6 Snarky Syllables that Steal your Mojo (And the Remedy that Grabs It Right Back!) - Christine Kane

You consider making your first video for your website…

…and this voice pops into your head.

You think about following up with the woman you met at that event who expressed interest in working with you…

…and you hear it again.

You know you should raise your prices…

…but that same voice just keeps holding you back.

You know this voice all too well.

It’s the snarky voice in your head that likes to mouth off whenever you think about being bold, a little decadent, or more self-nurturing.

And it slings out the same six syllables that steal your mojo every time…

“Who do you think you are?”

Usually this voice doesn’t act alone.  It’s a collective.  It’s your worst high school nightmare mean girls mob hanging out in the smoking lounge sneering at you.

Every woman I know has her own version of this mob waiting in the wings.

Even Oprah admits that every time she wanted to achieve more, the first voice she heard was:

“Who do you think you are?”

In other words:  Stay down, play small, shut up, and don’t embarrass yourself. Don’t even bother because you won’t make it, you don’t deserve it, everyone knows it, and they’ll all laugh at you when you fail.

So, next time that voice tries to rob you of your divine right to make a bold move, here’s what to do to take your mojo back…

Answer it.


Who DO you think you are?


A little background:

Many years ago, I told my first coach about some fears coming up around a choice I was making.

I said, “…and all the voices in my head are saying, ‘Who do you think you are?’”

And he looked at me and said, “Well? Who do you think you are?

I smiled and continued with my story.

He cut in.

“Stop! I really want to know, Christine. Who DO you think you are? Tell me right now.”

In a very tiny voice, I told him.

Then he made me say it again in a bigger, stronger voice.

And again after that.

And one more time.

He said, “There. Now you have an answer for your voices.”

And I am STILL living into the amazing results. (Thank you, Thom.)


So, dear reader, here’s your assignment:

In the comments below, answer this question:

Who do you think you are?


Don’t get all lofty or holy on me.

Don’t get all “I’m a divine being, living in divine perfection with power and grace.”

Okay, fine.

True as that may be, if these words don’t resonate with you, you’ll never feel any bolder. And the mean high school girls will put their cigarettes out on your shoe.

Get gritty. Get granular.

Share it with the world, with the mean girls, with your family, with the snarky and the un-snarky, the Upleveled and the Downleveled…

Who do you think you are?

(And after you share your answer, I DARE you to go take that one bold step you’ve been avoiding…)

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May, 2012 and has been given a slight makeover to keep it fresh and current.

  • Barbara Drtina

    Who do you think you are?

    This is who I know that I am.

    I am a courageous woman. I have faced the worst and am now using it for a greater good, that is how I am wired. I am a Honorable, Authentic and Passionate Woman ( these were my core values- the essence of who I am as discovered in a transformational program I attended) I am strong, convicted and I persevere no matter what.

    I am my word – I have integrity.
    I am a seeker, constantly growing and learning.
    I choose Inner Peace
    I love adventure and living joyfully
    I am a risk taker and will go with new ideas
    I have so many talents and have accomplished so much in my life…. I choose to remember
    I am Powerful
    I am Barbara….. I get to be me
    Who do you think you are?

    This is who I know that I am.

    I wanted to post a picture, but it wouldn’t take it

  • Stacie Brethauer

    I am the bomb. I am the shit. I am amazeballs. I am me. An Intuitive. An Empath. A psychic. Energy healer. A natural born, profoundly gifted healer. A modern day Shaman. I am a heartfully invested, show up Mom of three sons. I am a fully present, 100% in with my soul-life partner. I am a Creator. I get shit done and make things happen. I am a Manifestor of all good things in my life. I am the Author and Hero of my Story. I have an extraordinary ability to tune into Higher Mind Guidance and make phenomenal choices that have lead, are leading and will continue to lead to the creation of my Soul-Life. I am an exceptional Soul-Life Guide and Transformational Coach for women who want to make soul centered self improvement and live the life their soul envisions. I am a positive influence on the lives of the people that I come in contact with to guide, coach and share healing with.

  • Neha

    I am a kind, compassionate soul amalgamated with a curious mind, passion for learning and living best lives. I am a free spirited who is independent but yet connected with everyone. Who stands out because she blends in. Who gets heard because she listens. Who gets seen because she observes. Who dares to get up everyday at having a bigger chance at living her life, and expresses creatively, courageously. In doing so, she inspires many others to do the same.

    Exactly how ? I am still figuring it out.

  • Luisa

    I am a mother, a wife and a Personal Trainer… I am a good Trainer because I have lived through being overweight, being a smoker and drinking heavily. I am good at what I do because I understand the hard work, dedication and the difficulties behind wanting to change your lifestyle…. I also have trained and gained the qualification so that I can teach people correct technique so they do not hurt themselves. I am happy with my chosen profession as it lets me be involved with people that want to make a positive change. I love seeing my clients achieve results and also achieve things they never thought they could do. 🙂

  • Dina Kennedy

    I am a truly gifted healer. I do amazing work with people to untangle the energy in their body, whether it’s tangled from physical injury or trauma, the belief system, the emotions, or spirit connection issues. As we untangle and clear the old stuck energy, joy, hope, courage, power and clarity begin their return. I am searching for a way to bring this to more people with webinars and other types of group work.

  • Laurie Williams

    I am a successful artist. My paintings connect people with their hearts and emotions. I sell my work in upscale galleries most notably in Santa Fe. I make a generous income from the sale of my art. I share my life with an amazing romantic partner and we live happily in a cozy adobe near Santa Fe. I am connected to a community of creative people who support me in all the ways I need. I am deeply grateful because I finally know who I am.

  • Andrea Mock

    I am figuring out how to make better dances using literary and rhetorical techniques.

  • Rachel

    I am seeking something better than a world in which good people are abused. I am willing to do the work to create that world. I work until my eyes fail me, until my nerves give out. I do not stop.
    I have been slapped and spit on, but I have never slapped or spit on another person.
    I have been to the highest mountain in Kenya. I have hiked 17 days in the wilderness. I have slept in a snowbank in -15 degrees. I have worked twice as many hours as I am paid for in order to help people.

  • Paula Marie Young

    I am a former litigator now teaching law students and other adult learners how to use peace-building alternatives to help clients resolve disputes. I teach negotiation, mediation, arbitration, consensus building and dispute resolution system design skills, theory, and ethics. I love what I do and I make a difference in people’s lives.

  • Beverly Fast Sinclair

    I am a creative, educated, successful entrepreneur with a heart. I succeed at everything that is important to me. I love people more than things. I am a game changer, an activator and am deeply grateful to God for all the many blessings in my life. I am looking forward to more growth, both personally and professionally!

  • Ninaetc

    I am me. I am smart, imaginative, talented, funny, determined, and brave. I get up when I’ve been knocked down. I am able to help people by understanding their questions before they are asked and I explain things so people at all levels of education and experience are able to understand complex ideas. I get to the heart of the matter and ensure what is important to focus on is what is focused on. I adore my son and am teaching him, by example, to keep on keeping on and eventually I reach my goals. I know I am on the right path. When I have wanted things in life I have achieved them and will continue to do so.

  • Lisa Van Ahn

    I am the voice for every girl who believes she isn’t enough and will amount to less. I am here to share the truth with her NOW, at a young age, that she is beautiful, amazing, and made for greatness. http://www.iaminitiative.com
    I am here to share the secret of self-love (“i am strong”), the truth of self-defense (“i am confident”), and her purpose (“i am powerful”) that BEing positive change uplifts her life and the world. I am every girl!

  • Christine Kane

    Wow. This was an amazing read here. If all of us met in a room together, I think some BIG things would happen! 🙂

  • Mel

    I am a mother of two, I’m creative, intelligent, caring, intuitive and imaginitive. I am strong, determined and am beautiful and I deserve everything I want to achieve.

  • atalanta

    I’m the fucking prize! That’s all there is to it. I definitely am the creator of my world. I haven’t been as deliberate as I’d like but the evidence is all around me. I did that, I did that, I did that? I did that! Damn I did that too?! Now I just have to sharpen this up a little so I stop dragging around so much baggage and random manifestations. Time to get on with the even cooler stuff. Me 2.0! 🙂

  • Christine Kane

    Hey y’all – I’ll be responding soon! I’m meeting with my Gold and Platinum masterminds all week and I want to give them my full focus!

  • Joey Kleckner

    What did you tell Thom? I am interested to know.

  • Stephanie T.

    I am a strong, courageous, amazing, creative woman! I have fought against physical abuse in one relationship, mental and financial abuse in another; I am a survivor! I have returned to school in my later years to learn new skills, I am a thriver! I am stepping forward in my life and my start-up business with a positive attitude! I am donating time to my favorite charity to enhance my community! I am a world changer!

  • Dori Staehle

    I am a teacher, an encourager, a coach, a drummer, guest speaker, and a Mom on a Mission. I will not let bright, creative, and talented kids be medicated with potentially harmful stimulants, just because they didn’t fit the mold of school or someone’s perception of “normal”. I will share the info and techniques I used to help our kids stay off of stimulants and find their own music. I will not let parents be sold a bill of goods by Big Pharma. I will help empower and equip kids and adults to move onto the Next Stage. I have been blacklisted, fired, and involved in an accident which took me out of the game for almost 2 years..but I will not shut up.

  • Nancy

    I am an innovator, spiritual teacher, dreamworker, creative mystic. I have a passion for helping people understand how the messages from their nighttime dreams can transform their waking life!

    Thanks, Christine!

  • Sharon Shelton

    This brief video I made a couple days ago describes who I am! https://vimeo.com/63708120#!
    Deep thanks to CK for her ChristineKane-ness. XO

    • Kim Smith

      Sharon, I just watched your video and it touched me very deeply. You are a strong, courageous, brave, and beautiful woman. Even though I don’t know you, I am so very proud of you. Thank you for sharing your authentic selves with us in such a bold and lovely way. You are such an inspiration! I’m heading over to check out your website and blog right now. 🙂

      Wishing you so many blessings!

      Kim Smith

    • Jo

      I just watched this with tears streaming down my face. Thank you Sharon. You’re amazing! x

    • Dori Staehle

      Loved the video! Beautiful story! Keep on smiling, girl!

    • Beth

      Deep thanks to you, Sharon, for sharing.

      Much love,

  • Amy

    I’m passionate about food. Soul feeding, culture reviving, health promoting, community building, empowering, nurturing food for all!!!

  • Shannan

    Hey voice,
    I am a spiritual teacher, a fierce mom, and a very strong and volunerable woman. I came here to learn, to love, and to help others connect with their own beautiful essence and perfect power. I will not be stopped no matter how long delayed. I am a vibrant woman who knows her own soul so intimately and deeply that it’s painful to deny expression of it’s desires. I am a woman who listens and who chooses to act on my own behalf. I am confident, feisty, determined, humble, enthusiastic, and destined to serve the world with my passion and talents. So back the “bleep” off!

  • Kate

    I am smart. I am funny. I am damned lucky.
    I am too big to keep playing small.
    I am big enough to fall, bounce back up, and say
    What the hell!

  • Rae

    I’m here to steer others on their own paths of self-love and transformation. I have important work to do in the world! 🙂

    • Rae

      Heh, onTO, that is. Whether they continue down their path is up to them. It is, after all, *their* path.

  • Kitty

    I am amazing!

    I am strong (and getting stronger every day!) I am lovable, courageous, creative and funny! I can handle anything life brings my way! Plus, I’m pretty gosh-darned cute too!!

  • Nina

    I don’t know that anyone would ask me that question, and if they did, they would not ask a second time. I am the strongest, most positive, most compassionate person I know, and my friends and business associates would say the same. I am commited to helping others find their strength. Don’t ever grow a wishbone where a backbone ought to be!

  • Herdis Pala

    I am great and pretty cool person!
    I´m working with my clients and inspiring them to become all that they can!
    I´m with resilience and mix of hard/smart working building up my business and finding ways to be able to let the world hear my voice and my ideal clients to find me 🙂

  • Sara

    I am smart, determined, taking steps, learning as I go, and loving myself each step of the way! 🙂 Thanks, Christine!

  • Marianne Morehead

    I am one of the most interesting, strong, creative and loving people I know. I am an incredible leader and innovative thinker. I am an extraordinary teacher of self-love and getting free. I am a brilliant, brilliant ambitious woman who loves making a difference in people’s lives! Yaaaa-Hoooo Man!! 🙂

  • Dominique

    I think I am someone with the potential to make great art.

    • Diane Diamond

      Remove the word “THINK”.

    • Christine Kane

      I’m with Diane! Remove the word “think.” And i would add that you could also remove the word “potential.” Just BE the thing!

  • Denise

    Who do you think you are????

    I am collectively, all the experiences of my life, and the lives of the women I know, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and am grateful for all I have learned. I am a strong, smart, creative woman with a vision, passion, and craft to share. I am ME!!!!! And, I am a pretty cool chick to know!

  • Nicole

    I am a single mom to 3 boys who is determined to go out into the world and make it a better place. I am a massage therapist studying to become a craniosacral therapist so I can work with babies and children. I am a hard worker, I am caring and I love working with people!