7 Mindset Practices for “When the Dirt Comes Up” - Christine Kane

A mentor of mine used to say that when a seed is planted, the first thing that comes up is NOT the sprout.

The first thing that comes up is the dirt.

If you have your own business, you know exactly what this looks like.

You set an intention for growth. And the first thing that happens?  A whole bunch of old stuff (that’s probably not working anyway) comes up and shouts loudly at you.

In other words… you’re literally moving into alignment with your intention but first you have to clear out anything unlike that intention.

Problem is, this is where you get stuck and why nothing changes.  You don’t know what to do when that dirt comes up.

Well, never fear. I’m a dirt-moving-outta-the-way maker of intentions and upleveler of businesses!  I’ve got this thing down.

And just for you – here’s an infographic of 7 Mindset Practices for “When the Dirt Comes Up.” (You can right click on the image below to download it or Pin it and grab it from there.)


INTENTION CREATES RESULTS, for sure. AND it might take some time, some dirt, and some processes.

  • Greg

    How do we get one of these for ourselves?

    • Christine Kane

      Hi Greg – I think you can just control click on the image and download it. Or go to my pinterest page and grab it from there! LEt me know if that doesn’t work!

  • Josh

    Hi Christine,

    I could use some help (7 on chart), I have a personal finance site, http://www.growyourcash.com and I would love if you would be a special guest contributor. The main audience has been college students (my age) and an article like “How to Make Money Doing What you Love” would be wonderful if you could re-package it for young adults about to enter the work force. Entrepreneurship is often glamorized and I think you could really help individuals make a plan with a similar info-graphic like in this article.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

  • Erin Cochran

    Thank you, Christine. The dirt, ohhhhhh the dirt. So much dirt came up during Gold that I couldn’t see the dirt for all the dirt. But what a blessing! All the strength needed to push up all that stuff and see it for what it really was, while at times painful, was exactly what needed to happen. Thank you again for your guidance and for creating the lovely garden bed where we could all sprout together and grow stronger because of it!

  • Roxane Lessa

    It seemed like the whole first year of doing Gold was an exercise in shoveling manure. Don’t get me wrong- good things were happening, but not at the rate i wanted. Looking back now, it’s evident that I was clearing up a lot of big stuff at the same time. I feel and act much lighter now. Momentum is building. Thank you for your brilliance.

    • Gina

      Roxane, thanks so much for sharing that. I definitely feel that’s where I am right now, and even though I tell myself I’m not the only one, it’s so good to hear someone actually say it.

      Much gratitude,

    • Karen Lynn

      I appreciate hearing this, too, Roxanne. Thank you!

    • Christine Kane

      That’s great Roxanne! And yes, it’s true, in your first year of coaching/masterminding, there is clean up of dirt. Now you are poised to thrive! (And from what I see on the Gold Elite forums, you are now kicking some serious butt in year two!)

  • Kelly Ruta

    Good Morning

    I LOVE this CK thank you so much!!!

    One thought…I teach a lot of this stuff myself….how do people like us share what we are learning with and from each other without feeling like we are borrowing, stealing, copying or otherwise being shady LOL. I deliver it in my own authentic way but want to make sure that I am giving credit where it is due!!! XOXO Kelly

    • Christine Kane

      Hey Kelly – i JUST answered this on today’s UYB Q&A call – so listen to the recording!