7 Online Tools that Unleash Your Creative Beast - Christine Kane

In this age of content marketing, there’s a lot of pressure on entrepreneurs to produce content – i.e. be creative – on a consistent basis. That pressure can sometimes dampen rather than ignite creativity.

Hey, it happens to all of us.

The ideas slow down…or dribble to a full stop.

Or a brilliant idea emerges, but it’s just that. An idea. And making it happen is another elusive step altogether…

And I don’t want to hear any of this “I’m not creative” business, either… We are all creators.. It’s how we’re wired.

That said, sometimes our creativity needs a little help, or a little focus. 🙂

Read on for 7 great online tools, to take your vision from idea to reality…

1. PicMonkey: Taking images from meh to omg!

One of my favorite online image editing tools is PicMonkey, at www.picmonkey.com. You can do all the basics: standard cropping and image fixes, as well as add text in fresh fonts, and hip photo effects like “Polaroid” or “Bokeh,” all for free…

Want to make that perfect “Facebook banner”-sized image? Oh yeah, it’s in there, along with one of the easiest-to-use collage tools I’ve found.

Go forth and make your viral meme, visionaries!

2. Fiverr: Get creative help – on the cheap

Need a logo? A graphic? A book cover designed? Voiceover talent or a cool new intro for your videos?

Fiverr at www.fiverr.com offers an affordable way to shop talent and produce graphics quickly. True to its name, every gig starts at $5.

You can get all kinds of stuff done, and fast – but I especially like it for easily outsourcing graphic design.

3. Imagination Prompt Generator: Cure for writer’s block…

The Imagination Prompt Generator at http://www.creativity-portal.com/ will, at the click of the button, provide you with a starting point for your next blog post, journal entry or conversation.

Three clicks gave me these juicy jumping-off points:

I’m truly afraid of…

Money is _______, and here’s why…

What superpower would you choose to have?

It’s like brainstorming with a creative friend! Love it.

4. Portent’s Content Idea Generator: Skip stressing about your next title

Looking for the title of your next blog post, article or opt-in reward?

Let this fun little app make it up for you!

In the same genre as the Imagination tool, Portent’s Content Idea Generator at http://www.portent.com/tools/title-maker is easy to use, playful and visually appealing.

Just type in your general subject, and Portent’s will offer up a different title with each click, and humorous commentary along the way…

Here’s what came up for the topic “kittens” – which – by the way – you will never see as a topic for one of my blogs. Like, ever.

20 Ways Kittens Can Make You Rich

Why Kittens Beat Peanut Butter on Pancakes

What the World Would Be Like If Kittens Didn’t Exist

Hey, who knew you could build a title using kittens and peanut butter?…

5. Coffitivity: Free your mind! And the ideas will follow…

Research confirms that a little distraction is good for the imagination…

If you find your brain functions better against the background, mildly distracting noise at the local coffeeshop (think of it as sociable white noise) –

So, bring the coffeeshop to you: on Coffitivity, https://coffitivity.com/, you can listen to the ambient sounds of your favorite café as you create.

In fact, I’m listening to “Morning Murmur” as I write… I can practically smell the coffee brewing.

6. Spotify: Free your mind! With music…

In the same vein as low-level distraction, or brain candy, music is not only good for your soul – it cultivates the rich soil of creativity, inspiring your own masterpieces, big or small.

(Because, it’s not always about writing the great American novel, right? Sometimes it’s just a Facebook post… or a tweet!)

On Spotify, at https://www.spotify.com/us/ , you can listen to music for free (with ads, or for less than $10 a month, listen ad-free)…

And with browsing options under Genres & Moods like “Deep Focus,” “Brain Food” and “Workday – Lounge,” you know you’ll find the perfect soundtrack to nudge your next brilliant idea free from the murky depths.

7. Haiku Deck: Putting it all together…

Haiku Deck (https://www.haikudeck.com/ ) is pure presentation paradise… When you’re looking to create a kick-butt, sharp-looking presentation that tells your story

And “presentation” is a slide show that can be projected, shared, posted, or embedded on a website or blog.

Basing their process on expert recommendations, Haiku Deck makes it easy – and fun! – for you to create simple, visually stunning, powerful presentations.

This is a great site to visit for inspiration… and see what some of the other creatives are putting into the world!

Because you’re one of them.

Creativity isn’t a talent, it’s a birthright.

Let fun and self-expression be your guide, and use the above 7 tools to connect with your inner creative… and connect with your tribe.

Looking for a way to connect your creativity to your goals? Vision boards are a fun, visual way to open up to possibility and make real what you authentically want to manifest: it’s a collage with intention. My ebook, The Complete Guide to Vision Boards, is yours, free for the downloading, and will walk you through the process, step-by-step. Give it a try and add it to your arsenal of creativity tools.