Blog Days of Summer - Christine Kane

Summer is winding down.

I’m going take this week off from blogging. I will post again on Tuesday, September 4. This summer has been busy with lots of travel and performing and teaching. This week I’m doing the very thing I recommend to my readers – I’m filling the well. I’ll be spending some time at the Outer Banks and some time at Sullivan’s Island. Have a great week everyone! (And feel free to talk amongst yourselves in the comments!)

  • Michelle

    Yes, I had to take a break myself. August was getting tough with trying to keep everything going. But I hope you feel back and refreshed soon.

  • mk

    Hiya Christine! Hope that you’ve had a lovely time away. I’m writing to you on my new laptop – how exciting!! 🙂

  • zach

    Hope that you are enjoying yer vacation. Vacations are awesome. Best wishes. I’ll be sure to pick up your new album one of these days.

  • Malcolm

    Enjoy your time away Christine. You’ve earned it.

  • Caren

    What? The week’s not over *yet*? sigh… 😉

  • Katherine

    We’ll miss you but you are so smart to do this! Kudos to Stephen and M, too!

  • sheista

    Have a safe, fabulous week off!

  • Pam


    Have a great vacation and enjoy the last days of summer. I just wanted to write a quick comment about your new CD set (Friday Night in One Lifetime). I received it in my mailbox last night couldn’t get to the CD player fast enough for my first listen. Amazing! Inspiring! Funny! Just listening to your songs and stories made me happy.

    Thank you!

  • Mindi

    Have a wonderful week away!

  • m

    sounds marvellous! I’ve just finished a two month job and am having 3 days off to catch up on myself before finishing off the loose ends. Much breach walking I hope and sipping coffee slowlyin my garden

  • Amita

    Here’s hoping you have a great week off,Christine.

  • Heidi

    Hi Christine!

    Justin and I just wanted to let you know that we had a great time at the show.
    You just have to come to Minnesota more often! And hopefully with some hours of free time not being spent at the Genius Bar!

    Enjoy your time away from the blog. We’ll all be here when you get back.

    ~ Heidi

  • Petra

    Christine–So glad that you are taking the time to recharge. You’ve earned it! I honestly don’t know how you do it–your concerts, recording, traveling, blogging. You’re an inspiration! Anyway, enjoy your Outer Banks week (what a lovely spot).

  • jane lee.

    *surf’s up.

  • Stephen

    Christine (and everyone): I’m in the middle of a two-month break that I gave myself to “fill the well” and recommend it wholeheartedly. Initially I thought that I couldn’t afford to take the time off; now I realize that I couldn’t afford not to.

  • Caren

    Have a wonderful week off!

  • Christine Kane

    hi michelle! i haven’t sent that out yet. (i wrote a note about that in the newsletter i sent out last week.) i’ll be sending an email to everyone who wrote to me about it next week!

  • Michelle

    Hello to all Christine’s readers. Has anyone gotten her information on the e-seminars? I am just not sure when she was sending that. Thanks!