6 Simple Steps to Effortless Manifesting (Yet Again!) - Christine Kane

handsphoto.jpgStep 1 – Read these instructions. (See?  Simple! Just like the title says!)

Step 2 – Think about what you want.

Think of the resolution to a challenge you’re facing. Or some kind of expansion you’re intending in your life. Or some area of your life that could use a little energy, light, abundance, peace, or healing.

Step 3 – Write your intention as powerfully as you can.


“I intend success and prosperity as I begin a new exciting path in my life.” = more powerful.

“I am jobless and feeling insane for quitting to start a business. Please help me not be a loser.” = less powerful.

For some, it might feel terrifying to write a powerful intention, especially if you’re scared or hurting. That’s okay.

But just try to remember this: the more of your own affirming mindset that you can conjure up, the better it is for you. If you can’t conjure that up – then read on. Cuz we’ll do it for you!

Step 4 – Comment below.

State your intention or request in the comment box below.

(Note: I can no longer take these by email. The last two times I had hundreds of emails — which makes it hard to print out and take them with me!)

Step 5 – Let go.

Waste no time wondering if you did it right. Or if this stuff even works.  Or if you look stupid.  Or if you asked for the perfect thing when you need so many things.  Or if your boss will know that’s you in the comments asking for a different job.  Or if you should have figured all this stuff out by now.

Let go means let go. Take a breath and let go.

Step 6 – Be grateful.

At some point today, write down or say out loud ten things for which you are grateful in your life. Be grateful that you are learning the lesson that this challenge is offering. Be grateful that you have friends, a roof over your head, a job. Just be grateful for as much as you can.  Gratitude is the ultimate bringer of more. It is the ultimate releaser of drama.


“You’re right. That was easy. But I don’t get it.”

Well, this coming weekend is the fourth of five sold-out 2008 Great Big Dreams Retreats.

At every retreat, I open the weekend with silence and intent.  At that time I take the names of everyone who has commented to this post – along with all of their intentions and requests – and I include them in our circle and in our own prayers and affirmations.

I call it our “Great Big Prayer List.”

It’s a powerful part of the retreats.  In fact I’ve received many emails saying that lots of things changed in their lives after they did this – and that they could actually feel themselves as part of the circle.

Maybe it’s just hooey.

Maybe it’s totally real.

Who cares?

If nothing else, you’ll just get some good mojo going on!

You’ve got nothing to lose. Let us help you get what you want!


***Extra Credit*** Step 7 – Join us.

On Friday afternoon at 2pm EST, join us. Light a candle. Say, “I’m in.” Nod to the clouds.  In what ever way works for you, join our circle with your intent. We welcome you!

  • Kudzai

    I intend for 2022 to be a year of overflowing grace in my personal development, career wise, my love life and wealth wise. I intend to launch my writing career to great success and build upon that foundation to more businesses and greater growth.

  • Leann Wheeler

    I intend success & prosperity as I begin a new exciting path in my life, including a pay raise and promotion to a job I love, a dwelling on Lake Huron, and a M8 in electric blue and
    $575 172.00. Thank you

  • Lerato

    I intend on receiving $1000 000 or better today. Thank you

  • Aubrey

    I intend on turning my trading career into a profitable one with a 6 figure income weekly…I intend on moving into my brand new home and buying my brand new car as well as helping the needy with the money made…I’m grateful and happy for the good people surrounding me and all that I have.

  • Cindy

    I am thankful for God waking me up and grateful for all l have as l move forward in my life with a clear mind towards my future of Abundance Happiness Have Prosperity in my business , helping others to rise. I am strong. Wise,smart,I can and l will rise. Amen

  • Sydney

    I am grateful for everything that I have and everything that I am. I intend financial abundance, prosperity and security, bringing along the freedom to follow my creative aspirations and reach my goal of financial independence and self-sufficiency as a writer. I intend the financial freedom to reunite with my family in the U.S., and I intend the abundance of good health to enjoy these blessings.

  • frank

    I intend to receive knowledge, Power , abundance wealth famous this year 2020

  • Didier Kabore

    I intend to manifest more wealth happiness and Love in 2019

  • abeer

    I intend to live free, peace, prosperty, success , full of love life with my husbend and my kids and parents and my big family,

  • Matin

    I intend to find and marry my suitable husband effortlessly.

  • swati

    i intend to attract all kinds of abundance and prosperity into my life so i can take care of myself, my loved ones and give back to the world.

  • joseph

    I intend to manifest 50,000 euros very soon and bump into my soulmate!

  • kitty

    I intend to lose the weight I have gained and I intend to find exercises that I enjoy so I can become the woman I want to see in the mirror.

  • marianne

    I intend for my husband and myself to live life with grace and ease, in perfect health, prosperity and abundance. Our businesses and other sources of income are thriving and easily bring us a 6 figure income effortlessly and my house and car are completely paid off leaving us virtually debt free.

  • Daisy

    First of all I want to thank God for helping me in so many miraculous ways that allowed me to make my cross country move. I am ectastically grateful for that!!! I already see that I am received here like I am loved and appreciated like I have never experienced–almost like a Rock Star!!! Yeah, I love it! I have gotten a great job and I intend to be spectacular at it! I intend to make $15,000 more than I did at my previous job and to make great leaps of success within the coming months and years. I also intend to make a good part-time income from the business that I have started. I intend to have a FABULOUS new life doing all the activities this state has to offer. I intend to find a beautiful, successful man who is 100% devoted to making me happy and sharing our lives together. That is my intent and I have supreme faith that God will make it so!

  • Michele

    “I intend success in choosing a new and rewarding path in my life.”

    “I intend success in making me a better version of me”

  • Linda Pitchford

    I intend to breakthrough the veil of unbelief in myself, others, and my God.

    • Tori

      I intend to have a thriving successful business where I make one million dollars per year.

  • Ikepo Adedeji

    I intend love and beauty in my life.

  • Becky Hunter

    I intend to work hard but also to allow solutions to come to me.

  • Becky Hunter

    I intend healing for myself, bodily, mentally and emotionally. I intend to know God. I intend to find an excellent solution to my Guston essay by Thursday, making excellent points, to fully engage heart and mind in it, to show up each weekday to work on it, to do the reading, to take risks, to focus on the process not the outcome, to be awesome. 🙂

  • Liz

    I intend to be healed. I intend to let myself be loved. I intend to expect the best. I intend to feel relief and joy. I intend to be reunited with my lover. I intend to be strong and able. I intend to be enough on my own. I intend to be loved and cherished by my lover. I intend to be honest about my needs and wants. I intend to be heard, understood, and to have my needs met. I intend to be adored. I intend to be relieved. I intend to be light-hearted. I intend to notice the joy and love in my life. I intend to sleep well. I intend to get a wonderful message tomorrow. I intend to have sweet dreams. I intend to know the ever-abundant love that is there for me. I intend for everything to be ok.

  • Debra

    I intend to live a life full of abundance – abundant creativity, love, friends, time, patience, dreams, money.

  • Liz

    I intend honesty, confidence, love for self and others, and peace as I begin to open myself to romantic possibilities! I intend to learn from the experience and embrace the moments in love and joy.

  • Dawn

    I intend to be at peace with my life as it is right now, even as I stretch to my most desired life.

  • Dawn

    I intend to create my life as an independent, powerful woman with grace and respect for the people in my life.

  • Neil

    I intend to live a very well paid creative life based on photography and music, doing both of these myself and helping others to do them as well.

  • Carita

    I intend to spend my birthday doing something for others. I will wake up, go to work appreciating my job that provides me with health insurance and when I’m off I will drive downtown and participate in a food drive for the homeless, or battered women or the elderly or anyone who needs love. I hope to kick off a new beginning in my life. A life filled with helping and giving.

    I intend to be together again happy, together again with respect, together again fulfilled with my husband.

    I intend to express myself more honestly and honorably. Make myself over again with gentle hands. I will paint word pictures to communicate what is in my soul. I will write in my journal to organize my thoughts. I intend to nourish my body and spirit with exercise and fruits and vegetables.

    I intend to always look for new opportunities to grow and improve myself. I intend to be able to speak 2 new languages and play the guitar by the time I’m 30.

  • Rachael

    I am grateful for my first freelance art job with red five comics and the exposure to my work that will bring. I intend to quit my job at the Comcast call-center once the contract with red5 is signed since I’m confident that I will be able to make a living off of this job and that this will bring me even more prosperity in happiness in the very near future. No matter what happened, the rent and electric will be paid, I will be provided for, and I will still be able to support myself independently. This is what I was meant to do and if I take that leap of faith, I will be rewarded in a BIG way.

  • suzie judd

    i am grateful and i intend to manifest prosperity through my fitness concepts,my art and through my work in intellectual property.

  • Debbie Dunn

    I intend to continually put clients together with their dream home and offer real estate assistance to other struggling to sell their home in a timely manner!

  • chris zydel

    I intend to ( continue) to get out of the way and to let spirit do its job. And I intend to enjoy the ride!!!

  • eileen

    I intent to allow solutions to come to me and my family.

  • john

    I intend to release fear, and to allow prosperity, clarity, and ease into my life.

  • cindy

    I intend to walk on my treadmill every day.

  • jill

    I intend to love my life!

  • Dannelle

    I intend to be more and more sucessful and prosperous each year.
    I intend to live a long, happy, healthy, prosperous life with Alan.

  • Betsy

    I intend to lead a healthy, loving and open hearted life with the man I’ve been dreaming about.

  • Mahi

    I intend to prepare to the best of my ability for every exam i will ever face.

  • Tracy

    I will confidently use my visual voice to create paintings and drawings that engage an intriguing curiosity within a comfortable familiarity.

  • Bijana Devo, ND

    I intend to create a successful business doing meaningful, balanced healing work.

  • I.S.

    I think I’m a bit late, but hopefully the vibes are still flowing 🙂

    My intention is to produce a three day training session that participating staff will find useful and feel glad that they participated, and that I will be able to teach effortlessly and with enjoyment.

  • LMaxwell

    I say yes to divine favour and opportunities that are coming my way.
    I intend a six-figure net worth before the end of the year 2008!

    Thanks Christine

  • Sonia

    I intend a successful start, financially and emotionally, to the new directions my life is taking me. I intend the release of negative people, situations and emotions holding me back from this goal.

  • Heidi

    I intend beauty and peace for my new house. I intend good communication, kindness, and peace between me and those I love.

  • Johnna

    I intend success and prosperity in my jewelery business. I inetnd to find true lasting love with my soul mate.

  • Nancy Tripp

    I intend to follow my dreams in active and deliberate ways, to be present, genuine, and self employed in my own home.

  • Stephanie

    I intend to find a new home of my own by the end of winter, and create a clean, bright, clutter-free place where I can be completely open to new love, friendship, and creativity.
    I intend to make the most of my freedom and actively pursue love, friendship and creativity.

  • Patti

    I intend to find a job doing something that makes me happy, that pays me what I deserve and is close to where I live.

    Thanks for your prayers!

  • callie

    I intend to allow abundance, release fear, and radiate love.


  • kjayne1

    I intend to remove clutter from my home and my time. I intend to free my space for appreciating, laughing, loving, writing and creating.

    Thank you!

  • Allison

    I intend to create a prosperous, exciting and fun work-at-home situation utilizing my writing and photography skills, to coincide with all the changes coming next August. I intend to embrace all those changes. I intend to live in grace and gratitude and seek the good in every situation. I intend to celebrate my accomplishments, no matter how small they might seem. I intend to continue healing my body and accepting its limitations. I intend to laugh my ass off every day. I intend to have adventures. I intend to volunteer with the orangutans. I intend to continue checking in with myself and nudging myself back on track when I fall off. I intend to keep my intentions!

  • guinevere

    I intend
    to grow spiritually,
    to connect with my family ,
    to create a circle of new friends,
    to rise from the ashes of an old life and renew myself,
    to be confident that my authentic self is ready to emerge and thrive,
    to release clutter and embrace inspiration,
    to not be held back by fear,
    to grow in love,
    to recieve what I need and what I desire,
    to nurture my body and my family,
    to give generously,
    to live in abundance,
    to feel passion,
    to breathe,
    to believe.

    Thank you Christine!

  • Marsha

    I intend confidence and clarity as I make my own values and beliefs important in each relationship with others.

  • Sheila

    I intend to be rich quick.
    I intend to be fully present now.
    I intend to bring emotionally satisfying and financially prosperous work into my life now.
    I intend to act out of love for 1) myself and 2) my family in all things.
    I intend to use time wisely and only for those things that feed my soul.
    I intend to use space in my home for only those items I need and love.
    I intend to pass my boards by March 2009.
    I intend to lose 120 pounds by September 2009.
    I intend to honor my body by eating as naturally and as locally as possible and by no longer choosing to pick up a cigarette.
    I intend YES.
    And so it is.
    I intend to honor the angels and spirits who guide my life and teach me lessons

  • melissa

    I intend to let go of my fear and have faith that the universe will provide me with exactly what I need.

  • SdS

    I intend truth and authenticity in all areas of my life, so that I live my right life and claim the life I was meant to live.

    I intend success and prosperity as I choose and perform my life’s work (work that is a true expression of my soul).

    I intend courage to create a peaceful and loving end to my marriage and to open up to the universe to receive the loving, romantic, and fulfilling relationship I am meant to enjoy.

    I intend warmth, love, security, compassion, joy, and happiness for my son, Adam, throughout all days and especially during confusing and/or unsettling times.

    Thank you, Christine! And thank you to all the wonderful folks at your retreat.

  • Louise

    I intend success and prosperity as I start my new business on Monday.

    I intend strength and peace of mind for myself and all my family as we deal with my mothers illness.

    Thank You as always Christine. Hope you all have a fabulous retreat.

  • einat

    I hope this year will be one of wishes coming true at long last:
    I hope the universe allows me the best place for internship – with the nicest, warmest people, and work that I will enjoy that is interesting and meaningful and will enable me to grow as a person and a professional.
    I hope I don’t get sidetracked by fear – I hope I feel my life is full of passion, adventure, a thirst for knowledge and advancement, warmth and love.
    I hope my health will continue to be strong and well. I want to feel like my body and I are in this for the long haul together – and we will be energetic, agile and very capable and fulfill all of life’s needs together strongly. I hope I will continue to take good care of it and treat it as a friend.
    I hope this year will bring me together with the wonderful man I will build my home and family with – a home that is filled with love, warmth, happiness, compassion, intelligence and laughter.
    I hope this year will be one of great passions awakening but also finding a place of calm and strength from within, and trusting the universe that it will bring me exactly what I need.

  • Kate

    i intend grace and ease – and for my husband to know how much i love him and am thankful for him and all he does.

  • pati

    This is my second post . . . I hope that’s OK.

    I intend to have peace of mind and to be there for myself.

  • Suzie

    I intend that I am healthy and productive, have the love and work I need and desire and am able to give back and share my blessings. Thank you.

  • Kelsey

    I intend health and safety for my children. I intend to release anxiety and trust that our family will be well.

  • kelley

    I intend to have work that satisfies my soul’s true purpose, meets my creative needs and fills me with joy, success, and gratitude for each day of my life. I intend to create a healthy mind, body AND spirit and carry it with me into the world to share with others.

  • Sue

    I intend to reach a healthy weight. I intend to create love and laughter in my life.

  • Steph

    I intend success and prosperity as I transition to meaningful, fulfilling and creative work.

    I intend love and hapiness in my life with my significant other, making peace with the past and moving on with confidence.

    Thank you much.

  • Sukie

    I intend success and prosperity as I trust delight to order my soul and keep pointing the way forward. I intend to “show up” believing in my capacity to succeed and to grow in happiness. And I intend good health, especially for my husband, David–for his heart and his eyesight.

  • harriet

    I intend to schedule for myself 4-day work weeks consisting of 15 massages per week, 48 weeks per year. I will increasingly attract the clients I am best able to serve and will grow with them.

    I intend to begin living with abundance, creatively as well as financially, and always with gratitude.

    It is so.

  • Bettie

    I stop being trapped by wanting others to like me and approve of me. I let it all go. I do my best on my job.

  • Jess

    P.S. Thanks so much for doing this, Christine! Hope everyone has a wonderful, inspiring retreat!

  • Jess

    I intend to finish rewriting my book by Christmas break. Then I intend to be brave enough to share it with some family and friends while I start writing my second book.

  • Amy

    I intend to sell my house and make a profit by January 1st.

  • Sandy

    I intend to have enough time to do all I need and want to do.


  • brenda

    I intend health, wealth, prosperity and creativity to manifest abundantly in my life along with the ability to enjoy it all.

  • glenyse

    I intend to have a thriving creatively-driven business which includes all the things I love to create; personal style, creating baby clothes, accessories, and home decor, and partnering with clients in a visual assistant capacity. I intend to be RICH, WEALTHY, and PROSPEROUS in all areas of my life. I intend not to continue to hate going to a job that does not fulfill me, instead I intend a career of possibilitarian that I create and enjoy daily.

  • Andi

    I intend to allow the good I have already asked for to manifest in my life. I intend to forgive and let go of the past and move into the bright abundant prosperous future which is waiting for me. I intend to reach more people with my artwork and provide inspiration and beauty for their lives. I intend to love me more.

  • Maren

    I intend healing in my mind, body and spirit, complete and total recovery from an eating disorder coupled with healing in all areas of my life.

  • kris

    I intend to envision my desires daily, then let them go, taking comfort in knowing that I don’t have to have them RIGHT NOW. I intend to treasure my anam cara. I intend to stay curious, love deeply and laugh large. I intend to have the courage to steer by my stars and not fear failure – or success.

    “I’m in!”

  • Amy

    I intend completion of a beautiful, loving and fearless book, connection with an agent and publisher who love it, and consequent publication. I intend for this book to be placed on shelves in your local bookstore so that you might pick it up, wonder at it, buy it and be moved by what’s inside.

    And a life as loving and fearless and beautiful as I intend that book to be.

  • Anna

    I intend to never be afraid to: state my desires clearly, define my boundaries and be as fabulous as I want to be!

    Have a wonderful retreat!

  • megan

    I look around at my life and say, truthfully, YES.

  • Elaine Bailey

    I intend:

    1. a beautiful,peaceful, inspirational weekend for all the wonderful women attending the retreat – have an amazing time.

    2. that my house contract exchanges tomorrow afternoon at the agreed price, effortlessly and smoothly and this comes to quick conclusion

  • Gwen

    Opportunities abound. I see and acknowledge them. I step forward and say “YES” to them. I use my hands and mind and talents to work with these opportunities, to create this life full of ease and relaxation and joy. I give hope and inspiration and love to others. I rest well at the end of each day with knowledge that opportunities abound.

  • Keena

    I intend perpetual enormous prosperity and great health, for myself and my family!

    I intend to take the training I want in the new year and from it start a successful, prosperous and beneficial new business!

    I intend for many new blessings to come to Christine and all of us involved in her circle.

    And so it is.

  • Faith

    Ooo, interesting, at 2pm Friday I’ll be headed for my first on-site interview since I was laid off last month!

    I intend to confidently present myself and find myself a job I enjoy at a company that treats me well, where I can be happy and still have time and mental bandwidth to put toward my music outside of work.

  • Lisa

    I intend to have community and strong friendships in my life.
    I intend to discover and fulfill my unique purpose in this world.
    I intend to grow emotionally and spiritually each day.

    Thanks Christine, I will join you in spirit Friday.

  • Diane

    Thanks for continuing to do this Christine!

    I intend to become focused, organized and declutter my home!

    As I was going through things yesterday I heard your voice asking me “Do you really love this?!”

  • Kristin

    I intend abundance – abundant love, wealth, peace, joy and creativity.
    I intend to be fully present in each moment of my life. I intend self-acceptance.

  • Deb

    I intend fulfilling work in writing and photography.

    I intend a harmonious family life, with happy children and partner.

    I intend not to take any notice whatsoever of other people’s opinions of me and to completely ignore any snidey comments.

    I intend to attract like-minded, nurturing friendships into my life and to be a good friend in return.


  • sb

    I intend to combine my inspiration, knowledge and interests to make a good living. I intend to give back.

  • Sam P

    To love and nurture myself and my friends and reap the happiness that brings in return

  • B.

    I intend prosperity to wash over me and fill all the cracks, until I float happily along.

    And I intend creative opportunities to come at me from every direction.

    Thank you so much.

  • Barbara

    I intend to be financially successful and emotionally satisfied at my job.
    I intend to be the friend and spouse that I want for myself.
    I intend to stop the meaningless knit picking and gossiping that I currently spend too much time doing and focus on being a better more accepting person.

  • Karin

    Hi Christine–

    I intend to prosper financially and improve my art over the next five years.

  • Carolyn

    I intend to regain my financial security through the success of my new business.

  • Deanne

    I intend to enjoy the success of merging my art practice with my design business in a way that helps me flourish as an artist and is financially viable. Thanks for the opportunity to post this!

  • Angela

    I intend to be financially successful as an artist, and still stay true to my calling. I intend to live fully and joyously into my artistic gifts.

    Thank you, Christine. You are indeed an inspiration.

  • The Other Mimi

    I intend to continue to build a rich, full, creative life that I love.

    Thank you, Christine! All the best.

  • Anna

    I intend to live in prosperity,abundance and love – to be open to all that enables me to have a successful and fullfilling job and true love relationship.

    thanks for help!

  • hal

    I intend to attract exciting new clients with projects that are truly sustainable and double my income in 2009 as I grow my design practice.

    Thanks Christine.

  • Erin

    I intend to follow my passion and God-given talent of humour and wit, so that by 2010 I may be able to earn at least $50,000 a year using this natural talent.

    I intend to continue my one-week old habit of meditating everyday for 15 minutes!

    I intend to forgive others, forgive myself and be more open to romantic love.

    2 pm Friday, I’m there in mind and spirit. Thank you Christine for this great post, and everyone else for sharing their deeply personal intents. We can do it!

  • Lucy Marsh

    I intend to have a fully supporting and sustainable career in the Asian Healing Arts.
    I manifest love and the ability to love and be open to love.
    I manifest fun, supportive, loving community.

  • Kris

    On my birthday, November 14th, I intend to release the pain of this last year. I intend to let others care for themselves and allow myself the care I gave to others. I intend to live authentically and receive the blessings of this next year with a sense of gratitude.

  • Charity

    I intend a professionally successful and financially prosperous legislative session over the next nine months.

    I intend to maintain my peace of mind and keep a balance with the creative side of my life through the legislative session.

  • Nicole

    I intend to choose love, joy and freedom and to open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life, including money, so that the financial obligations of my family are being met.

  • JL

    Gratitude for all of lives adventures abounds within me.

    Awaken my senses toward my internal guidance to better envision my purposed direction ~ intention toward clarity of purpose in career decisions.

    Blessings to all who help manifest this request into reality.

  • Liz

    I intent to stay aware of my identity as Source while sharing my light, love and joy with the realm. I intend to attract and enjoy great abundance and freedom. I intend to remember oneness always and in all ways. ~ ah ho

  • Jessica

    I intend success, healing, and abundance as I rebuild my life after bulimia; I intend freedom, independence, hope, and joy in all areas of my life, and financial security and bounty as a result of this commitment.

  • Venky

    Thank you for the post!
    I intend to have great health.
    I intend to be a millionaire
    I intend to be a CEO
    I intend to retire at 45

  • Gabrielle

    I intend to open my expressive arts therapy office at a welcoming, warm, light-filled space and conduct my art therapy, creativity coaching, and sandtray therapy sessions with an open heart and nurturing presence. I intend to be successful and prosperous.

  • juniperrose

    I intend to revel in my life as a graduate student, mother, and partner; and I intend to find part-time work that is meaningful.

  • djuro

    Christine, thank you for this.

    I intend to live in the present moment, with complete acceptance, an open mind and conscious existing.
    I intend to give before I receive, to listen before I speak, and to love above anything else.
    I intend to allow my true self express itself creatively and inspire.
    I intend to simplify my daily life and enjoy things that fill my heart with love, paint a smile on my face and lift me up.

  • Joy (your Joy)

    i intend presence in each moment, deep inner peace and vibrant energy, and a body that feels great all the time.

  • KatherineME

    I intend to make $50,000 OR MORE annually, in 3 years or less doing what I love to do and doing it well in the skill, marketing and business areas.

  • kathreen

    i intend financial freedom for me and my family in the form of $10M in the bank by december, 2008.
    i intend and create a present in the the present attitude of living life.
    i intend grace, peace and joy – pure and simple – overflowing, ever-expanding, all-encompassing.
    thanks, christine. love you. – k.

  • debby

    I intend to be healthy, slim, happy in all aspects of life; but especially with myself. I intend love, success, prosperity, adventure, and laughter as I move forward in my life. I intend to release fear and draw in love. I intend to be married to my soulmate within the year. I intend to finally understand that I do deserve everything.

  • annie

    I intend to “declutter” my surroundings.
    I intend to be healthy.
    I intend to laugh often.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Kbruns

    I intend an abundance of love, happiness, time and money for me and my family, so we can live authentic, healthy, happy lives.

  • tiny

    i enjoy my life every moment i breathe.

    i create a prosperous internet business.

  • bonni

    I am fearless.

    I have perfect trust and perfect faith.

    Large sums of money come to me easily, effortlessly, and frequently.

  • Kim

    I intend to know my purpose for this journey of my life and the process essential to fulfill my purpose.
    I intend to stay centered, focus, have positive energy, to have an open heart, mind and clarity on my journey.
    I intend to release all fears and insecurities, especially fears of lack and failure.
    I intend to be debt free. I intend success, prosperity, joy, peace, health and wealth.
    I intend to be a source of strength for others.

    I intent to be there at 2:00pm Friday. Thank You!

  • Ana

    I intend happiness, prosperity, and growth as I launch my life coaching business.

    *Thank you Christine*

  • Allyson

    I intend to flourish- academically, professionally, and socially.

    Wow, I really needed this! Thank you!

  • Gabrielle

    I intend to complete graduate school and embark on a career as a loving and compassionate counselor.

    I intend to be open to and honor my deepest fears and highest hopes regarding my recent proposal for marriage so I can make a comfortable decision.

    Love and gratitude to you Christine!

  • Yes I Can

    I intend to be happy, economically secure, and renewed in my new job. Go, girl!

  • Made To Organize

    Hi Christine! We met in Augusta a few months ago at the Hammonds Ferry Creative Workshop (I’m the professional organizer who sat with you at lunch. 🙂 This is a GREAT post! I’ve finally launched the finished product of my website and have been thrilled with the response.
    I intend to have a fulfilling and successful business.
    I intend to help others and in return will be blessed beyond measure.
    I intend to be the very best wife and mother I can possibly be while still maintaining my creative sense of self.
    Keep it coming Christine!

  • Janine

    I intend to have a full schedule of sessions with ideal clients.

  • Laure

    I intend living happy, enjoying this authentic, joyful life moment by moment.
    I intend balancing this life that is so abundant, that fills my every need and want.
    I intend gratefulness for all that my life is. And is not.

    Blessings to all of you here and at the retreat and especially to you, Christine. Thanks.

  • Charlotte

    I intend healing and self-acceptance above all.

    I intend support, kindness and friendship in my life.

  • Lila

    The green card, please, universe

  • Lee

    I intend to practice patience, understanding and love as my relationship with M blossoms and grows into a lifelong commitment to each other.

  • creativevoyage

    I intend to live in abundance and expansion. To finally understand that I deserve everything. To create the things I’m meant to create.

  • anna

    I intend to declutter my home and release all that is no longer serving me. I intend to expand my business and prosper abundantly. I intend to deepen my relationship with my partner. I intend to release fear and draw in love.

    Thank you, Christine!

  • cmk

    I intend that I am a confident and beautiful person; I thrive as I bring my dreams to life.

    Thanks for inviting us in again Christine!

  • Kristina

    I intend health and wellness as I begin this exciting new path in my life! I am fierce! My body is filled with the limitless vital energy of the universe!

  • Lauren

    I intend to open myself up to all the wonderful things in life and attract those that fulfill me and help me to succeed in my creative pursuits and my relationships.

  • Irene

    I intend health, success, prosperity and laughter as I move forward in my life

  • Irvin

    I intend to get 3 As. No Bs.

    I intend to say no to the projects that are not on my plate already.

  • jc

    I intend complete health and continued success in my relationships
    Have a great retreat!

  • Ronna

    I will be successful and prosperous in my new chosen career! I will also protect my time off work for time of quiet reflection and healing and not allow others to intrude or take me away from that.

  • Lance

    I intend to take my writing to the next level. I have planted the seed, and it is ready to grow. I intend to water that seed, experience it grow, and step beyond what I’m doing now to more fully focus on a writing career.

  • leah

    I intend clarity, positive energy, and forward progress in my life.

    thanks, christine!

  • Fiona Purdy

    I intend to be a successful, financially prosperous full time equine artist by the end of November 2008. I am successful and have abundance in all areas of my life: love, health, joy, money, friendship, imagination.

    Have a great weekend everyone who is blessed to attend!

  • Lauren

    I intend amazing opportunities through my writing, which will resonate with and serve many. I intend wild success for my husband’s new career and the clients he serves. I intend spiritual and financial wealth and prosperity for our family.

  • Angelica

    I intend to be debt-free NOW!
    And how grateful I am for everything! I love my life!

  • Barbara

    I intend great success and fulfillment in my art and my life.

  • Michellle

    I intend to follow through with the potential relationship that’s on the horizon. I intend to believe in deserving the good that’s out there for me and have faith that things work out for the best.

    Thank you! I sooo wish I could be there.

  • Patti

    I hope I’m not too late here.

    My dharma is to be a Yoga Instructor. I have much to share with others. Opportunities have come close a couple of times, but I scared them away. I’m good at desiring, asking & believing, but not so good at receiving.

    I want to start the whole cycle over again – I am desiring, asking and believing – I am ready now to receive.

    Thank you for this opportunity – I am grateful.

  • Ressa

    I intend to succeed and prosper and renovate.

  • connie carpenter macko

    I intend to overcome procrastination and become a focused, centered woman not afraid of possibile failure and welcoming of success.

  • Linette

    I am in perfect physical health and maintain my ideal weight.

    My marriage is everything I want it to be.

    I know my purpose on this earth, the steps required to fulfill it, and the courage to take them.

    I have every material thing I need and want.

    I have a female friend who is perfectly suited for the job 🙂

    Thanks to all who lend their energy to help these things manifest!

  • Tonya

    I intend to be actively involved in gay/lesbian rights and be a positive role model for lgbt individuals.

  • Cynthia

    I intend great wealth, fulfillment, and adventure as I begin this new journey.

  • Jannie Funster

    Could you please include mine as “I intend to kick some boo-tay?” Thanks.

  • Susana

    I intend success, abundance, joy, fulfillment, love & prosperity in all my relationships, and in all my creative & entrepreneurial activities & pursuits.

    Thanks Christine. I love that you do this! That you do it several times a year is beyond spectacular!

  • Marina

    I intend clarity and simplicity in finding a place to live.

    I intend health.

    I intend to open my heart and mind to possibilities.

    Thanks Christine!

  • Michelle

    I intend to love fearlessly, be present to what IS in my life, and move forward from my being rather than doing.

    I intend to nurture my soul, stretch my mind, and feed my body with good food and exercise.

    I intend to love others well and to see opportunities for connection and healing.

    Have a wonderful retreat!

  • pati

    Thanks Christine!

    I intend to keep putting one step in front of the other and to continue working.


  • Jesann

    I intend joy, success, and prosperity to come into my life in a healthy and relaxed way; I intend smooth sailing in my sea of a life and in all my endeavors; I intend to continue healing and moving forward; all under grace in perfect ways.

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Kevin

    I intend to love and accept myself more and to create a new and exciting employment opportunity for myself.

  • jen

    I intend to find the right home in which to be joyful and at peace

  • Glad

    I intend to live a life filled with joy, abundance, success and peace as I purse my new career path.

  • seema

    I intend to be happy, successful and wealthy as I follow my heart and embark on my new creative venture.

  • Tracy

    I intend for my life to be filled with joy, success, health, prosperity and abundance and to pass it on.
    Thanks, Christine. Here’s wishing you a powerful retreat. I wish I could join all of you!

  • Star

    I intend to open my heart and eyes to new pathways for fullness of life. When the Universe inspires; I will act.

    Thank you, Christine 🙂

  • Julie Behm

    I intend success and prosperity as I follow a new path in my life and create my new career as an artist.

  • Jenny

    I intend to have my business continue to grow and prosper in ways that I could never imagine!

    I intend to support and love my husband in the ways he needs most to help heal his pain and open his heart to a new life path. (I’m asking for a little extra white light for him too!)

    Thank you Christine – and Blessings to All!

  • Marie

    I intend to provide for and cherish my family as I learn and grow stronger from the present trying times.

  • R

    I intend to find some direction for my marriage, find a plan to work on it or find the courage to end it.

  • Liz

    I intend to sell my house soon so that I can move into an apartment closer to my job. I intend for my partner to move back in with me soon. I intend for us to focus on where the next phase of life will take us as we heal from the pain of the past eight months.

    Thank you, Christine, for all the inspiration. I LOVE your blog. I made my first vision board today. What a wonderful experience!

  • Kim

    I intend to successfully sell our house, to relocate to another city to attend school for Traditional Chinese Medicine/accupuncture. I intend wealth, health and prosperity for my family and me, living in a state of joy and peace. I intend to a healthy body, to be my perfect weight. I intend to listen.

    Thank you so much Christine. I intend to attend one of your retreats in 2009. Blessings to you all.

  • Emily

    I intend to create wealth and clarity as I live an authentic, joyful life.

  • Mindful Mimi

    I intend to focus on the important things in life, declutter my life, live in the now.
    I intend to enjoy time alone, time with my kids, time with my husband equally.
    I intend to do something creative every day.

    Thanks Christine and have a great retreat.

  • Crystal

    I intend a beautiful, loving, joyful, lasting and supportive marriage with a man who loves deep and wide, accepts beauty in its many forms, laughs often and effortlessly, and moves through fear and toward peace. A man who will hold my hand, hold my head, and hold my heart.

  • Addie

    I intend to love, appreciate, celebrate, care for, and feel at home within my body.

  • beth

    I intend to enjoy the discovery of my life’s passion and incorporating it into my life every day.

  • Pat K.

    I intent to have a smooth and quick divorce and be happily creating and living my totally new, highly creative life’s path, finding the perfect spot in the universe for me to do my life’s work.

  • trista

    I intend to be open to ways to step more fully and authentically into my art and music. I intend to love openly and attract healthy relationships.

  • Stephanie D.

    I intend a smooth, divinely-guided transition to this creative, nurturing life in another city.

  • Kelly

    I intend success and abundance as a new career path opportunity becomes mine.
    I intend true love to come to me so my heart can feel whole again.

  • Linda W

    I intend to live in a place that supports my creativity as a weaver, knitter, writer and beadworker,with my husband, Doug, and our animals. And so it is.

  • Girl Who Cried Epiphany

    I intend to balance my desires for who I want to be and what I want to do with the plan that the Universe sets before me. I intend to be content in the present moment.

  • Agata

    I intend wealth, abundance and success as we start our business, travel and find our perfect house.

  • iris

    I intend to find a job that makes me happy, and to make choicesthat allow me to wake up feeling inspired and excited about my life.

  • Juju

    I intend taking control of my finances, my sexuality, my spirituality, my creativity and my home. I intend letting go of the past and the fear of failure and disapproval.

  • Mark Baker-Wright

    I intend to keep pursuing my true calling to minister to God’s people.

  • lori

    I intend to quickly emerge from this heartbreak stronger, more graceful, and more loving & will draw my soulmate to me by January 2009.

  • Danielle

    I want Dan to realize that we are meant to be together and to take action in making that come true, before it’s too late.

  • Pidge

    I intend gigantic artistic success as I finish writing my solo show, and intend great opportunities and financial fortune as a result of its premiere in 2009.

  • Kit

    I intend success and prosperity with my writing as I discover my true path in life.

  • Muse

    I intend to do work that is equally fulfilling to my soul as to my pocketbook.

    I intend to be healthy, thin, happy in all aspects of life; but especially with my self.

    I intend to feed my soul and not waste time feeling as if I have no time; rather enjoying each moment as it passes, savoring it.

    Thanks for this post. I enjoyed reading it.

  • Kim

    I am going to protect my time off as a time to create what I’m feeling and not as a time to be taken by others and their wants and needs.