A Free Gift to Uplevel Your 2011 - Christine Kane

The success stories you’ve been reading over the past few weeks are REAL.  They are also effortless, challenging, fun, authentic, exciting, expansive and rewarding.  (There’s more to come, too!)

And the ONLY thing each of these people had in common is this:

The each gave themselves a gift.

They each honored themselves enough to take the time before the new year began – and ask themselves some deep questions about what they truly wanted in the coming year.

In other words, they stopped “hoping” and started “creating.”  Most of them used the Word of the Year Discovery Tool to get clear, be real, and stay aware.  That’s why I created it.  Because you absolutely have the power to make 2011 rock.

Download the Word of the Year Discovery Tool now. Then, sit down with your journal, a legal pad, your moleskin, whatever. Grab a pen. Light a candle. And bless yourself with your own attention and focus.  And let me coach you into your wisest, most authentic self so you can hear your own true answers so you can start creating your own true success…

It’s almost 2011. Let’s do this now.

Click here to download your free Word of the Year Discovery Tool.

  • Jennifer

    Now that we’re well into the new year, I find my word is still a handy compass…keeping me on track with my intention. Thanks again, Christine!


  • Tiffany

    Thanks for this workbook, I’ve shared it with my mom and others. Also thank you for your word of the year posts over the past few weeks, they’ve been keeping me uplifted during a rough time. Here’s to an outstanding 2011. 🙂

  • Vickie

    Very helpful worksheet! I’ve shared your link on my blog.