5 Reasons I'm Performing at SOBCon08 - Christine Kane

I’m the opening event at this year’s SOBCon (Successful and Outstanding Bloggers Conference) in Chicago, IL on May 2, 3, and 4. The title of this year’s event is Biz School for Bloggers.

I’m going to one (and only one!) blogging conference in 2008. Here’s why this is it…

1 – I had a great time last year.

Liz Strauss and Terry Starbucker are the coordinators of SOBCon. My theory is that the promoters of any event attract audiences that are in alignment with their hearts and souls.

So, at SOBCon, the participants are authentic, intelligent, funny, amazing people. (Like Terry and Liz!) It’s small enough that you get a chance to really learn stuff, connect with other people, and actually ask questions. And it’s big enough that you can sit back and just absorb it all, too.

2 – Connecting on the web is one thing…

…meeting people in person is just an entirely different experience.

3 – I enjoy being a nerd.

Many of the people at blogging conferences have two lives. They’ve got their day-to-day natural habitat (offices, cubicles, retail outlets, art studios, etc). And then they have their blogging world – where they get jazzed about things that no one else they know gets jazzed about. I am no exception. At SOBCon, our inner (or not so inner) nerds get to come forth and shine. I love this.

4 – Who doesn’t need a little help in their business?

“Biz School for Bloggers” is a great theme. When I go to songwriting events, there’s always some music manager or agent offering a “bootcamp” about the music business. He drones on about the usual stuff – – which, conveniently, puts him at the top of the artist food chain. Press kits and agents and CD’s and on and on (and yawn and yawn).

Musicians and artists (and life coaches and healers and anyone who’s self-employed) need the perspective that this kind of conference offers. Why? Because it’s exciting. There is no food chain. It’s a whole new model. And it wakes up your brain. (Yes, the very brain that was put to sleep by the music manager at that last songwriting event you attended.)

5 – SOBCon is in downtown Chicago in May…

…and who can resist the experience of an 8 degree Wind Chill Factor in the springtime?


  • Lisa Callsen

    Hi Christine,
    I found you by way of Dawud’s complete list of things to learn from SOBCon08. I had wanted to meet down in Chicago, but had a conflict.

    Since this is the first time on your blog, I must say, you are beautiful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your tagline! I’ll look forward to reading more here.

  • Todd Jordan


    Really enjoyed your performance on the boat. Your open and bright personality really showed through there as well as during the conference. So good learned about you and your adventures in blogging.

    Your music has been fun to listen too. What a nice bonus to the SOBCon08 swag.

  • Tim

    Hi Christine. I said hello to you at your Old Town School performance in Chicago last year. You were awesome! As a very new blogger (currently at four posts), do you think this conference would be good for a newbie like me? I’m still trying to figure out my “place” in the blog world. For example, I have spent many days trying to figure out the name (and direction) for my blog. I gave up trying to find the perfect name and have just gotten down to business with “just doing it.”


  • Easton Ellsworth

    It was so great to meet you there last year, Christine! Here’s to more geekery and nerdery at SOBCon08.

  • jinny

    am from Chicago but teaching English in Korea; Any plans on touring internationally anytime soon??

  • Eva

    Well it did snow in Chicago on Saturday night… Will you be performing anywhere else in Chicago? I’d love to see you but I’m not a blogger.

  • Christine Kane

    Excellent Hector! Will Phil Jackson be there with open arms too? I’m kind of a fan… 🙂

  • Hector

    Chicago welcomes you with open arms!

  • Christine Kane

    hiya terry! so looking forward to it!

  • Terry Starbucker

    Christine, you are too kind, but only you can make acronyms out of security codes! 🙂

    And the thought of the three of us waltzing (or I guess it’s tiptoeing) through the tulips in Chicago on Michigan Avenue is very appealing – so I’m hoping for good weather (and I’m bringing a camera!).

    I look forward to seeing you again, and thanks again for the kind words.


  • Christine Kane

    thanks mark! I’ll go check out your post! hope to see you there.

    liz – i’ll visualize tulips with you. can’t wait to hang out!

  • Liz Strauss

    Hey, I’m going to SOBCon08 too!! 🙂

    In fact, I’m going for many of the same reasons you are, except I’m sure hoping for tulips lining Michigan Avenue in May!

    Can’t wait to see you! Can’t wait to hear you play again!!

  • Mark

    That’s good to know, Christine, thanks!

    As a relatively new blogger myself I might even see about flying out there to attend, since I was just telling a Chicago friend I’m due for a visit.

    (By the way – speaking of blogs and you, in my latest blog post I listed you as one of “3 Female Musicians You Should Know About.” I’d be curious to know what you think of the others – Eddi Reader and Kaki King.)