13 Thoughts on Three Shows and Thousands of Miles - Christine Kane

1 – I’m performing tonight in St. Paul, MN. At the Ginkgo Coffeehouse. At 7pm. It’s been five years since I’ve performed in Minnesota, and about three years since I’ve performed in a coffeehouse. I have no idea what it will be like. This is the weirdest thing about touring. So much of it is just getting used to not knowing.

2 – Yes, I will be avoiding the 35-W bridge while in Minneapolis.

3 – As I write this, Gracie is asleep in my suitcase. Atticus is doing his “bowling pin pose” in my guitar case. Neither of them care much if my packing gets done.

4 – My flight is at 6am.

5 – I look like Mick Jagger at 6am.

6 – Which brings me to the subject of airports: Every time I’m in an airport for any duration over an hour, I hear the “suspicious persons” announcement at least five times. You know the one: “Do not accept any unknown packages from suspicious persons…” Here’s my question: When does this ever happen to anyone? And why do the authorities think it’s happening so much that they need to make so many announcements about it?

7 – On Friday night, I perform in Stevens Point, WI. At Clark Place. I like Wisconsin a lot. And Stevens Point especially.

8 – There’s another suspicious person announcement they do at airports. It’s the one where we’re supposed to report any suspicious activities to the authorities. I never know whose standards I’m supposed to be using. I mean, I think that buying shotglasses that say “Cincinnati” is pretty suspect. Same with talking on two cell phones at once. Should I report these people? And to whom?

9 – If you print up a copy of this blog and bring it to the CD table at either of these two shows, I’ll give you $5 off anything.

10 – Or, I’ll give you a free little flowered zippy bag with every purchase!

11 – I can’t do the “$5 off” thing for the third show because the third show – on Saturday – is a festival. It’s the Great River Festival. In Lacrosse, WI. And I’m not in charge of the sales tent. I am doing two small workshops during the day, and a performance that night.

12 – Uh-oh. I’m running out of things to say. But it’s not the Thursday 12. It’s the Thursday 13! So, here’s what I will do. I will leave number 13 up to you, dear reader. I have to go to bed early so I can wake up, put on my Groucho Marx mask, and ask people I don’t know to carry things into the airport for me.

13 –


  • Susan

    Luther wrote: Christine did a gorgeous version of Joni Mitchell’s “Clouds”

    And I say… zippity! – being a fan of both CK and Joni, I love it when my worlds collide…

    Christine, is it too early for me to submit a request for Both Sides Now when you come to Florida? – me, counting the months/days/hours/minutes until Saturday, December 8 (www.labyrinthcafe.com… 🙂

  • Jay McGregor

    It was great to watch Bill Miller’s reaction to your performance. You could see that he was taken inside your music too. Christine, I was the guy that had you autograph the back of my Great River Fest ticket. I just wanted you to know that later that day I bought your live DVD (love it) and now I have taped your autograph to the DVD case. So now your autograph is where it belongs, on your work.
    It was great to hear the new creation you sang on Saturday. Wow, nice work ! You have a gift and your music lifts me to tears. I work as a care giver for people who are elderly, and the love in your music communicates through dementia. You should see the light come alive in thier eyes. It is the coolest thing to share.
    I hope you will get a chance to come to the twin cities again soon.

  • Susan

    Hi Christine,
    I was fortunate enough to be able to attend both your performance at Gingko’s and at the Great River Folk Festival in LaCrosse. You really shined on the flat bed truck performance in LaCrosse. Wow!

  • luther k snow

    Wonderful performances from Christine at the Great River Folk Festival in LaCrosse Wisconsin yesterday, friends.
    In the daytime they had an unusual format with three performers onstage at once trading songs, and it was fun to see Bill Miller improvising a little lead on Right Outta Nowhere.
    Among favorites, Christine did a gorgeous version of Joni Mitchell’s “Clouds” (makes me think about connections to “The Way Clouds Do”) and treated us to a new song, “How Not to Behave,” which is up there with her best.
    A spirited and tight set in the evening sent us home on our own clouds. Thanks Christine!
    P.S. I posted a couple of amateur pics on the above Picasa web album if anyone is interested

  • Susan Helene Gottfried

    Happy travels; may the shows go well!

    I like that bit of wisdom about touring — get used to not knowing. I’ll have to remember that.

  • Kay

    Thought 13….. Maybe we can show our appreciation and gratitude by donating a little something towards a new computer?? Maybe a snazzy lightweight great one….to carry all those
    ‘thousands of miles’…to make it easier to continue to inspire us and to delight us with your songwriting and music and blog. Anyway, it is a happy thought ……Perhaps all who donate might get copies of a hopeful upcoming poster, of your What’s Easy, What’s Not, post????
    Happy Day!!! Safe travels.

  • pam

    You need to get to Point on a Saturday, I am a 3rd shifter and can’t get Fridays off. There is a small shop in Point that sells your cd’s – the owner says she goes to see you whenever you are there and thinks you are great! Pam

  • elaine1

    Hey Christine! How’s your lap top? I hope it’s feeling better! I’m trying to get a flight to Wisconsin… so I can collect my free flowered zippy bag at your CD desk!! Have a great tour! P.s. I’ve stopped smiling at the Security people at the airport… because if you let you’re natural smiliness through – they search you!!! (no eye contact now!)

  • Alice

    I ride the DC metro to work each day and they have a similar “suspicious activity” announcement (and BTW half the people on the train look pretty suspicious first thing in the morning) but also there is an announcement about suspicious bags only they want you to tap anyone leaving bags behind on the shoulder and say “is this your bag?”

    Do you think they are talking about zippy bags? 🙂

  • Petra

    13. Just a short drive to Indianapolis (and back) to visit the ex-but-not-current-bf-but-it-looks-like-he-is-to-the-outside (the same man who buys me a shot glass everytime he travels, so that suspicious-looking character buying a Cincinnati shot glass just could be him). I wish you’d play Indy, so that I could not only see you live, but even get a ZIPPY BAG! I threw out 5 of them last week, so I’ve cleared space for new ones!

  • kerri

    really? you look like mick in the morning? i want to hear a little more about that-

    hope the coffee house gig is a good one for u

    and i hope the guy wearing the tie for the first time in 4 years is ok with that. i’m so glad he no longer has to wear ties!!!!

  • Joy

    13. get to visit with ima and wave at atticus who is waiting at the deck door to be let in…once again…and therefore, forget to even look at the new dining table and chairs! this is when bob calls me a goofball.

  • ByJane

    when are you coming to sacramento? your songs are the air that I breathe…

  • J. Lynne

    I guess they think I look pretty suspicious — all 5’4″ of me with my red hair, pale skin and blue eyes.

    A security guard followed me all the way to the door of the women’s bathroom once and then sat in the chair across from it and stared at it until I came out. I was just looking for a bathroom.

    And last time I flew, the security people freaked out over the saltwater taffy I bought in the gift show 10 feet away.

    However, bring a Pug puppy with you and no one will check your ID.

    Happy TT and have a safe trip!

  • Christine Kane

    hi everyone — i’m in the apple store at the mall of america waiting to hear the verdict on my laptop. i love the genius bar. i love apple. but my computer is not doing well. so, just a quick comment to say thanks for the thoughts and grins…

  • Priscilla Palmer

    You have been tagged for The Personal Development List. (See my site for details.)

  • Anna

    #13..I’m going to donate all the little flowered zippy bags I found in my bathroom to you to give out at your concerts!

  • Mike

    Stevens Point is the home of Point Beer, which once used the slogan “When you’re out of Point, you’re out of town.” How’s that for a local product?

  • Miss Wisabus

    Groucho Marx mask — love it! Happy TT!

  • Katherine

    #13 – The next flight is home!

    Also, note to Damozel – CK is in Florida in December! Yay!

  • Kathy

    Ha! You made me lol once again – #10. I’m still looking through cupboards packing for this move and finding more so if you need some to follow through on your #10 promise, let me know!!

    And as for #13. Skip lines, use check in kiosks. It gets you to the gate sooner so you can listen to all those security announcements even more times.

  • Aaron M. Potts

    #13 – Whether your are traveling or not, start your days by reading Christine Kane’s blog. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll save money on stupid shot glasses… ;)~

    p.s. – Got a little something in the mail from you, Christine. YOU ROCK!! Thank you SO much!

  • kat

    Your #8 is funny! Such talent you have… good luck on the gigs 🙂

    Happy TT!

  • Rodney

    Hey I’m working on trying to get Christine to Seattle at the same time I’m likely to be visiting from Australia. Now THAT takes organising.

    Oh yeah.

    13. I’m going to be driving most of the weekend, to & from my son’s wedding.

  • Damozel

    You’re extremely talented. Best wishes for a stress-free trip (and gig). I wish I could see you perform but St. Paul is a long way from Florida…

  • Peter

    “When does this ever happen to anyone?”

    Probably happened to Larry David 😉

    “And why do the authorities think it’s happening so much that they need to make so many announcements about it?”

    Pause after “why do the authorities think” and run a couple more scenarios… you’ll see the answer emerging. 🙂

  • Wolfgang

    13. I am going to a wedding in saturday, wearing a tie again for the first time since 2003