5 Marketing Blunders to Avoid in Your Business - Christine Kane

“I want more clients! I’m doing all the right things! How come I don’t have enough clients?”

If you’ve ever uttered these words (or even thought them), you might be tempted to wonder if you’re any good at what you do.

Or maybe you doubt if you’re even cut out for business.

Most likely, however, the problem isn’t you.

Most likely, the problem is your marketing.  [Insert big sigh of relief here. Now you know it’s totally fixable!]

So, sit with me while I walk you through 5 marketing blunders that might be causing your prospects to slip right through your fingers…

Marketing Blunder #1 – You aren’t clear on your Ideal Client

This one’s first because it matters most.

So many people are out there looking for the next coolest marketing tactic…

…or the latest-greatest online trick.

If that sounds like you, I can promise you this:

It’ll all fall flat if you don’t have 100% clarity about who the heck you’re targeting.

Your ideal client has particular needs, challenges and desires. If you’re generalizing, you won’t reach the very person you can help the most.

Marketing Blunder #2 – You offer too many calls to action

I recently visited the website of a life coach.

On the main page, she offered a link to her favorite new book, another link to some colleagues’ websites, a downloadable free guide to de-cluttering, and a whole bunch of payment options for her to be your coach.

It was exhausting!

Remember this:  A confused customer never buys.

Remember this next:  All it takes is one click, and your customer is gone forever.

Many solo business owners suffer from a “fear of being clear.”  They believe that if they don’t offer every possible option, they might miss out on someone.

They’ll insist that this is all about abundance.  Hey, the world is full of options, and people love options!

In truth, it is the ultimate lack mentality.  It’s the fear of being clear. Acknowledge it and then stop it.

Clarity is the ultimate wealth mindset.  In every communication with your prospect, you must know the answer to this question:

What is the one thing you want your prospect to do FIRST?

Marketing Blunder #3 – You hide your expertise

One of the keys to making lots more money in your business is positioning yourself as an expert.

At first, this can be a huge stumbling block.  Many of us have been raised to believe that if we’re any good, people will find us magically.

Plus, we’re scared of bragging.

But here’s the good news.

Positioning is not bragging.  It’s much more organic.

Positioning combines credibility, authenticity, expertise, testimonials, success stories and even lifestyle to create a marketing message that establishes you as the go-to person in your field.

Marketing Blunder #4 – You’re fire-hosing them

Okay, take a deep breath. This one’s a biggie.

Some folks get a little freaked out when they begin charging money or even when they post their first free offer.

So they become like the party hostess who runs around trying so hard to make sure everyone’s having a good time that they drive people away because they’re trying too hard.

Their free offer is 423 one-space pages, plus a workbook, plus an audio and a video training, too.

They create packages promising you late night calls, early morning calls, their cell phone number – perhaps even their first-born.

Two problems here:

First, most people can’t process all of that.  It overwhelms them.  You want to engage with them, not fire-hose them.

The second problem is that you’ll eventually despise your clients if they DO sign up for your program!  You can’t possibly deliver on everything!

Again, we’re dealing with a fear/lack mentality.  You have to take time to think clearly and strategically.   What would most serve people – and what would be do-able for you to deliver on?

5 – You’re waiting for them to make the first move.

“So, like, just call me if you ever find that you’re ready to, you know, talk about working with me. I’m here anytime.”

Does this sound like you?  (Okay, you can remove the “like” and the “you know.”  You’d never talk like that, I know.)

If so, then it’s no wonder you don’t have clients!

Why is that?

Well, your prospects want to know what they should do and when.  You need to learn how to make offers.

This doesn’t mean getting pushy or selling hard.

It means you must provide clear instructions for how to become your client.  You must tell your prospect what to do next and when.


NOW YOU!  Which blunder have you caught yourself in?  And most important… what are you doing differently (or WILL you do differently) now that you know better?

  • Kimberly Salvati

    Love this Christine! Especially number 5, really resonates…almost like (to be blunt) ASKIING for the sale! lol I love to ask people: “so when will NOW be a good time?”

    thanks for this insight!

  • Christine Kane

    Emma – Start with how you TALK to your Ideal Client. What language do you use, what questions do you ask, what situations do you describe? Be so clear that this person sees herself in your message. (That’s one starting place!) And I’m excited to see your vision cards! 🙂

  • Emma

    Thanks for the great article… it helped me… and sent me into a bit of confusion all at the same time…
    I related to point number one… but am now needing to work through how to apply it (properly) into my business… hence the confusion… but the focus will be awesome when I get it right 😉
    Would love to share my two vision cards for my business with you one day 😉