Step 1 – Read these instructions.

(See? I told you this was gonna be easy!)

Step 2 – Think about what you want.

Think of the resolution to a challenge you’re facing. Or some kind of expansion you’re intending in your life. Or some area of your life that could use a little energy, light, abundance, peace, or healing.

Step 3 – Write your intention as powerfully as you can.


“I am intending a healthy body and full healing from back pain.” = more powerful.

“I am sick and miserable. Please help me not be sick and miserable” = less powerful.

For some, it might feel impossible to write a powerful intention, especially if you’re scared or hurting. That’s okay. But just try to remember this: the more of your own affirming mindset that you can conjure up, the better it is for you. If you can’t conjure that up – then read on. We’ll do it for you!

Step 4 – Comment below. Or send an Email.

Put your intention or request in the comment box below or send an email entitled, “Prayer List” to State your intention or your request.

Step 5 – Let go.

Waste no time wondering if you did it right or if this stuff even works or if you look stupid or if you asked for the perfect thing when you need so many things or if your boss will know that’s you in the comments asking for a different job. Let go means let go. Take a breath and let go.

Step 6 – Be grateful.

At some point today, write down or say out loud ten things for which you are grateful in your life. Be grateful that you are learning the lesson that this challenge is offering. Be grateful that you have friends, a roof over your head, a job. Just be grateful for as much as you can.


“You’re right. That was easy. But I don’t get it.”

Well, this coming weekend is the second of four 2008 Great Big Dreams Retreats.

At every retreat, I open the weekend with silence and intent. At that time I take the names of everyone who has emailed or commented to this post – along with all of their intentions and requests – and I include them in our circle and in our own prayers and affirmations.

I call it our “Great Big Prayer List.”

It’s a powerful part of the retreats – and I’ve had many emails from people saying that lots of things changed in their lives after they did this – and that they could actually feel themselves as part of the circle.

Maybe it’s all hooey.

Maybe it’s totally real.

Who cares?

You’ve got nothing to lose. Let us help you get what you want!


***Extra Credit*** Step 7 – Join us.

On Friday afternoon at 2pm EST, join us. Light a candle. Say, “I’m in.” Nod to the ethers. In what ever way works for you, join our circle with your intent. We’ll welcome you!

  • Akisha

    I am the opening act on the ROWYSO tour and I will be there in front of the crowd on August 19 ready to play and perform.

  • Liz

    I intend to channel the power of all the people who are thinking encouraging thoughts for me tomorrow

  • Liz

    I intend to blow my interviewers away tomorrow! i intend to impress them and leave a lasting positive impression. I intend to be the winning candidate for the Eve Marie Carson Scholarship and to receive a full ride next year, as well as funding for this summer. I intend to speak articulately, meaningfully, and to be understood. I intend to become one of the first Eve Carson Scholars. I intend to win! I intend to have a great ticket to relaxation and academic/music success. I intend to do my very best, look sharp, share my talents, gifts, and viewpoints, and take the scholarship.

  • Liz

    I intend to start down the trail to a summer experience that will be wonderful, educational, and worth my time, and to have a great conversation that opens up my learning and doing possibilities. I intend to make a friend!

  • Liz

    I intend to expand beyond my fear and hurt!
    Thanks christine 🙂
    i wanted to share a few things I’m grateful for–
    the last few days
    the song “everything green”
    an easily planned christmas
    the fact that i have feelings at all
    living life!
    wrecking my potential
    passion in music
    goats, particularly one named flea
    mud!rain! a rainy day and a lazy morning
    last night, full of pasta and homecoming and overalls
    the adventures to come, particularly in Fairview–
    the perfect pasture, the mountains, a car to get there
    the way rain makes wet colors deeper
    healing processes
    thank you!

  • Liz

    I intend to let light shine in on my heart. I intend to let myself spread and expand in relationships, to be unafraid of love, and to be healed from past hurts. I intend to invite joyful love, attention, and affection into my life. I intend to be truthful

  • Michelle Coye

    I intend on becomming an energy healer with huge success and live in a beautiful home in the country.
    Thank you Christine and God Bless you. I Love your site!

  • Elizabeth

    I intend to be free of depression, unhappiness and sickness.
    I intend to apply for a great job and get it.
    I intend to meet my true love and live happily ever after.
    I intend to understand God and hope he will help me along the way.
    i intend to forgive Jeff for what he put me through and realize that there is someone better for me.
    I intend to be the best aunt I can be.
    I intend to find the career that will make me truly content.
    I intend to find true happiness and peace.

  • myra

    Thank you dear God, the universe and Christine for giving me this opportunity.
    I in tend to own a wonderful house of my own.
    I intend to be happy and peaceful.
    I intend to have a good relationship with my ex husband.
    I intend to help the less fortunate with the wealth i will materialize.
    I intend to live happily with my children and my sister.
    I intend to materialize all the good things in my life.
    I intend to be grateful for all the opportunities that come my way.
    Thank you Lord for everything that you have sent my way, God bless each and everyone of you,

  • angela

    I intend to be optimistic about my life and appreciate and focus on the good in it.

    I intend to love myself unconditionally.

    I intend to let go of unhealthy relationships and negative influences.

    I intend to have a positive outlook free from anxiety and fear.

    Thanks for the opportunity to do this Christine. Your blog is awesome! 🙂

  • Susan

    I intend to become debt free and to lose my fear & anxiety. I want to breathe!

  • lolita

    I intend to uncover within myself an awesome career that is fulfilling to myself,to inspire women and be financially successful

  • Liseli

    Thanks for your lovely blog!

    Is it too late for you to add my intentions to the circle?

    Today, I intend to be wiser, healthier, happier and wealthier.
    I am truly grateful for abundance that’s coming my way.

  • dm

    I am a contented, loving wife, sister, daughter, mother and CFA who has secured her own financial future

  • Christine Kane

    Thank you to everyone here! I have added all of these intentions and hearts and souls (along with the many emails I received) to our circle here – and we’re so happy to have you with us!

  • Deb

    It’s about ten till, I have my list and will be joining in.

  • beth

    I intend to be kind and gentle with myself.
    I intend to trust the wisdom present within me.
    I intend a delightful energy radiating out of me.
    I intend to live simply and extraordinarily.

  • Caren

    I am living the life I’ve dreamed, with adequate income from the work of my choosing and other sources to be financially secure. My sons and I have time and resources to travel as we wish.

  • Mackie

    I intend to find joy in my daily life, wisdom in my choices, and strength to pursue a life that is fulland healthy.

    Thanks, Christine, and all retreat-ers. I will miss being with you this year, but am there in spirit.

    Sending love and blessings. The power you share with all of us is humbling.

  • amy

    I will commit my time only to activities which make me truly happy — connecting with friends and family, caring for my husband and children, painting, learning — and from this committment, a wonderful opportunity will grow that will help ensure our future financial security.

  • leah

    i intend for my art business to grow and blossom with wonderful opportunities, connections, and wealth that make my spirit soar with joy and gratitude.

  • Janice

    I am intending a strong, healthy body and an open heart to dance with my dreams and walk in balance with the earth.
    And I intend to be at the Great Big Dream Retreat next year!
    Thanks so much!

  • Susana

    Hi Christine,

    Love that you are doing this again!

    I intend to be financially prosperous.
    I intend to have a fabulous summer and spend time visiting all my dear old friends & my son.
    I intend to have several successful and popular informational websites and a blog.
    I intend to have all the time I need to be creative & enterprising and to use that time wisely.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

  • Linda

    I intend to make a steady income locally, teaching in my studio and at local shops, selling my product from my studio and teaching gigs so that I no longer have to travel to vend at shows.

  • kriss

    I intend to get a very clear picture of what I want my life to be in order for me to live authentically.

  • Sharon

    As a former retreater, I am so grateful for your spirit of oneness & connection.
    I would like to add intentions for my husband: a fulfilling & happy family life and prosperous business. For my daughter Hali, to love all animals & be healthy 🙂
    and for me, to be present, to prosper, to play.

  • annie

    I intend to surround myself with people who are inspiring, fun, and healthy. And I intend to be the same kind of person back to them.

  • Karen

    I am courageously moving ahead on a life-purpose path that is better than the one I’m on now. It’s ok if it’s not what I’m ultimately supposed to do. I trust that it’s what I’m supposed to do next and that I will always have what I need. By the end of this year, I will have let go of my job of 25+ years.

    I know from experience that my body thrives (it has energy, it gravitates toward its ideal weight & eating patterns, and I feel great living in it) when I’m doing what my heart tells me I’m supposed to do. I am intending happily and easily hearing that voice.

    Thanks, Christine, for everything you do. Peace.

  • George

    I intend to be loved.
    I intend to love myself.
    I intend to be emotionally healed.
    I intend to be psychically healed.
    I intend to be financially abundant.
    I intend to be happy.

    Thank you all. I’ll be there in spirit with you all Friday 2pm.

  • Sheri

    I intend to achieve success in my newest venture.
    I intend to be worry free.
    I intend to love myself.
    I intend to be healthy.

    Thank you! You will all be in my thoughts this weekend.

  • Gladys

    I intend to move forward with my life, secure in who I am and what I want.
    I intend to share my life with the right man who loves me and accepts me for who I am.

    Thanks you for doing this!

  • Marisa

    I intend to be a wife to a man who loves me this time next year. Thanks for the prayers about this, Christine and retreaters!


  • Michelle

    I intend to have a strong, healthy, powerful body that will heal this infection rapidly and completly now that I have set the intention to do so.

  • Sue

    I intend to be the new manager of my team.

  • Elizabeth J.

    Long time lurker, first time commenter here as well, Christine. Many blessings for the positive energy you share.

    I intend to be as present as possible in each and every moment of my life.
    I intend to share my writing and art in a way that allows professional, creative, and financial freedom.
    I intend to be true to myself… by taking good care of myself physically (weight and health) and emotionally (self-esteem)… and deepening my spiritual journey.
    I intend to be awake to the ways that I can be of service to others.
    I intend to laugh long and hard… as often as I can.

    Thank you so very much, Christine, and my best to all the retreat(ers)!

  • Patricia

    I intend a healthy vessel in which to live. I intend my willingness to affirm change and grow as an artist and human being.
    Thank you Christine.

  • Laura

    I am intending a strong, healthy body, free of pain and fear and a clean energy fueled by foods that feel good to my body.

  • Fiona Purdy

    I intend to sell my original paintings and prints on a monthly basis at my current prices. I am intending to also receive many portrait commissions. I intend for my career as an equine/animal artist to soar in the very very near future and I can be a full time artist.

  • Louise

    Thank you Christine for this opportunity.

    I intend to easily and healthily reach and maintain my goal weight of 9 1/2 stone.

    I intend to increase my income.

    I intend a joyful, happy summer spent with my amazing daughter and wonderful friends.

    I intend to work steadily towards building my own business.

    Again thank you!

  • Barbara

    I intend to own my own beautiful home and be able to pay for it easily. I intend to have an event free pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby in November.

    I am grateful for my family. I am grateful to be able to stay home and homeschool my kids. I am grateful for all the positive things that are happening in my life now.
    I am grateful for the opportunity to glean wisdom from you.

  • Cate

    I intend on devising an intention! I’m so in.

  • carrie

    I intend to easily conceive and birth a perfect, healthy baby this summer.

    I am so grateful for my loving, supportive husband, and our continually improving relationship.

    I am so grateful for our comfortable home, and lush gardens.

    I am so grateful for meaningful work, and interesting hobbies, and good friends near and far.

    I am so grateful for this opportunity, Christine… Thank you!

  • Andrea

    I intend to create a body that is healthy, vibrant, and free of fibroid tumors. I will live in the present moment, forgive myself of past mistakes, and look with anticipation and excitement towards the future. At age 36, I will finally find a wonderful man to share my life with. I intend to notice every day the love that is always around me and how truly blessed I am.

  • Martine

    I am intending to be financially free and have enough financial resources, so I give up my day job and do the freelance work I love and by with I can honor my values and contribute to the world

  • Erica

    My intention is to take care of myself better, which means that I will love my body and eat healthier, control my blood sugar, and also stand up for myself and say no when I have to say it.

  • Kbruns

    Thanks for the chance to be included, someday I hope to be there in person!

    I intend financial freedom for myself and my family so we can have more relaxed, flexible, and healthier lives.

  • Joy

    I intend to fulfill my creative potential, and am grateful for this opportunity.

  • Amy

    My intention is to become a professional photographer. I am aiming to sell my work in 2008, however a lofty goal that seems to me right now. I know if I focus on what I want to do, rather than how impossible it seems to get there with two small children, I can be successful doing it!

    Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts this weekend as I focus on expansion this year in my photography!

  • Kate

    I intend to accept myself completely and live an extraordinary life. I intend to live each juicy day of the rest of my life as if it were the best day I have ever had. I intend to notice the love that is all around me – in my family and friends, in strangers, and in the earth.

  • amelia

    I intend full financial freedom and a joy about money.
    I intend a career as an artist.
    I intend a healthy body and mind.

    Thank you for this phenomenal gift!

  • Maren

    My intention is to offer to others a fusion of yoga with psychotherapy to offer healing of mind, body, and spirit. Another intention is to one day be at one of the Great Big Dreams Retreats; perhaps my hubby has already taken care of this for the fall- one can only intend:)
    Thank you and many blessings to all of you!

  • Lance

    Thank you Christine for this.

    I intend to really find and develop my passions in life.
    I intend to continue to work toward better nutritional habits in my life.
    I intend to be a better friend to others.

    I will be with you in spirit!

  • Colleen

    My intention is to enjoy life to the fullest – even the hard parts – and to love my body through more movement, healthier eating and acceptance.

    Yeah! 🙂

  • sheista

    I intend to be present.
    I intend to live in a body that is healthy~fueled by good nutrition and exercise.
    I intend for my body and mind to be relaxed and calm.
    I intend to be happy.
    I intend to live in my dream home with abundance of comfort.
    I intend to walk in love, be aware and release what I do not need.

    I participated in the March prayer list and my shift has occured. While I sensed something was different, I was not completely aware until I made my intentions today. I’ve come along way! As always, thank you Christine! Thanks, too, to all retreaters and people who comment here.

  • C.L

    I intend to have the courage, inner strength, clarity, awareness and wisdom to choose and live the Life I want.

  • joelle

    I intend to have a healthy, alcohol-free and fit body with a renewed passion for obtaining my MLS. Thank you Christine…what you’re doing is awesome!

  • Christine R.

    I intend to actively continue creating the life of my dreams filled with love, gratitude, abundance and joy!

    I accepted your invitation to join in the last prayer list and, yes, I did (and still am!) experience the shift you mentioned. Thank you so much for your true generosity of spirit and for your well written, well put posts. You are a person who truly makes this world a better place!!!

  • rebecca

    I intend to have a fit body and to be free of crippling shoulder pain.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  • KatherineMe

    I am intending to be attracted to foods, thoughts, feelings, activities, people and events that nurture a conscious mind, body and soul as the pounds melt away to my true-self-size. I am intending blocks to melt away effortlessly, easily and quickly to experience my life fearlessly, expnansively. I intend to witness how love and compassion expanded within myself heals.

  • Ruthie

    I intend to live in joy- nourishing myself, my relationships, my surroundings with the healing power of presence.

    I intend to live in my dream home (421 Fair Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA) with my loving and creative husband, hilarious and sweet children, and gentle and joyful dog.

    I intend to live in love.

    Thanks, Christine. I am a long-time lurker on this blog, finally venturing into the world of comments. I love your work here, your music, your wisdom and have added your name numerous times to my gratitude journal!!

  • Julie

    I am intending to find a new job where I will be appreciated and that will utilize my strengths and open up new possibilities for my life. I am also intending to continue on my artistic journey, following that creative path wherever it may lead me!

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, Christine!

  • pati

    Thank you, Christine! I intend to be me, to attract work where I feel like I’m able to be me and use my talent and skills, to attract a loving partner who loves me for being me and is happy I’m in his life, to be at peace being me. In being me, I intend to honor my life and do things that honor it. I intend to honor my past, yet, go forward. I intend to recognize that others are creating their own intentions. Wishes to all as you read this and for the readings this Friday. Pati

  • Debbie Goodrow

    Thank You, Christine, for sharing yourself, and the power of your gathered friends.

    I will believe in my own capabilities. I will buy this home on my own. I will start new and not allow marketing to make me think I need things I really don’t. I will bring into my life and home only with things that bring me serenity, joy, and pleasure. I will allow negativity directed at my lifestyle and choices to flow past me, unabsorbed. And I will take to heart and allow to manifest the wisdoms I need that Christine Kane has provided.

    I’ll be at work, headset to my ear, the amount of time spent per call timed to the second by my managers. But there in the private space of my own head, there will be a candle burning brightly at 2PM on Friday. Thank you for inviting us to join you!

  • kathyla

    i intend to be light and unencumbered in every way, including having sold our house to someone who will love it. i intend to live simply and be focused in this next phase of my life (law school!), so that i become well-prepared to make the contribution which is mine to make in the world.

  • Karen

    I intend to have a creative, satisfying, flexible career where I can thrive.

    (And thanks for the reminder to be grateful — I have much to be grateful for!)

    I’ll be with you all on Friday.

  • eva

    I intend to let go of the fear, worry and anxiety that are always lurking. I intend radiant health, joy, laughter and abundance for me and my loved ones.

    Thank you for all that you do.

  • Amylia Grace

    I am intending to fully open my heart–overflowing with love–and attract, develop, nurture and begin to sustain a deeply intimate, romantic, supportive, healthy and loving relationship with my sexy and emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually available (and willingly like-minded) potential future husband.

  • Barbara

    I intend to create a nice, juicy project that challenges my creativity.
    I intend to continue working, and refuse to believe that I am finished.

  • Jackie K.

    I intend to live a lighter summer – open to easy days and less fretful ways.

    I intend to continue the path to healthier eating and renewed vigor in exercise.

  • annalisa

    Thank you for your generosity! I am grateful for it…
    I intend to support myself comfortably as a designer/artisan in my own independent studio while joyfully living a life that is attuned to my true purpose

  • Lee

    I’m intending a rewarding job with great benefits and increased income, working towards financial independence.

    I’m intending to share my life with a special loving creative person.

    I’m intending my new passion to be fueled into a career.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of all this!

  • Jen Worden

    My intention is to have a fit strong fast body that will finish Ironman Florida 2009.

  • Mother Earth

    June 6th Best of Mother Earth Blog turns one! I am eeking with gratitude and there will definitely be a candle lit all day!!

  • Danny

    I intend to have a source of income that is fulfilling and rewarding for me and allows me more quality time with my son.

    WE love you appreciate all that you offer to the Universe! My thoughts will be with all of you here on Friday. see ya then!

  • Darla

    I am intending to have a financially secure and debt-free existance. I am intending to live in the present and stop my attachment to ego.

  • Star

    I am intending a healthy body and mammogram that shows healthy tissue. I intend a life filled with love, financial independence, and an abundance of relationships for which to be grateful.

    Thank you for carrying our intents to the workshop with you!

  • Tally

    My life ist just a turmoil for the last weeks. Here comes this offer *thank you* from heart. All backing is appreciated.
    Probably it is impertinent to write so much.

    I intend to live in one area with the feeling that this is exactly the place where I want to live. *home*

    I intend to live a happy and mutual fullfilling partnership. *love*

    My job from August on ist just right for me.

    I intend a very good and inspiring and wishfullfilling journey in summer. *connectiveness*

    I intend on keeping steady on my self-caring programm of *slim*, *fit* and *healthy*.

    Now I – only – have to find out what time it will be here in Germany when it is 2 pm EST.

    Have a very good weekend and heartly greetings to all participants and to all fellow commentors.

  • Mary Miller

    I am honored to be included in your wonderful possibility empowerment gathering, my “go for it!” energy will be there with you all. I am thankful for the prayers from the last retreat, I truly believe that those prayers,along with the multitude of prayers others sent up for me, allowed me to get through chemo with energy and truly feeling great. Blessings to you, Christine, as you facilitate and Blessings to all who attend (in any way) may you gain clarity, focus and energy for your intentions.

    I intend to have a healthy, vibrant, cancer free, fit, fully functioning body and an easy, speedy, smooth recovery from my surgery. I intend to find new ways to develop my creativity, music and comedy in my life.

    I will be recovering from surgery on June 6, if it’s not too much to ask, would you light a candle for me (I intend to feel good enough to light a candle), but just in case…. Joyful Blessings!

  • Kristi Jo

    I am intending a healthy body and full healing from back pain. It’s too appropriate that this was the first example because it’s exactly what I need. I also intend to learn what my body is trying to tell me since i know this is connected to other things in my life.

  • Diana

    I intend a healthy body and full healing from Type 2 Diabetes. I intend healthy and right relationships and full healing in my friendship with Elizabeth.

  • Charity

    I am intending a personally fulfilling and financially rewarding job.

    I am intending close, loving friendships filled with laughter, forgiveness and mutual support.

  • Pat K.

    My intention is to leave behind Victim Mentality forever and embrace a balanced, wholesome outlook and perspective on life.

    My intention is to get rid of another 20 lbs and be at my most fit and healthy weight. The weight has been coming off as I work on my spiritual path.

  • flor_de_vida

    I intend a new career in adult education. I intend to have a rewarding, challenging job where I will learn the skills I need to open my own business by the time I’m 45.

  • joanna

    I am intending a healthy, fit body free of knee pain!

  • Magrethe

    I intend that my body is light, healthy, energetic, and at my perfect weight.

    with thanks and love!

  • Cynthia

    I intend a healthy, strong body that weighs around 140 pounds. I intend a beautiful, balanced life with a home at the beach with my partner and an abundant location-agnostic income.

    Thank you!

  • MC

    I intend to stay focused on my vision and my goals, and to have my company up and running by the end of the year!

  • melanie

    I will find new ways to earn money with my creativity and skills. I will attract great film jobs that are projects I believe in with people who are passionate and respectful.

    I intend to attract supportive, fun, and honest people into my life.

    I intend to love and be kind to myself daily.

  • Michelle

    I am intending to be pregnant with a healthy baby by December. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to sahre this intent. Blessings to all….

  • l.

    I am intending competence and confidence at work. I also intend that the perfect position will appear to me – whether that is continuing to work on my own, or having a wonderful position offered to me by another firm.

  • Holly

    I am intending to be financially free and to work in a job that I love.

    Thank you for this opportunity! Blessings.

  • Dean

    I will follow this excellent advice –

    It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…let’s go exploring!
    –Calvin to Hobbes

  • Caren

    I think it says a lot that when I went to write my intention, I had NO clarity about it. And all this time I thought it was so clear in my head! I’ll work on getting it in writing – thanks for the heads-up!

  • Andi

    I intend to feel light and energetic in my body. I intend to create a wonderful, museum quality body of work for my new gallery representation.

    I am so excited to see what will happen! Thank you for doing this 🙂

  • Mark

    I intend to own my own beautiful home and be able to pay for it easily.

    Thanks Christine, I needed an excuse to get focused today!

  • pisgah

    I am intending to financially support myself and no longer need the help of my parents.

  • Mindful Mimi

    Hi Christine,
    I participated in the last one and I have noticed something shift. I am actively pursuing a more flexible line of work and have ventured out into the real estate business. I am seriously looking into this path to see if I can do this for a living and whether it gives me the more flexible hours that I’d like to have for my kids. So thank you for helping to set that in motion.

    So I’d like to add something again this time.

    I am intending to waste less time and spend it instead on painting more and being more creative.

    After having read your Word of the year post I am not sure yet what the word is for me but it has to do with complaining less (I can’t seem to find a positive word for that but the idea is in my mind all the time now – it’s not working every time yet but I am getting there). So I intend to complain less, to be less stressed, worried, annnoyed. To react less aggressively to people in general and my family in particular.

    Thank you for including me in your prayers.

  • stacey l

    I am intending to deliver a perfectly healthy baby in December.
    At the last retreat I asked for prayers to concieve this perfect baby… and now that I have… I would love prayers for the baby to be healthy and perfect!

  • Laure

    Thank you, Christine, for including those of us who are not able to attend!

    I intend to find the right way for me to “finance” my creative life and be open and accepting of whatever form this “financing” may take as well as to continue practicing the new-found balance that has come into my life since getting rid of my toxic job!

    Again, thanks, and I am there in heart & soul, if not in body!

  • Diane

    My intention is to create more energy and joy in my life by letting go of the past. I need to continue to rid my house of the clutter and things that weigh me down! I will light a candle and be with you all in spirit at the retreat. Thank you and Blessings!

  • Regina

    I am intending to have a calm mind and to be free of the anxiety that has plagued me for most of my life.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Kit

    This is such a cool thing for you to do – thank you for your generosity!

    I am intending to earn enough from my freelance writing to support our family, and so give my husband enough time to make a success of his internet business. I am intending enough energy to find the balance between work and family, so the children still get enough love and attention.

    Thanks Christine, I’ll be with you then in thought.

  • Laurie

    I am living in the now.
    No worries about tomorrow, next month or next year. This minute is what matters.
    Thank you Christine, again, for this opportunity.

  • Irene

    I am intending to eat healthy and fear free. I am opening my heart to the learning experience and playfulness. I welcome each day in this moment.

    I am grateful for this opportunity.

  • thegrapesofrap

    I intend to beat depression or at least accept that part of me and stop trying to run from it.
    Face the fears I have about my creativity “running out” or not living up to expectations of myself and others through my work.
    and I intend to effortlessly and permanently reach my body’s natural slim weight of 108 pounds. I am so happy that the excess weight is just falling off of me. It is a relief. I am happy to finally love my body and the way I look. I feel free and beautiful for the first time in 8 years.
    I am also completely debt free! yay!
    Oh and the career and job that I have been trying to build for myself for years finally seems clear and doable and most of all enjoyable:)

  • jennifer

    I am intending clearer communication with my exhusband.

  • Michelle

    I am intending to become a powerful runner. I will become healthy, but mostly to have fun while running. I’ll run in the Country Music Half Marathon on April 25, 2009. During this journey of running I’ll learn to love my body and what it can do for me.

    Thanks for this opportunity. I reread my post for March. I asked for a new career path. Now, I have a new job. This “Great Big Prayer List” is a powerful thing. I’m grateful for my new job. I am grateful for my home, my family, friends, and my life. I am intending to find someone to share my life.

    Happy Retreating! I can’t wait until I am able to join the fun!

  • Layne Rahbar

    I am intending a healthy body and youthful energy levels. I intend to be an inspirational grandmother to my new grandchild.

  • mereteveian

    I will apply for the job when they put it out in the open for real, and intend to get it!
    I am takeing better care of me and my body, and am grateful for the changes I already see in myself.