good. Thanks!

  • Tim Graham

    Hey there, i just *know* your dog is going to pick me!

  • Cheryl Collins

    Well it’s 6.15am here in the UK so hoping that qualifies. I forget how I recently got to this blog but glad to have done so and loved the song which I watched on Youtube. It’s pretty obvious from my email address what I do most of the time but in my spare time ( ha, ha) I make textile art.

  • Lynn

    Hi, Christine:
    I love your blog and I’d love to have one of your CD’s.
    Thanks for doing what you do.

  • callie

    Hey! I just got caught “splattering”! Woohoo though, because I can be in your contest! Okay…so good luck to everyone else who enters.

  • tommiea

    Love love love some music….and I feel like a winner….pick me.

    I might need to teach you the magic fold….it always guarantees me a win in a raffle!