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Business owners who want to make more money and grow their businesses inevitably must face the reality of consistent follow up. Here are 5 Rules for follow-up that gets you clients.Business owners who want to make more money and grow their businesses inevitably must face the reality of consistent follow up.

Sexy, right? Makes you want to read on, right?

Well, being able to get clients is not about magic, or complex systems.   It IS about the follow up that entrepreneurs forget to do because they’re always looking for that complicated answer. And they trip over the simple one right under their noses.

Here’s an example….

At my Uplevel Academy retreats, I do a “Money on the Table” contest. I challenge my clients to write down all the money they’ve left on the table in their business –opportunities they haven’t said yes to yet, things they could be doing right now to make money.

Then, they get 24 hours to act on any of those things…

…and whoever generates the most money gets a bonus one-on-one private strategy coaching session with me.

Where does most of this money come from?

You guessed it. Follow-up that was simply blown off by the business owner.

At one retreat, one entrepreneur brought in $38,000 in 24 hours. Cha-ching! And yup, it was the result of buckling down and following up. (Sometimes, it’s all about the motivation!)

Follow-up just got $38,000 sexier, didn’t it?

Hey, we’re entrepreneurs, right? We make that initial connection with a new prospect, have an engaging conversation at a networking event, get a tip on a prime lead source, and then…


Life gets busy, and it’s just way easier not to make the phone call that makes us nervous.

Knowing how to follow up, and do it consistently is key–especially when you’re starting up, but not limited to start up. Even existing well-run businesses need to stay on top of this critical revenue flow.

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So here are my 5 Rules for following up and getting the client, so you can stop leaving money on the table for good:

1. Make “The List.”

Always have a list of people you are following up with. In my Uplevel Academy Gold Mastermind, I teach something called “Club 10,” a tool for prioritizing and managing this list. But suffice it to say – “the list,” whatever you call it, is a place to store and update your warm leads.

2. Schedule a weekly container of time for follow up.

Now that you’ve defined who you’re gonna call, set aside a regular time to do it. You can call it what you want –“business development time,” or “client getting time” – but there has to be a container of time when you’re actually doing this. Weekly. Consistently.

3. Get somebody to hold you accountable to completing your follow-up.

This is what makes my “money on the table” contest so successful. The accountability. Set this in place for yourself. Give yourself deadlines. Connect with a mastermind group or coach.

These systems work so well because we love to have a reason driving us, something to motivate us outside of ourselves. When someone is holding you to doing what you say you will, you start to train yourself to get things done.

4. Arm yourself with a script… without sounding like you have one.

Write a script that’s in your language, how you would naturally speak. The script doesn’t need to be word-for-word, and is probably better if it isn’t. It could be a set of bullet points, something you follow every single time.

Avoid saying things like, “I’m just following up with you,” which comes off as corporate, and well, scripted. Have a structure, but be a human, use the language of connection. Remember that the contact is all about connecting, serving people, seeing if you are a good fit. That’s all.

5. Always be the leader. You steer the next action.

In other words, don’t leave the ball in their court. Always be the one who takes the next action.

For example, if it’s not a good time for the prospect to talk, don’t say, “Oh? I’ll give you a call back sometime.”

Instead: “I know how busy you are. Me too – so let’s get this on the schedule now. How about tomorrow at 3pm?”

Be the one directing the course of the action. This serves your potential client too, because she is busy, and you’ve taken one more thing off her to-do list, and shown respect for her time.

For extra credit, follow-up to the follow-up, whether it’s a thank you note, or confirmation of the next action, whatever… Following up isn’t just about getting the client. It’s about serving, and building the relationship. Making it easy for the client to work with you.


Share with me in the comments below: How much money do you think you’ve left on the table this year alone, by not following up?

I know, right? Ugh! Good one!

If you gasped–or stopped breathing for a moment – it’s okay. You’re not alone. Let’s make this real though – so you’ll have some serious motivation next time you’re waiting for something more sexy than “follow up.”

  • Michelle

    Just made a list and did some follow up. Also created a doc to keep follow-up contacts and notes. Good and timely idea.