3 things to remember today… - Christine Kane

You don’t need any reminders about what today is if you live in the U.S.  So I’m just going to send this out to anyone who has been saying, “Just get me to Wednesday.”

Here are three things to remember as Wednesday looms, and you keep on living your life…

1 – The media feeds on your knee-jerk emotions.

I saw a “trending” story this week on Facebook.  The headline was about a “controversy” caused by the Dixie Chicks and Beyonce.

I clicked through because I’m a musician – and a marketer. I was betting that the controversy was fabricated and that the Chicks were grabbing clicks.

It was. And they were. (Their publicists have been spinning stories from day one of their tour.)


Because the news media spins stories to get you riled.  Reporters, bloggers and marketers count on you being so unconscious that you can’t NOT click if the story involves opinions, outrage, controversy… and oh yeah, boobs. (I was going to say that the last one has nothing to do with this election – but sadly, yes, boobs have made an appearance, too.)

The reason so many people are so exhausted from this election is that it has been one long outrage orgy. And everyone makes more money when you get hooked on opinions and keep clicking.  And then click again. And then throw your opinions onto the big pile.

Tim Kreider, a political cartoonist, coined the term “outrage porn” to describe this media phenomenon.  In a 2009 op-ed reflection, he says:  “Outrage is like a lot of other things that feel good but over time devour us from the inside out.”

So be aware today.

Don’t feed the media. Take some deep breaths and offer your outrage-prone self the possibility that it has become hooked. That’s all.  It’s just a little addict sitting inside you looking for the next thing to snort.

Teach it how to breathe.  Introduce it to your dog. Take it for a walk.   It needs fresh air.

Oh yeah.  And if you’re about to comment and tell me that I obviously have no intelligence, morals, awareness or a clue, and that I’m casually sitting around letting the other candidate just win…then your little outrage addict may also need some cheesecake. Or at least a donut.

2 – Often times, other people win.

There’s a West Wing episode where President Bartlett is obsessing over his former political rival winning a school board election back in his home state of New Hampshire.

He is raging at press secretary CJ Cregg about all the terrible things this guy does and believes.  CJ sighs and says, “Then, that’s the way it is. In a democracy, often times other people win.”  With that, she leaves the room.

So, yeah.  Bummer. But, yeah.

You will handle the coming four years just like you’ve handled every other political upset, victory or term in your life… you will move day by day through your life, being who you are, knowing that, like everything else, this too shall pass.

3 – Elect yourself president.

You matter. The work you do matters. The influence you have matters. Your focus matters. The power you hold in that heart of yours is indescribable. Don’t underestimate any of this.

Call me woo, but I honestly believe that if you are here on this planet right now during all of these weird changing wrestling grappling times, then it’s because, at some level, you chose to be here. You were called.

So own your power, my friend.  Elect yourself president.  Be a leader of unparalleled proportions.  Stop hiding. Stop making choices out of fear.  Be courageous and heal yourself.  If nothing else, go clear out the clutter in your basement.  Bring compassion to the conversation in your head. And move deliberately.

Oh, and ask yourself this question right now:  Who can I help today?

Then, be on the look out.

Going fetal serves no one. Least of all you.  In the words of Seth Godin: “We need you to lead us.”

p.s.  I wrote a song many years ago. It’s called The Good You Do. You can download it here for free. (No opt-in required.)  If you’re really freaking out, listen to it. It might help.

p.p.s. If you have thoughts or comments – you can write them below. Yes, I read them. 🙂

  • Gail Hight

    I looked up your blog this evening, looking for news about the word for the year, which I have always followed. I somehow missed this post from election day, and found your beautiful song. Thank you. I have participated in the Uplevel Your Life program (twice) and loved it. it was a strong guide for me at a turning point in my life and I continue to reference the materials and the lessons from that program. A much worthwhile investment and a big turning point in my life! Your words in the song are appreciated and needed as we begin this New Year. Looking for hope, and the path to being a reasonable and thoughtful activist, in my own way. Wishing you all the best in the New Year with many thanks sharing your insight and wisdom.

  • Gerard

    Hello from down under great written article Christina. I am with you we need to believe in our self. The world is going through lots of ups and downs right now we need to be strong and do our part to make it a better place. Help each other and be true to our self. and get back some good old values.

  • Natalie Boyett

    I knew all my students would be in mourning today as I set up for weaving class. On a dry erase board, I wrote out the prompts for an “overcoming obstacles and blocks” exercise of yours, first introduced to me at your Gold Mastermind retreat last year. Today I wanted to set the tone for people to feel their feelings, and then be empowered to move forward and upward–rather than be demoralized and spiral down into complete negativity. We talked about the positive actions we can take. As women, we discussed the importance of telling our stories, and supporting younger women to let them know they are important and valued. We also talked about healing through art. Thank you, as always, Christine, for leading me and showing me how to lead others. Ripples create powerful waves.

  • Sharon

    Of everything I have seen and read today — this one stands out. It is what I know to be true. Thank you for writing this.

  • christine

    Thank you Christine,
    I woke this morning not knowing the outcome yet…. morning as usual, I had to get my son to school. First thought was despair. I decided not to open up any social media.I don’t want to read all the fear based comments.
    I did check my email and opened an email from a shamanic healer talking about Visioning from your Essence! that sounded good to me. Then I read this email from you and it’s exactly where I want to be. I’m electing myself President! I will continue to hold an open heart to all, and be a leader instead of going fetal.
    sending love and compassion to the world <3

  • Michelle

    Thank you for these calming words or wisdom. I’m just saddened by all the negativity and hate that I see around me right now. Hate. It’s such an ugly word. I think we need to prop each other up. Use our words to express, not hurt or demoralize each other. I see so many people who are mean to each other that it hurts my heart. So, again, thank you for these calming and common sense words. I did not read the post until this morning and it was a balm for my heart and my soul.

  • Shelly Herman

    So grateful for what you write. It is so encouraging and helps me to focus on what I want in my life and my dreams. My boyfriend didn’t sleep last night because he needed to know who the president was. I slept right through it because I did my part and voted and knew I would not be able to change the results hate drama. Thank you Christine..

  • Mike

    Thank you for this, and especially for #3 — we’re not powerless. We can choose. I really needed this today. Thank you.

  • avya

    I love the question you have us consider, ” where can I serve today?
    that moves us to compassion which opens our hearts which can create a wave of love to change this globe when we all get on board. I loved your song! thank you for sharing it. it brought light and hope…Namaste”

  • Evie

    Funny how a song can instantly transport you.

    The song started and suddenly it was 2009 and I was on my way home from a small retreat you lead outside of Asheville. I was unemployed, hopeful and CERTAIN I would never work for myself (despite your thoughtful questioning).

    The CD this song is on and another of yours were my companions for the drive home.

    It reminds me of how much changes and how much stays the same.

    Thank you for this today. And thank you for all the good you do (and your team does!

  • Nicola

    Dear Christine, Your words are far reaching and enriching – thank you. In a time when we are seeking wise action in our communities and on a global level your words have inspired a new day of opportunity. Thank you. (non for profit community worker in Australia)

  • Wendy

    Thanks for this. I’ve experienced PTSD from this election and needed to hear this today. As it turns out I was listening to your CD, Right Outta Nowhere as I drove to the polls.

  • Joanne Fedler

    That song.
    Your presence.
    Thank you for bringing us back.

  • Bonny Millard

    This is hilarious (especially number 1) and so spot on! Yesterday, I told my college students that Wednesday morning we would have a decision, and we’d have no snarking about who won, particularly towards other classmates. We would still have English class, we would still discuss our next essay, and life would go on for everyone. I told them, “We’re not moving to Canada or Mexico. They don’t want us.” We’re going to carry on as normal. I haven’t obsessed about this election, but I have been frustrated. When thinking about what to tell my students, it just made me feel calm inside.
    I’m voting for America!

  • Georgiana

    Thanks so much for being a stand for the good and powerful in each of us. Can’t wait to see you Thursday!

  • Fett

    Thanks for being a voice of reason and a source of light today, Christine. After having survived a civil war in which I watched another country literally tear itself apart, I’m able to put this current American election frenzy into perspective. In the grand scheme of things, it’s just a bump along the road that our culture is experiencing, and it will pass. I believe in the fundamental goodness of everyone; sometimes it just takes a little time and a little extra love to bring it to the surface.

    P.S. Nancy and I so miss you and all things UpLevel. But rest assured, you haven’t seen the last of us. Hope to see you soon. <3 <3 <3

  • Lindy MacLaine

    Great post—FABULOUS song! Thanks for your generosity and the transformative work you do!

  • Peggy

    Thank you for your comments today. I agree with you 100%.

  • Nancy Striniste

    I love that song and today is the perfect day to hear it. Thank you for all the good that you do.
    And sending a big hug

  • Lisa

    What a fabulous article, Christine! Thank you for your thoughtful insight and wisdom. It came at the exact time I needed to hear it. Also, apropos for me today, as yesterday I was ‘laid off’ from my day gig, and today I’ve become, once again, President of me and my company, which, for the first time, I truly and wholeheartedly embrace. Watch out!!

  • Diane Conklin

    Thanks my friend…I needed that! You have no idea how much I needed that reminder. I miss you! Sending you love!!

  • amy shaw

    Hi Christine,
    I love what you wrote and I am with you all the way. I am so tired of all the drama and think nothing good happens when people get absorbed in anger. You are so right. we all just need to breath and own our own power. Thanks for a sane voice on an emotionally racked day.

  • Peggy Shafer

    Thanks, Christine Kane. Best post all election season. <3

  • Stephanie

    Thank you for send this vibration to me and to the world! It has been felt And made an impact!
    And for reminding me to stand in my power, heal myself, and be that inspirational divine goddess I Am! As I Am Me, I make a difference in this world and the vibration of the planet can’t help but shift!
    My intention for the day, to Be the Gift I Am with each person I meet, spread Divine Love everywhere I go, stand in my divinity, power, and strength, and see the gifts others have to share!
    Wahoo…. it’s almost Wed!!!
    Be Blessed and Know YOU Are Loved!!!🤗

  • Mackie

    Absolutely one of the most on target columns ever. As I read, I thought ” I MUST quote this”. And this. And this. AND THIS. Thanks, Christine, for having our back. Here’s to all our tomorrows.

  • Lorna

    Thank you Christine for this timely and intelligent post. It sort-of helps the dirt settle in the glass. Now I’m going to clean my closet, literally. After I meditate and send blessings to you and the world. P.s. I have created a station on Pandora with your music and I love it! Much love, Lorna

  • Tambra

    Hello friend! What a beautifully written, intelligently thoughtful breath of fresh air in the midst of this political quagmire we’re experiencing. As always, you ROCK. Hope all is well at Team Uplevel! Consider yourself hugged, from me 🙂

  • MaryAnn D’Ambrosio

    Christine, Thanks for being a bright light and reminding us we can serve and own our power!

  • Marla

    A great reminder to take charge & lead from within today. Thank you!

  • Rita

    Don’t know how I started to get your e-mails, but they are absolutely pearls into my “too many junk” inbox. Thank you Christine! The way you speak, joke and guide is absolutely joyful to read. So grateful to meet you on my journey <3 may you always thrive!

  • Christopher Westra

    Christine – I had no idea you were a singer/songwriter. I loved this song and sent it out to all my subscribers today! Thanks for the great message. Christopher

  • Jeanne Berry

    I’m trying. I really am. I voted last Friday, and I’ve been trying to stay on an even keel and have faith that all is well regardless of the outcome and that this, too, shall pass.

    But a little voice in my head keeps bringing up reminders of times in history when terrible, horrible things happened because of a vote or an abuse of power, and says to me, “I’ll bet *they* were thinking, ‘all is well, this can’t possibly be as bad as we imagine it could be, it’ll be OK, life will go on…’ ” I mean, how would one have been able to think “life goes on” in Germany during a specific time?

    I realize this must be a lesson of some sort for me, but that thought does little to quell the moments of panic. Thoughts?

  • Chrissie DiAngelus

    LOVE this! I shared something similar with a local networking group yesterday. I’m creating a similar post about how I stayed (mostly) sane during this election. Walking the dog and hiking were top of the list.

  • Jan S.

    Yes. Agree with all of it. Thanks for posting it.

    Now . . . I . . . neeed . . . to . . . breathe . . . .

    Grounding is good.

  • Sandy

    Oh HELLO!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Beautifully stated.

  • Condy

    Wonderful words of wisdom to start the day- thank you soooo much for the perspective!

  • Patricia

    This post and the one on self sabotage recently are pure gold. Such wisdom. Thanks so much for sharing and being willing to be honest and clear.

  • Rose

    Thanks for the reminder; I needed it today. Just got back from voting and was feeling apprehensive about things. I’m going for walk and then writing in my journal.

  • Tasha Nesbitt

    Christine, Thank you for the song – particularly today. It’s so assuring, beautiful and lovely to listen too… You are the best…

    <3 Tasha

  • Nancy Booth

    So true what you write Christine. In brain science terms, drama can actually be addicting and we have been watching it unfold. I love your call to lead in the place where we are and that we are chosen. Blessings to you for your call to us to take care of ourselves and step out and up!

  • Monica

    Thank you, Christine! This is exactly what my heart needs today, and every day. Beautiful!

  • angiekate

    Thank you!

  • Susan Miller

    Thanks Christine for reminding us that we are the good in the world. It is precious to remember that we are really in charge of our lives and that we make a difference, shining a light in the darkness always. And so glad you wrote this song! I appreciate all the good that you do, dear one!

  • Katie

    Thanks Christine. Well said! This is just perfect for today. Bless you! Took the angst right out of my sails. 😊

  • Kristin

    Thank you for this today, Christine. Love it.
    Your message summarizes how I too feel about this day, this time, this life.
    Sitting outside with my horses…

  • Sherry Richert Belul

    Thank you so much for this sane, grounded, thoughtful, and no-outrage-included post. As someone who leads an intentionally drama-free life, I found your writings today to be such an antidote to the craziness of these elections. I’m choosing to level-up my work in the world — helping folks express their love + appreciation for themselves + the people they love — rather than get caught up in the politics of the hour. Reading your post first thing this morning was such a great support. Oh, and I am listening to your beautiful gift of song right now. WOW! Gorgeous and so inspiring. Thank you!!!

  • Kristen Baker

    Love this. Thank you for this today!

  • Angela Ai

    This song. Is everything. Thank you for sharing it, Christine xo

  • Jenny

    “So own your power, my friend. Elect yourself president. Be a leader of unparalleled proportions. Stop hiding. Stop making choices out of fear. Be courageous and heal yourself. If nothing else, go clear out the clutter in your basement. Bring compassion to the conversation in your head. And move deliberately.” Pretty sure this is my favorite you’ve ever written. Ever. Thank you.

  • Rachel

    I’m Facebook Fasting today. Carry on!

  • Kymmberlee Conway


  • David Tamulevich

    Great comments on this auspicious day!! Thank you.
    And- love the song, of course. I am so hoping that you are still writing them, as well as hoping for another CD..or even single!!!!
    All the best to you,

  • Janet

    Thanks so much for this article and your all around vibration raising self. Thanks also for naming the power of our collective energy at our retreat last week. Friday night, 5 of us held hands in a circle, called in light and held it, absorbed it before sending it off to our election and everyone in this country.

  • Chrissy

    I adore and appreciate you! Love reading EVERYTHING you write and produce! I’m looking forward to reading more from you!

    • Neferkare

      I never responsd to such tbings but felt inspired to say … I really loved this election day blog. 3 things to remember… I See You…thanks for this type of shout out … Leveling Up …Neferkare.