4 Productivity Strategies to Uplevel Your® Time - and Your VALUE - Christine Kane

You’re a hard-working entrepreneur or business owner. Careening along at top speed. You have some clients (yay!), and you’re busy – way busy in fact – but…

It’s not enough.

(Does this sound familiar?)

You’re not meeting your financial goals. You need to “do” more.

Problem is… You’re at maximum capacity.

Working umpteen hours a day, and weekends too.

In the meantime, important priorities are slipping through your fingers because you’re running around putting out fires.

You can feel burnout rearing up its ugly head, but feel helpless to stop it.

I know, I’ve seen it time and again.

But before we dive together into our usual “I’m so busy” pity-party, here’s a reality check, right quick:

We all have the same amount of time. Every day.

And most people run around complaining about being a slave to not enough of it. While some seem to get miraculous amounts done.

The difference? CHOICE.

Every item on your schedule is the result of a decision YOU made. About your time. And its worth. And by extension, YOUR worth.

This is especially true for entrepreneurs, who have no corporate overlord dictating what they do every minute of the day.

In other words, a running-around-busy, I-don’t-have-time-for-anything lifestyle is totally up to YOUR CHOICES.

… Yeah, I said it.

Mastering your time is a matter of getting real about the WORTH of your time.

Here are my favorite productivity strategies to help you break out of the “I ain’t got time” song-and-dance – so you can start to value the time you do have:

1 – CONTAIN your time.

Put containers around your time and STICK to them. Like it’s your job.

(‘Cause it kinda is).


If it’s not on your calendar, it’s not happening. Period.

2 – MEASURE where your time is going.

Invest in a time-tracker app… it’s worth it to know how long that wayward visit to Facebook was or exactly how much time it’s taking you to invoice your clients.

We can’t improve what we don’t measure.

3 – Leverage LITTLE pockets of time.

Because the big long sabbatical when your to-do list is empty is NEVER gonna happen.

Each week, go through your schedule and look for the little chunks of time that could be put toward the big ongoing projects that will only get done a piece at a time.

 4 – Just say NO.

Saying YES to everything is the opposite of setting boundaries. It’s also the opposite of the abundance mindset – even though “everything” might feel abundant.

Abundance is more about CLARITY than it is about “everything.” Get super clear on what exactly is a priority – and then do it. And say no to anything else.

So if you’ve scheduled an hour to write your next blog article, focus on doing that one thing, and one thing only.

Just say no to that incoming call from your sister. In fact, turn off your phone and set your laptop to airplane mode. Eclipse distractions and you will be amazed at the jump in your clarity and FOCUS.

Multi-tasking is a myth, and will chip away at your productivity, and sanity.

By setting non-negotiable boundaries around your time, you immediately uplevel its value – and your self-worth.

So… where are YOU resisting putting containers around your time? Which strategy could you put in place FIRST to immediately reclaim a chunk of your schedule? I want to hear about it, in the comments below…


  • Cindy

    Boy did I need this message today! So where do I get that time-tracker app?

  • Jennifer Kennedy

    Oh boy…the Universe must be telling me something because this is the 2nd time today that I’ve seen the message — just say NO. I’ve had the tendency (like I’m sure a lot of people) say YES to everything. For me, I don’t want to feel like I’m missing out on something or let someone down or miss a potential opportunity. But, oftentimes these things are taking me away from the important tasks I need to do to run my business.

    Thank you once again for the much needed reminder.