About - Christine Kane

When I started out, all I wanted was a record deal.
I wanted someone to discover me. Or rescue me.
Preferably both. Then something weird happened.

While I was busy bootstrapping my ass off being my own manager and agent …

I stopped caring about record deals and being discovered.

I wrote hundreds of songs.

I released 7 CD’s and an award-winning DVD on my own label.

I got an office.

I started a blog, and my iTunes sales went up 300%.

I hired people. I fired people.

I performed over 250 dates a year.

Along with my art, I tirelessly studied marketing, sales, psychology, systems, and um, how not to take everything so freaking personally.

Then something even weirder started happening ...

...after my shows, people would pull me aside when I was done signing CD’s. They’d say things like:

“I want to quit my job and live my dreams. How can I do what you do?” (Mind you, I didn’t have a “coach-y” stage act. Somehow they just felt called to ask me these things.)

So I’d take them backstage and tell them everything I knew as I packed up my gear.

That’s when I started hosting these cool retreats and taught this stuff to my fans.

The first retreat sold out. I offered another one. That sold out, too. Pretty soon I was doing five each year in between my tours.

And then I took the second biggest risk in my life—I left behind my music career to start a super cool coaching company called Uplevel You.

Some people call this “Reinventing Yourself.”


I think it’s just what happens when you listen for the calling (and you’ve learned to trust what you hear).

Now, people ask me: “How did you go from being an artist to being an entrepreneur?”

(And they’re not always nice about it. They’re like, “WTF? You used to be cool, man!”)

So yeah. I’m an entrepreneur. But not in the hipper-than-thou Silicon Valley venture capital kind of way. I never had a single investor. I started both my music business and Uplevel You from scratch.

Turns out, entrepreneurs and scrappy artists have a lot in common.

I think this is why I’m really good at teaching people this stuff. I wasn’t born with it or raised on it. I watched as my clueless self learned to do it all step-by-freaking-step. (And I took very good notes.)

So at Uplevel You, we teach business, marketing, systems and sales in a way that quickstart, ADHD, creative, spiritual, unfocused, and idea-driven people can actually get it, apply it and, well, make shitloads more money.

The great thing right now is that anyone can start and run a wildly successful business.

If you wandered into one of my closed-door private mastermind groups, you’d find that no two business owners are in the same industry. It’s not your typical room full of coaches and internet marketers. Our clients are and have been:

No matter what your dream is, what your business does, how overwhelmed you are,

(or how convinced you are that underneath it all you’re an imposter …)

… you can totally do this. In fact, if you’re like most of the people I work with, you’re sitting on a gold mine (both inwardly and outwardly) and don’t even know it.

Wanna find out for sure ?

Well, let’s start with your mindset, okay? Click here to get the Abundance 4x4 coaching session and pin-up tool. This is an unconventional immersion into the practical abundance mindsets every business owner must have. It’s like getting a closed-door private coaching session with me. (And it’s totally free.)

In the meantime, I’m really happy you’re here. Let’s connect and see how this amazing tribe and I can help you Uplevel your business, your strategy, and yes, your soul. In the end, that’s what we’re all here for, right?