5 Keys to a Successful Product Launch - Christine Kane

5 Keys to a Successful LaunchIf you have a product, the worst thing you can do is plunk it down on your website and hope your ideal client will be compelled to hit the “buy” button.

And if you’ve read anything about marketing in the last few years, then you already know that.

You also probably know that a launch can do wonders for selling your products or programs.

It’s true.  A launch or campaign can fill your program, sell your product or get people to your event.

Okay, great.  But there are lots of components that make up a successful product launch.

Here are five of them…

1 – Your list is key.  Not just the numbers, but the people, too.

This is the big buzz-killer for many folks. They hear tales of six and seven-figure launches and think, “Me too!”

But they don’t have a list. And they don’t have access to anyone else’s list.

If you don’t got a list, you don’t got no one to sell to. (Isn’t that an old blues standard?)

Yes, you can partner with other people who DO have lists. But most people who DO have lists are going to want to know if YOU have a list. (That way, you can return the favor. After all, it’s called a partnership, not a rescue!)

Another thing to consider is WHO is on your list?  If you have built a list primarily of corporate executives and you decide to sell a program on quilting, then we’ve got a bit of a congruence issue.  Make sure the people on your list are the perfect people for your product or program.

2 – Build a relationship with your list.

I met a healing practitioner who had a list but never did anything with it.  Never wrote them, never added value, never offered anything.

When she heard about launches, she got fired up and started launching immediately to her list.  No one signed up for her program.  Here’s what I told her…

Your list is not a LIST.  Your list is people.  As such, you need to build a relationship with them.

So, if you haven’t been in touch with your list CONSISTENTLY… then you haven’t built any trust with them. You haven’t added any value for them. You haven’t created a relationship.

And they won’t buy from you just because you decided to launch something.

Spend some time adding value and giving free content at least once a week. Then when you do launch, your list will already like and trust you!

3 – Make your offer clear and simple.

Your buyers need to know what they get when they sign up.  If they don’t understand it, they won’t buy.  If it’s too complex, they won’t buy.

So make sure you take the time to map out what EXACTLY you are offering, how long it lasts, what bonuses they get, and when the offer ends.

Some people get so scared and driven when they sell anything that they offer their program, the kitchen sink, their first-born and a one-on-one coaching trip to the Bahamas together for every participant in the program, plus the collection of 11 workbooks they wrote back when they were a CPA.

News Flash: Less is more. People want clarity.  If you’re not clear, they won’t buy.  Get out of your fear of not offering enough – and give them what they truly want…RESULTS!

4 – Be diligent about following up.

I see this all the time.  If a launch isn’t going well, people often give up and stop reaching out to their list.

Big mistake.

There’s lots of hard data to prove that most sign ups these days will come in the final 24 hours of your campaign.

And remember, follow up doesn’t mean “assault and battery.” Don’t exclamation point people to death.  You can still be conversational and add value in your emails. But you need to be consistently in touch as your launch is happening.

(And ideally, you want to write some of these emails in advance so that you’re not writing from a place of fear and reactivity.)

5 – Use social media to build buzz. Not to count sales.

It’s awesome that you have so many people who like your Facebook page.

But the truth is, they’ve probably liked a lot of other pages too. And they get lots of stuff in their feed. And most of it drifts by without ever catching their eye.  What this means is that while Facebook (or Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram) may be great ways to build your list or even supplement your launch with some buzz-worthy posts… they are not substitutes for a strong list.

The Facebook platform is Facebook’s platform. Twitter’s platform is Twitter’s platform. These are all streaming and fleeting.

Your list is YOUR platform. Use it.


Next step? Share the love!

If you’ve learned something from launching, tell us about it!  Leave a comment below and add to this list!

  • Roni Walker

    Stumbled across your fab post whilst researching the ‘must do’s’ for hosting a successful launch. I have a new product about to hit the market in the medical garment field. It’s exciting and frightening at the same time. With a sales and training career spanning 30 odd yrs i am looking forward to getting it out there- but i have never held a launch, great parties yes, but a productive,successful and enjoyable launch, no! This article thankfully has provided a point of focus. With an enormous amount of friends in the medical field I am now compiling ‘lists’ …. Thankfully the relationship building stuff is my preferred M.O so fingers crossed i can work those lists and get the sales! Thanks for posting on this subject…..

  • Cena Block from SaneSpaces.com

    OH Christine… this is awesome advice, as usual! My fav. point is #5! How often have we used ‘thumbs up’ as sales indicators while our biz accounts have remained flat… You always make me laugh!! thanks xox

    • Christine Kane

      Cena – Thank you! Great to know you’re out there laughing. Still remember you from the event last year with great love and joy!

  • Maggie

    Christine, perfect timing! My book just went on sale at https://www.createspace.com/4473555 and I’m in the launch process right now!

    You are right–it’s all about the list. You ongoing advice for the past year on creating a relationship with your peeps has been so true!

    Thanks again for your solid advice!

    • Christine Kane

      Woohoooo Maggie! Congratulations!!! Looks like your book launch is rockin!

  • Nneka, Working Mystic

    Hi Christine, what a timely post! I want to do a group program next year. I wanted to know what I needed to do in the months before to make it successful. Sounds like list building and engaging is where it’s at.

    Earlier this year I launched a program. My biggest takeaway…It’s all about the list!

    • Christine Kane

      Nneka – Yes! It’s all list and relationship now. AND, why the rush to launch a group program? You’re just getting masterful with your one-on-one clients. Let that take a hold for a bit. There’s no need to push into a group/launch situation. Give yourself time and space for things to grow, okay?

      • Nneka, Working Mystic

        Yes ma’am! 🙂

        Your card came at the perfect time. I just opened it up. Thanks:-)

  • Alison

    Perfect timing- I’m in the middle of a launch this week that has a Friday deadline. It was very reassuring to read that most sales happen in the last 24 hours! Thanks for the perspective.

    • Christine Kane

      Go Alison! Keep me posted on how things go! (And hey, it’s all R&D for your next launch!)

  • Daniel Barber

    Great points, thanks. Relationships, clarity, providing value, checking in, using our various communications tools appropriately…. Solid! I’m prepping for a launch in February/March and am in foundation-building mode these days. I’m enjoying soaking up all this information and wisdom. Cheers!

    • Christine Kane

      Daniel – how amazing that you’re preparing for your February launch NOW. Really great timing on that. (many people start the week before! ugh!)