"At Least You're Not Bored." - Christine Kane

This was what my coach said to me every time I’d have my little fits about the overwhelm of growing a business, the challenge of writing songs, the massive amounts of to-do’s there were, and all that I was learning and becoming.

He also reminded me to take lots of naps because expansion takes energy, and naps are good for self-care and energy.

And then he’d say to look at it this way: So many people are thoroughly bored with their jobs and their lives and the same old same old. It’s an honor to live a life that’s exciting and interesting and challenging. I do remember that. I’m going to assume that if you’re even reading my blog at all, then you are one of those people who isn’t bored either. Put that on your gratitude list tonight! And I’ll put it on mine. (Along with my dog. She makes it on there quite a bit!)

So, I leave you with this short post as a way to appease Starbucker, who long ago remarked that I could occasionally write shorter posts. (If you click over to his site, read his most recent post about 5 words. It’s a keeper!) This is also a way of weaseling my way out of blogging right now because I’m writing songs, and I’m editing a new DVD to be released in March, and I’ve moved my office, and I’m working with several people re-doing my whole website, and it’s all very NON-boring. And for that, I am grateful! (And for my dog, too!)

  • FollowTheMusicalRoad

    From one musician to another, I enjoy your blog. Hopefully mine will be half as successful as yours. Cheers!

  • thodarumm

    You always bring a smile to my face. This is what I wrote to somebody in an e-mail:

    “My life is busy, my 7-year old is so much fun, my 16 year old is just like a 16-year old, my house is a mess, but I love my life as is. Write to me once in a while”.

    Another one of my friends replied to me , “I am crazy busy too”.

    And I smile, I love this crazy busy life, I feel so blessed to have it all and am definitely not bored. Yes it is a privilege to have this life and I am eternally grateful for it.

    Thank you 🙂

  • Susanne

    Oops, I meant to comment here a couple of days ago, the comment section didn’t work and I forgot all about it until now. Here you have my comment from three days ago (I saved it when I found that it didn’t get posted.):

    I remember when my husband and I met he promised me life with him would be never boring. And I thought, “What a promise is that? I don’t have problems with being bored at all. I don’t need my life to get more exciting.” Well, and it has never been boring ever since…

    Thank you for reminding me to put that on my gratitude list. I thought I might want a little boredom or at least a little “so, what can I do next?”. But at least it is never “same old, same old”. I’m happy to hear that you’re editing the DVD and hope all goes well with it and the office-moving and whatnot. I hope you take time for naps yourself.

  • Erin Blaskie

    I couldn’t agree more! I love this – I think it totally encompasses what life as an entrepreneur is all about. In fact, the beauty of this saying is that it is the one reason I began my business – boredom. I was bored in my daytime job so I began my virtual assistance business on the side and now, I do this full-time and wouldn’t want it any other way!

  • David Jackson

    OK, so the dog is back on the grateful list. Swear you won’t leave the dog and the take-out food in the car together again without adult supervision.

  • Joy Gardner

    I love it when people come along with the right word to diffuse anxiety and insert a different perspective. “At least you’re not bored” is a humorous way to set you aright when you start to feel overwhelmed with busy-ness. It can be a gift.

    Used in another context, it can be a way of dismissing your feelings quickly, which may or may not be respectful. But I understand the meaning here…

    I find I am rarely bored. I can amuse myself in the simplest of ways. If there comes along an idle moment or two, I simply rest in the peace which is at the core of me, and it’s very restorative, and even inspiring from time to time. So here’s to busy schedules that keep us out of ‘trouble’ and leading productive lives, as well as those wonderful moments in between to stop and smell the roses…spoken like a true gardner! LOL!

  • mary katherine

    Yay puppies and interesting lives! (and kitties too – don’t wanna leave them out or there will be hell to pay at my house.) I’m finding myself waking after about 6.5 hours of sleep these days excited to start the day, I used to be an 8-9 hour sleeper every night and was a do I really have to get up, just five more minutes person. My body is worn out at the end of the day (I do get naps in on my days off) but my spirit is happy to have had a great time. 🙂

    Enjoy all the stuff that’s on your plate right now.

    And I like long posts – that’s obvious on my blog!

  • Caren

    Hmm… hope this doesn’t post twice! My apologies if so –

    But you didn’t weasel your way out of blogging! This *is* blogging – non-perfectionistic, real-life kind of blogging. And it’s perfect.