"Be My Record Label" Gets Cranking - Christine Kane

I just returned from New York City where I finished the first round of recording on my upcoming CD.

Many of you know that I launched a site called BeMyRecordLabel.com less than 2 weeks ago.   We’re still working out some of the design kinks.  The important thing is this:  The site was created to invite people in on the process of making my next CD – and also to give people the opportunity to Pre-Order the CD before it gets released.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be posting a blog to this site as usual.  In the meantime, I wrote a post yesterday at BeMyRecordLabel asking readers if they wanted to hear some of the early attempts in the studio.  I got a big response.  So today, I posted about the writing and early recording of the first song.  It’s called “Virginia.”  Click here to check out all the unknowns of the creative process and listen to the song.  The process will unfold all week.

(Be sure to check out the Pre-Order Package Options while you’re there!)

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    Congratulations on your first round of recording !