31 Flavors of Gratitude - Christine Kane

When I sit quietly, I create gratitude lists.

When I wake up in the morning, I mentally write Gratitude lists.

When I am scared or have anxiety, I begin listing my Gratitudes until the simple reminders shift my energy into the present moment and all it contains.

Gratitude is not just about Thanksgiving Day here in America.  It’s about every day. It’s about reminding ourselves that we are so so so blessed to have this gift of life.

Here’s today’s 31 Flavors of Gratitude List.  I encourage you to start your day with one of your own.

And please leave 1 or 2 (or 20) things for which you are grateful in the comments section and let’s create one giant reminder of the gift of this life we have been given.

I am Grateful…

1.    That Mr. Patticus was in my life for a whole 13 years – even though I still miss him so much every day.

2.   For blogs, computers, and the whole freakin’ internet – good, bad, ugly – what an amazing time we live in and what amazing tools we have.

3.   For my terrific husband – who shows me everyday what love looks like – (and who sings the “Good Morning Song” to my dog along with me – even harmonizes!)

4.   For Sheri McConnell – one of the many women I know who has courageously made her way out of circumstances that would’ve stopped most people in their tracks, and who challenges me to live my shiniest life.

5.   For my Platinum Coaching Mastermind clients (who call themselves the Sylvias) – who taught me more about myself than they could know – and who have shown me what courage and success truly look like.

6.   For my best friend Joy, who shows me constantly what presence, love and joy can do to the people in your life.

7.   For my other best friend Kathy – who has this uncanny ability to remain unfazed by the crazies, the neuroses, and the fears – and who can rationally talk me through any of the aforementioned states of mind.

8.   For the Enneagram, which has shown me the way out of my way – and helps me coach people out of theirs.

9.    For Tarheels basketball, Dean Smith, Roy Williams, and Adam Lucas.

10.   For Peanut M&M’s.

11.   For my bookkeeper and accountant, and anyone who does numbers at all ever.

12.  For Susan Lucibello – my awesome VA. And for VA’s all over the world!

13.  For trillium, firepink, rhododendron, and all the subtle wildflowers that grow in the mountains here.

14.  For Coffee. The smell of coffee. The Starbucks logo. The whole bleedin’ coffee culture and all of the insanity, obsession, and joy it brings!

15.  For Organic farmers – and ANYONE who does this beautiful work with our earth to grow healthy vegetables without chemicals or pesticides.

16.  For Martha Stewart – because the pictures in her magazines make me remember that there’s so much beauty in simple goodness. (And because she went to freakin’ PRISON – and came back stronger than ever. Think about THAT when you’re having a bad day in your business!)

17.  For my friends Phil and Keith who are so funny and lovable that I make sure I carry my tiny notebook to all our dinners so I can write down what they say.

18.  For songs that make me embarrassed to cry every time, like “There’s a Place in the World for a Gambler,” and songs that make me embarrassed that I know every word, like “Dancing Queen,” and songs that make me crank through a work out, like “Umbrella.” For songs at all. And the people who write them. And the people who produce them. (Speaking of which – my new CD is on iTunes now!)

19.   For people who write books whose sole purpose is to entertain people like me.

20.   For the feeling of writing – pen on paper – and the connection of heart to hands.

21.   For Asheville, NC for being a place that showed my soul what the word “Home” means.

22.  For bouquets of peach-colored tulips.

23.  For Gracie and Billie and their antics, routines, and unpredictable moments of cat-ness.

24.   For bulimia – cuz it taught me how to heal and be healthy.

25.  That the Wide Awake Weekend was such a success, and so many people’s lives were changed here in Asheville.

26.  For Apple Computers, the iPhone, and the fact that I can carry so much information and audio with me anywhere.

27.  For silence and stillness of the woods on winter mornings.

28.  For my mom who is possibly the most thoughtful (and the most stubborn!) person I’ve ever known.

29.  For my dog who is happiness canine-ified.

30.  For my brothers and sister and our great conversations.

31.  For me – for taking that first chance and quitting an unhappy job, in spite of the terror and disapproval. And for never ever giving up on my own power to create this amazing life.

And a **BONUS** Gratitude:  For YOU – my blog readers who faithfully read and comment and give me so many reasons to keep writing. Thank You!!!

Your turn…

  • Andrea

    Love this post. As I was walking my dog today (Dec 2) I started out listing all the ways I am afraid…..and by the end of the walk I was listing all the things I was grateful for. What an antidote! I was grateful for the love and company of my husband, the two amazing young adults I have for children, the dog that urges me to walk every day, our beautiful neighborhood to walk in, the house I came home to and the fact that the sun was shining so warmly in December.
    Thanks Christine!

  • Gayle

    I’m grateful for the quail, doves, woodpeckers, jays and sparrows visiting my birdfeeders every morning.

  • S

    I have so many things to be grateful for, but for starters..
    For people like you Christine, that are so thought-filled and inspiring and help me to be filled with thought and inspired.
    For my family.
    For all of my wonderful cats and dogs..both past and present.
    For music.. which helps me through tough times as much as to enjoy the great times.

  • Christine Kane

    Hi Everyone – I SO loved reading all of these. Thanks for the awesome contributions to our virtual gratitude circle!

  • Lynn

    * For you, Christine and your music, words and insight. Your blog has been a beacon on some of my darkest days.
    * For the freedom to choose to be my most authentic self.
    * For my awesome children!

  • Lance

    This list shines true examples of what is good and right in this world. Christine, you have created a wonderful list of real gratitude.

    – For sunrises from out of the darkness
    – For experiences that take me to new heights of personal awareness
    – For friends the world over, who make my days bright
    – For my loving wife, and all the support and love she gives so freely
    – For life

  • Erin

    1. To be a woman in North America and be able to vote, own property, have a bank account, work, stay single, get divorced, have an abortion, drive, go to school and all those other things we forget that thousands of women on the planet can’t do.
    2. For orgasms – alone or with someone else, they’re amazing!
    3. For great food and drink
    4. To be able to drink the water out of the tap!
    5. For fresh air
    6. For animals
    7. For my wonderful, kind, supportive, awesome family and friends
    8. For sunsets and sunrises, storms, the sun and basically all weather!
    9. For God/the creator/universe/source energy, whatever is out there/in us
    10. For my beautiful body and continued excellent health.

    Love to you all! Thanks for all your help Christine!

  • Anna

    1. For Christine…who believes in me unconditionally and continues to bring out the very best in me.
    2. For my Sylvias..for your love, support and laughter
    3. For my Whispers..who first taught me the value and power of women’s friendships
    4. For my beautiful, sweet, smart and funny baby girl
    5. For my mom, who shows me what courage in action looks like.
    6. For Dan
    7. For a great job
    8. For a life that is now happier and more authentic than I ever thought possible.

  • Sam

    1. For waking up this morning with good health.
    2. For my husband who holds my hand when I feel unsure of things.
    3. My Pastor, Lucia, who hugs me every time she sees me.
    4. My dear friend (and sister) Barbe, who reminds me to pray.
    5. For My friend Megan, who reminds me to breathe.
    6. For my grown children, who remind me that I did a fine job as a mother.
    7. For our ever-giving God who gave us all we have, and also things we do
    not even realize we have.
    8. For all the people, like Christine, that God pits in our path!!
    9. For the Down Syndrome children and all disabled children that we
    encounter, because they teach us so much.
    10. For this blog. Waht a GIFT!!!

  • Christine

    I am grateful for so many things, but just a couple of my top things are:
    My kids, they make me smile everyday~ they are so yummy and I am so lucky to have them in my life.
    My husband, he makes me giggle and completes my really incredible family.
    The friends and family in my life who all make my life better each day!
    I am really glad I found Christine and her blog and work, I am finding you truly inspiring and you are helping me take my business in an incredible direction! Thank you!

  • Linda M

    I am so thankful for my family that drives for eight hours each way to come spend a few days at Thanksgiving we me.

  • Maggie

    Sometime after Simple Abundance and Gratitude Journals came into the world I started my own personal Thanksgiving tradition. Every Thanksgiving I sit quietly and make a list of 100 things I am thankful for. You get some really fun things when you go to 100 the silly and the sublime live together in perfect harmony…

    Here are a few random ones:

    #5 the way my hubby pours love into me when I need it the most
    #18 standing in the Gate (from Stargate TV show)
    #26 Christine Kane
    #31 living my life in chapters
    #49 kisses!
    #52 seeing my name on the thank yous on a CD (I tithed to an amazing artist named Daniel Nahmod and have travelled all over Florida to see him perform. I am possibly his first groupie! hehe when his new CD came out, he actually included my name on the people he thanked – my heart still beats faster whenever I remember.)
    #75 loving the life I have chosen
    #72 comfortable shoes
    #77 stepping out side the drama triangle
    #88 chocolate chip cookies
    #83 cashmere
    #100 the ability to think & love & move & dream

    Back in 2005 I got extra creative and made a list of 20 things I was thankful for in advance. At the time, I had just gone through a break up yet the first thing on my list was “my beautiful wedding ring” the second thing on my list was “a very happy balanced self actualized marriage” #8 was my beautiful comfy home, #17 was Awesome vacations….not everything on my list came true, but on Christmas Day 2005 I met the man who became my husband, I now wear a beautiful, simple ring that I love, we have a happy balanced self actualized marriage, we live in our first house which is our sanctuary and last year we went to North Carolina for Christmas and at the end of our vacation he went his way and I went to Christine’s retreat…I am definitely certain we take Awesome Vacations!

  • Eileen

    That I stumbled across your blog a year or so ago and found not just great music (which my kids love too) but the encouragement that helped me remember that I had terrificness inside me all this time.

  • cetta

    Christine, I’m thankful for you and your wonderful words. Been reading for almost a year – this is my first time contributing, but I couldn’t resist because I want to say how thankful I am to you for the link to Sheri Mcconell. And Sheri, thank you too. What fun to receive such an uplifting, upleveling mini coaching session by such wonderful women via the excellent video. A treat for Thanksgiving Day. I am soaking it in and learning a lot. Definitely in the funnel. Wonder where it will lead? Thank you!

  • cindy

    I’m grateful I found Christine. You have inspired me to be true to myself and follow my own path. Once I did that, all manner of magic and miracles began to happen. I wake up grateful and excited for a new day. thank you.

  • The other Mimi

    I think of 10 Gratitudes every night, but the top three:

    For my cat, Mr. Theo, who has been the best pal a girl going through a divorce could ever want.

    For my therapist. ‘Nuff said.

    For the gift of time: each new day is a gift, hope, a promise.

  • Sheri McConnell

    For your authenticity and awareness.
    For our times–so many choices, we are so lucky as women today.
    For the health of my family and friends.

  • Diana

    I am grateful that I woke up this morning to this blog.
    I am grateful for my husband who is always my biggest fan.
    I am grateful for my two beautiful and healthy children.
    I am grateful for our new puppy and the joy she brings to our home each day.
    I am always grateful that I was lucky enough to be born in this wonderful country.
    I am grateful for my freedom.
    I am grateful that I don’t feel like I have to go shopping on Black Friday.
    I am grateful for all I have learned this year in the UYL & UYB programs and for the people I have met that inspire me.
    I am grateful that we shared a delicious Thanksgiving meal with our wonderful extended family.
    I am grateful when my car starts each morning to take me on my daily adventures and errands.
    I am grateful for my education and experience that allows me to work from my comfy home.
    I am grateful for my morning coffee and hot shower each morning.
    I am grateful for my dear friends who support me.
    Hugs to all.

  • positively present

    What a wonderful post! I wrote about 100 things I am thankful for on my website and it really felt great to go through all of the things in my life and realize how lucky I am.

  • Kristi Stender-Weessies

    I am grateful to be in my home this morning. To have my girls sleeping in their beds. To have had my family over to share a meal. For a job that is meaningful and fulfilling. To be able to breath air that smells like winter and drink coffee out of a new mug (given to me by my best friend) that says “Each day is a new life. Seize it” — and to know that I am capable of living out that statement.

  • Laurie

    My husband is working 5 days a week (at least in Dec. & Jan.)
    Our family
    My Jobs
    A roof over our heads, heat, light & food in our stomachs
    I am gratful for the basics can be enough this year,
    And the Salvation Army (I watched a special about them on TV) God Bless the Salvation Army for what they do!

  • amanda@choosing-life-my-way.com

    I am grateful for the gift of a new day, and the opportunities, challenges and joys it may bring. I am grateful to be alive and to have the opporunity to live, love, laugh, and learn. I am grateful that there are amazing people like Christine in the world who share their wisdom and joy with us. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  • Vera

    I am grateful for
    the ocean
    my boyfriend
    people who remind us who we can be
    the potential of my life

  • Jadyn

    For tears because they are an expression of the soul
    For every single person that lives their life the best they can and tries every day to be kind, honest and to see the best in others
    For my the house we bought unexpectedly last year, not thinking we’d be able to for at least a few years
    For my husband, one of the kindest (and most stubborn) people I know, for 10 years of friendship and for always being able to look past everything else and love me
    For my dog and two cats for bringing so much joy
    For working at a place where people are mostly happy to be
    For the customer who is kind of odd, but who I secretly have a soft spot for because he buys us beautiful flowers and calls me beautiful
    For blogs like this one that remind me to live authentically and creatively
    For perfectly steamed foam on top of a latte
    For candles
    For being able to take courses at University, which challenges me to push myself beyond what is comfortable
    For God and his love
    For Christine for shining in such a way that others can grow in her light rather than stand in her shadow!

  • sue

    ok, wow. I was so teary reading these I had to go vacuum my living room and regroup. 🙂

    For my husband Rob. The ups and downs, the encouragement out the whazoo, your unique personality,friendship and humor. Your resilience and love teach me. (And you’re a helluva chef.)

    For my beautiful healthy kids who make me laugh out loud and who make me most proud in small moments of kindness no one will ever see.

    For my mom, siblings and in laws for a lifetime of shared laughter, tears, and gratitude, and the endless stories that have written our lives.

    For my friends who support me no matter what, and make me laugh til I can’t breathe.

    For my ‘sylvia’ friends who have shown me so much about life by their example, and whose support has changed the way I think about that word.

    For my home, the fire that’s burning, the sleeping dogs in front of it, the familiar love in it.

    For the babies we take care of at work. Fragile, strong, tenacious, seeking love.

    For Christine who has helped me find a door to my life and soul that I couldn’t find alone.

    For the knowledge that there is something greater than me so I never have to have it all figured out.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • KatherineME

    1. For being one of those people whose life was changed during the wide awake weekend.
    2. For actually having the opportunity to talk with, meet, learn from and continue to learn from one of the most inspirational singer songwriters in my life.
    3. For having the opportunity to share a few amazing days with 2 of my favorite singer songwriters, Christine Kane and Ericka Weeler.
    4. For airplanes.
    5. For finally getting that life is about growth, always.
    6. For so, so many beautiful people in my life who recharge my heart.
    7. For my best friend, Roberta.
    8. For the laughter and conversation I hear among my children, and for them.
    9. For this short time to have to myself to write 9 ways I am thankful.
    10. ooh, one more then I will go…for my wonderful parents sitting next to me right now.

  • Scott

    As I was reading this post, I felt grateful that I met you at the Sisters Folk Festival in ’02 and started following your music and, later, your writings. Your posts have impacted my life significantly the last couple of years and for that, I am very grateful.

  • Kelly Warren

    1. …for my children who can make me laugh and cry in the very same moment.
    2. …for my husband who puts up with all my hair-brained schemes.
    3. …for my furry 4-legged children who love me unconditionally, even on those days when I have time to do nothing more than put food and water in their bowls.
    4. …for sunshine…and the river in my backyard.
    5. …and for all the wonderful writers like you who remind me to be thankful for the blessings in my life and let go of the garbage that really doesn’t matter. 🙂 wish I had your courage to that same chance and quit my unhappy job… You are an inspiration, and though I’ve read your blog for quite some time, I think this is the first time I’m actually commented!

  • pati

    I am grateful for waking up to live another day; for my Mom, and for being with her for 51 years, especially on July 4 and July 6; for my family; for your music, Christine, and for your giving so many the opportunity to share their gratitude; and for so much more . . . Pati

  • Susan

    I am grateful and thankful for my family and friends. For my wonderful kids, grandson, my mom, my brother and sisters and their families – even though we are spread out all over the map.

    I am grateful for my wonderful husband of 26 years who has stuck by my side through the good times and the bad times, and who I love more today than ever.

    I am grateful I found the courage to quit my corporate job and start my own business over 4 years ago.

    I am grateful for all of my wonderful clients who make it a joy for me to wake up in the morning and walk into my home office to start my day.

    I’m especially grateful for Christine – as she has taught me so much through her support and encouragement of other people. It has been amazing to watch her create herself.

    I am grateful for my little dog Pippi – who gets me outside for walks when I forget to get out of my office and take a break.

    I am grateful I have a wonderful home that I love, and I am so sad for the people who have lost hope in these rough times.

    I am grateful for the memories and laughs of those people no longer with us today.

    I am grateful for all that I have experienced in my life – both the good times and the bad. Through the laughter and tears I have become a better person.

  • ursula

    1. my friends Diana, Helen, Paul, Sybille, Doug – true family
    2. wide awake weekend, and all the amazing new friends i met there
    3. you, christine, your writing and the opportunity to be coached by you
    4. santa fe and the rest of new mexico – a place that feels like coming home
    5. the ‘boys’, my dogs Jake and Charlie, who I was lucky to have with me for 15 years
    6. my garden
    7. books, and learning
    8. my parents, brother, nieces, and Kaiden
    9. my life, as it is now, and the chance to make the most of it

  • Lyman Reed

    I’m grateful for finally getting just how powerful gratitude is, and for all of the reminders that I get each day to practice it.

    I’m grateful for you, Christine, for reminding me to be conscious and creative.

    I’m grateful for all of those things that I haven’t initially been grateful for, but that I realized later were the best things that could have happened in my life.

    I’m grateful that I’m still breathing.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  • Emily

    1. Sophie – my kitty cat who keeps me company, makes me laugh, snuggles me when I cry and loves me always.
    2. Christine & the Sylvias – my life has been forever touched by the support, love, and encouragement you’ve all given this year.
    3. My parents, brothers, sister-in-laws, nieces & nephews – I am fortunate to not only have family I love, but family that I like & enjoy.
    4. My other family – the family I’ve created in the place I love more than anywhere else.
    5. Asheville – for finally allowing me to know what it feels like to be “home.”
    6. The quiet & stillness of winter hikes in the mountains
    7. The joy of the beach – sand and sun and salty water waves.
    8. For books – the smell, the feel, and all they have given me.
    9. Grief & loss – for showing me my strength, teaching me about love, and bringing me closer to myself.
    10. Writing
    11. Mac computers and other fun geeky toys
    12. Most of all this year – me. For all the gifts I’ve given myself, for all the challenges I’ve overcome, all the chances I’ve taken, and for learning to believe in me.

  • Lynne

    I am thankful for…

    1. Being an American – and for all of the freedoms that I am blessed with because of that
    2. The power to choose how I will show up in the world each day
    3. You, Christine – for helping me rediscover that power. Your words of wisdom and encouragement have been both a lifeline and a launching pad, and for that I am deeply grateful
    4. Finding my voice and my passion despite the fear
    5. My three sweet canine companions – who every day show me what true love looks and feels like
    6. Fresh starts and new beginnings – and the courage to embrace them
    7. Nature and the changing seasons – and the reminder they bring that there will always be change – and change is good
    8. A family and friends who are always by my side, no matter what
    9. All the love in my life
    10. Grace – in those moments when I may be tempted to shrink or think all is lost, inevitably there will be a moment when true Grace is present and allows me to see that each challenge can be a stepping stone, if I let it.

  • laine

    your blog which introduced me to so many new things, including your music!
    my local farmers who feed me

  • inge

    for the gift of a new day.
    for the Love that is being a mum.
    for music.
    for the wonder that is nature.
    for chances and changes.
    for new Life.
    for being grateful.

  • kelly

    first snow flakes
    the sound of sundance breathing
    silver blue juniper berries
    jumbo mugs of monkey king
    this life, this day, this beautiful earth

  • Dorota Zuzanna

    Ooops, sorry, I misspelled your name. Feel free to edit that entry (and just ignore this one).

  • Becky

    – for my boyfriend who never fails to be loving and supportive even though it has to be over Skype at the moment
    – for Skype for saving me lots of money in communicating with good people
    – for a new friend in my new German literature class
    – the rain pounding when I’m tucked up in bed
    – for the clouds being in a different shape every day
    – that I can watch Friends re-runs if I want!
    – for a scholarship to study Art History in a beautiful city (York, UK)
    – for the field of cows near my current house, which reminds me of home
    – for recently discovering this blog, and being reminded that baby steps are the way to go

    Thanks Christine! I’m especially grateful to you for being such a graceful voice in all this positivity stuff – you’re v good at making it NOT a rule book and more something that is worked on little by little, I find you v encouraging.

  • Mindful Mimi

    For having done the Uplevel your life course which gave me the right perspective and my life a different course.
    For being married to an understanding, supporting, loving and sexy husband.
    For having two healthy and smart little boys.
    For living in a part of the world without hunger or war.
    For having a beautiful house which is our safe haven.
    For having a garden to work and play in.
    For having a job and for starting to create the job of my dreams.
    For having friends who support me and who also tell me to bugger off when I need it.
    For being creative.
    For having deep, meaningful discussions with people close to me but also more and more with people who are not so close to me.
    For not allowing negativity and superficiality in my life.
    For sunshine and rain, flowers and birds.
    For finding pleasure in running and the great feeling it gives.
    For always finding a reason to be grateful.

    Thanks for giving me a reason to list this out of the blue. Thank you for setting me up to do this daily through your uplevel your life program.

  • tiny

    i am grateful for the shining moon last night, my caring husband, the smell of almost winter, christmas cookies, our kitten….i could go on and on
    thank you christine

  • Dorota Zuzanna

    For Christine Cane whose stories helped me begin to heal
    For fresh air
    For my lovebug who makes me feel like a princess every day of my life
    For the four weeks of rain here in Vancouver (and countin’), which will make me appreciate the sun so much more
    when I finally do see it
    For Vitamin D supplements
    For my fluffy socks
    And my fluffly blanket
    And my fluffy towels – and my nice hot shower
    For superfoods which energize me everyday
    For my parents, who love me no matter what happens

  • Iris

    I love your list. Here’s mine:


    I’m thankful for so much, including blogs like yours that constantly remind me to step outside my comfort zone.

  • Chrissy

    I am thankful for your blog Christine, and the unique way you have of uplifting people (like the opportunity I have right now to write this list)
    I am thankful for my three children
    I am thankful I am creative and honest, (despite the pain those two qualities have caused me)
    I am thankful for my home and the view of the lake
    I am thankful for my neighbor Cathy and my friend Marcie
    I am thankful for the literary agent about to take a chance on me and the opportunity to prove that my book was worth the risk
    I am thankful for my husband, who I love deeply and marvel at the life we have created together, the house we built, the children we are raising
    I am thankful I finally stopped looking outside of myself and discovered the real journey is within. Amen.

  • Peg

    – for the beautiful deep grey of yesterday’s night sky
    – for dinner with a delightful cousin visiting from out of state
    – for warm over-the-knee socks
    – for entertaining tennis matches, and the technology to watch them
    – for companionship, offline and on
    – for the luxury of time to and by myself

  • kathryn

    for my two girls, my adorable animals, my friends & family, nature, my art and so much more!i couldn’t live without them!!

  • Kelly – Sister of another mother

    1. For sisters and friends who encourage us to be authentic.
    2. For sisters and friends who shift us from darkness to light.
    3. For students who, by their trust, make us better people.
    4. For jobs that are actually vocations.
    5. For Christine’s songs, speaking straight to the heart.
    6. For nieces and nephews with smiles to light the world and songs to speak to the soul.
    7. For my children who are healthy in mind, body and spirit.
    7. For husbands who believe in us, even when we don’t believe in ourselves.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  • kathleen

    I’m thankful for
    – people like you, Christine, who share sooo much of who they are and in so doing inspire us to be all that we can
    – my wonderful husband and our two gorgeous girls…and the fact that we have another *surprise* on the way
    – for health and happiness and home cooked food
    Happy Thanksgiving, Christine!

  • Kylie of Thin Crust Deep Dish

    1. For inspiring blogs like this one, a daily reminder that I can follow my dreams.
    2. For my best friend and blogging buddy, whom I respect deeply and who inspires me with her courage and wit.
    3. For the fact that I get to write for a living, and then come home and write some more.
    4. For puppies. Need I say more?
    Happy Thanksgiving.