8 Things You Get When You Order My New DVD - Christine Kane

side-angle2.jpgDid you know that my new DVD was released last week?

It’s called “Live at the Diana Wortham Theatre.”

I’m now officially announcing this DVD release to the readers of my blog.

So — did you know that there are very real benefits to getting my DVD?

There are!

Eight, in fact! Eight whole things you get just by ordering my new DVD…

1 – You get real High-Definition digital filming done by real High-Definition camera crews.

Okay, let’s admit it. There’s lots of indie concert videos out there. Some guy holds up his cell phone and films the concert behind the head of a girl in a cowboy hat. And then they burn a DVD and charge money.

Not me.

I sang my heart out on stage while camera crews trudged all around me and tried their best to make me nervous. In other words, I suffered so you don’t have to. (The Catholics taught me well, didn’t they?)

2 – You get inspired!

I want people to be out in the world living big. I want people to shine and be radiant and make cool things and know their amazing value in the world. I want people to know that they can follow their dreams. That’s one of the reasons I perform at all. That’s also why I teach.

So, there’s a special bonus feature on this DVD. It’s a 25-minute interview segment. I did this for you. It’s a little bit about me, but it’s mostly about learning how to be creative, conscious and courageous. In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s the tagline of this blog. It’s about inspiring you to live fearlessly. (Oh, and there’s some great footage of my dog, too.)

3 – You get 17 songs.

You get 14 songs performed by me with three masterful musicians backing me up. And 3 songs of just me solo. That’s 17 songs in all. You can see the song list by clicking here.

4 – You get more than just songs.

After almost every performance of mine, someone walks up to the CD table and says, “I want a copy of the story you told about the dog bakeries. Do you have that anywhere?” Or they want the story about going camping. And I’ve always just shrugged and mumbled something about figuring out a way to do that.

Until now!

This is the only place where I’ve recorded the in-between-song stories people have asked for. I’ll now be retiring these stories, and finding other things to say between songs. (Gotta go to a few more dog bakeries or something, I guess.)

5 – You get FREE shipping!

Everything in my store comes to you with no extra shipping charges. That means you don’t have to pay any extra to have someone deliver me to your door.

6 – You get entertainment by this weekend.

If you order today, it’ll get there by the weekend. (Unless you live in Cape Town. Or Germany.) We’ll put it in today’s mail, and you should have it in time so you can cuddle up and hide away during this weekend’s latest global warming weather phenomenon. Spring snowstorm, tornado, geyser… you’ll be ready for it! It’s like NetFlix. Only better. And more personal! And you get to keep it! Or loan it to friends.

7 – You get $118 of unexpected income.

Here’s how I see it:

If you were going to my performance, then you’d first have to buy the tickets. Average price is $15 each. So you – plus your friend, spouse, dog or daughter. That’s $30.

Then there’s gas to drive to the venue and back. I’m thinking about $57, unless someone gets impeached within the next month.

Then you have to buy dinner. Assuming you’re not stopping at the drive-in at Sonic, that’ll be about $41. (Don’t forget to tip well, okay?)

Then your dog (okay, your daughter) would want to stop by the CD table to get a poster to tack up next to Hillary Duff on her wall. (Really – this does happen in some rooms I’m told.) And you’d probably buy a CD. That’s $15. (The poster is free cuz I like kids. And dogs.)

Add all that up and you get – mumbling noises while she calculates – $143!!! The DVD costs only $25. That’s a PROFIT to you of $118. Are you telling me you want to lose out on $118? If I may be Suze Orman for a moment… “I don’t THINK so!!!”

8 – You get to feel better about yourself.

So, the concert ends with a song called The Problem with Jazz. And we mess it up! Right at the end! Right at the last drum beat! The band falls to pieces. Not only do we mess up a song — but it’s the end of the whole evening!

Now, as you know, these things can be edited. We could’ve re-filmed it. We could’ve even cut to a different shot and taken out the sound. But I was in the editing suite, and I said, “Nah. Let’s leave it. It’s funny. ”

Here’s why I left it, really: If I can screw up the ending of a show in front of 400 people and thousands of other viewers, then you don’t have to feel so bad if you mess up, say, at your office in front of five or ten or twenty-five people. Or when you give a speech. Really, it’s a way to make you feel better about yourself. Most music videos don’t offer such a raw glimpse of human foibles. They’re all edited and perfected, and so you don’t get a chance to see the human side of performing.

Well, now I’ve changed that trend! By next week, you’ll see videos of Celine Dion tripping over one of her dancers and falling face first onto the stage and then laughing it off as she hoists her sequin gown back over her left buttock. Just you wait!

So there you have it.

Now here’s how you order it:

Click here.

Or here.

Or here.

And you know how to walk through a website shopping cart. It’s easy. It’s secure. And did you know there’s free shipping?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. For $5 extra, you can get a special “Backstage Guitar Lesson” DVD with an hour long one-on-one guitar lesson with me. It’s mostly about how to play a few of my songs – but it’s also a lesson in open tunings and how to use them to write songs.

P. P. S. Any questions? Email me: christine@christinekane.com

  • Howard A. Landman

    Hi Christine,

    I love your music, especially Right Outta Nowhere and Overjoyed, which have inspired me and helped me through some difficult times. I would echo the request of others to at least put the chords online so that those of us who want to learn your songs and sing them have a somewhat easier time of it. (I’m guessing that Right Outta Nowhere is in an open tuning, maybe open G / Spanish / Taro Patch, but even with that it’s hard to pick up all the chords from the video.) Also, it would be nice to have a list of the songs covered in the Backstage Guitar Lesson DVD. You wouldn’t try to sell a CD without listing the songs, would you? Of course not. Why should an instructional DVD be any different?

    I know you’re busy, and I wouldn’t want you to feel that I was asking you to do work without any compensation, so tell you what. You put the chords for either Right Outta Nowhere or Overjoyed online, and I’ll teach you George Kahumoku’s Grandfather’s Secret Tuning. Deal?

  • grasshopper

    Sounds a bit like a newspaper salesman. “You get $200 worth of coupons in the paper each week so why don’t you pay the small subscritpion fee.” $118 or $25, still represents money unavailable. Like your vision though, keep on.

  • Christine Kane

    hi beaker – you’re the first person to notice this. my graphics person flipped the photo to make it work on the website. (she’s not a musician.) and she couldn’t use it if it were the other way. so we figured that most people wouldn’t notice. so we left it. no, i’m not ambidextrous! thanks for noticing!

  • Beaker

    I have been reading your blogs all of an hour now, thanks to the suggestion of good friend Danny, and already you have changed my life! I chose to leave a comment on this particular blog only because it is relative to my point. Are you ambidextrous on the guitar? I ask because your photo on the top of the page suggests you play left handed. The cover of this DVD indicated you play with your right hand! Just curious, from one musician to the other! Have a wonderful week, and thanks for being here!

  • Wilson R.

    I’ve been to different places and countries due to my job. One of the last places I had the fortune to live was beautiful Alaska, where I met somebody at work and we connected and became friends. And while watching your DVD last night with my wife I said: The best thing about having met this guy in Alaska was that he introduced me to Christine Kane! Ever since, 4 years ago, I have to listen to your music at least once a day, wherever I am. And your DVD, it’s just fantastic! Your style is absolutely great!

    Great work. My wife and I had a lovely evening watching your performance. All I can say is: it was brilliant! Looking forward to getting the next one!

    Thanks a million!


  • Swan

    Thank you Christine!
    ~ Swan

  • Christine Kane

    HI chickiepam, Thanks very much. I’m glad you liked the show! I’d be happy to be placed in between a chihahua and a rabbit…

    Hi Swan – Thanks for the kind words, and I am honored to be on your blog links!

    barb, you could strap on a guitar for your poetry readings, and then just tune it in between poems. and the fact that you never actually PLAY it would give audiences something to ponder. 🙂 (now you know why i’m not a marketer.)

  • barb

    the dvd is great. I really appreciate your leaving the the “early drummer” exit on the dvd. I appreciate the “human-ness” to it. love having a r ecording of the stories.. have to say that I wish I had a guitar to tune and really great stories to tell in between poems. thanks for taking one for the blog. (cameras, lights, action) barb b

  • Swan

    Christine; I have become addicted to your blog. I check it daily for updates; it has become part of my morning routine. I find it so inspiring, I have put a link to your blog on my blog. I will, naturally remove it if you would not like to be associated. You have my email address, which is also listed on my site. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like me to remove the link. Good look with your music and life. ~ Swan

  • ChickiePam

    Hi Christine,
    I didn’t get quite the savings you predicted, but then I’m not “normal”! I did bring a friend AND my daughter, but we ate at home and went out for coffee afterwards. I doubt that it took a tank of gas to make the round trip to the concert, and I only paid $5 for parking. I didn’t buy any CD’s (cuz I already have them all) but I did buy the DVD. I didn’t know that you had posters, or there would be one on the wall in my daughter’s room right next to the chihuahua with the spike collar that’s too big and says “Big Dawg”, or the cartoon bunny that says “It’s cute how you think that I’m listening”. I’m sure that she will fix that at the next concert! But I’m still happy with my concert experience and the DVD is wonderful. We watched it last night.

  • Christine Kane

    Thanks Ed! Glad you like it!

    Michelle – It’s a PROFIT, not a SAVINGS! You’re actually MAKING money!

    Hi Dave, I, too, am one who has memorized the CC # for quick web check outs. It really does help get these things done quickly! Thanks for ordering!

  • Dave Amphlett

    Just spent 5 minutes reading this blog entry. Very enjoyable. Then about 2 minutes ordering the DVD (ok so I’ve memorised my credit card number, I know that makes me sad!). Now I get to spend days in happy anticipation waiting for it to fly across the Atlantic 🙂

    Having watched a couple of the video clips you have on your website of you in concert I have no hesitation ordering the DVD 🙂 I’m especially looking forward to you helping me on my guitar technique.

  • Michelle

    #7? I had no idea there was such a savings involved! 🙂

  • Ed Brenegar

    The DVD is fantastic. I’m going to put it in my car’s DVD player so I hear the intros as I drive. Everyone at home loves it. Thanks.

  • Christine Kane

    nancy, joy, meg, and kay – wow. thanks for your additional thoughts and very very kind words. in the real world, i’d have to pay for such advertising! joy, i don’t think lao chi is in the dictionary yet. but i know lots of people who have them! many hugs and kisses to each of you! 🙂

  • Kay

    Cheers!! So now you have convinced me to buy another one!!
    I had already purchased one….and got it really fast…and
    enjoyed it OH SO MUCH!!! Even ordered the guitar one and
    don’t even play and am not even interested in learning to play…
    just thought it would be fun to watch…Guess what? Found out
    the next day that my friend is taking some guitar lessons
    soon….and would really like the DVD!!!
    Placing my order online was super easy….and at first, I had
    ordered 2 so that I could send one to a friend…then I and
    decided to just share mine after I watched it…..Will just
    keep my copy and ORDER another from your site to be sent on to
    my friend….
    REASON # 9 PAY IT FORWARD….take “all the good that you do”
    in your dvds and songs and interview and guitar lesson and
    send it on to someone else….

  • Meg

    Bravo! What a great performance! The music, the setting and the stories were just fantastic. I have not been able to see Christine live yet and this is the perfect solution until I can do so. The interview is wonderful, too. Christine has such insight, and shares it with such authenticity…I am amazed at how much she has to offer her readers and music fans.

    I watched both the concert and interview twice over the weekend and have been playing the concert in the morning as I am getting ready for work. What a nice way to start the day 🙂

    I am enjoying the DVD so much that I just ordered a copy to donate to my local public library. I am sure that others in my community will enjoy her music and insights as much as I do.

  • Joy Langtry

    I just spent a very enjoyable part of my afternoon watching your DVD, Christine, and it was wonderful! The quality is great, the music is terrific, and I just love your sense of humor!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your art and talent with the world! I can’t wait to share it now.

    BTW, there should be a Wikipedia entry for “Lao-Chi” 🙂 Although I haven’t checked yet… maybe there already is?

  • NancyCz

    There is a reason why there are so many places to click to buy. Because you should do it. NOW!

    I got mine the other day and my mom got hers yesterday. I was stopped in Canada (last pit stop on our way to Detroit) when my mom called my cell phone (very rare indeed!) to wish me luck (BIG INTERVIEW!). And then I said, “Ma… did the mail come?” and she said, “I think I just heard him…” so I told her she should go get the mail. I haven’t heard her so excited since we surprised her with tix to the NC ballet! Happy Mothers’ Day to her, indeed.

    The DVD is so much fun! And the guitar lesson is great!