Bloggers are from Mars, Songwriters are from Venus - Christine Kane

My last post was called A Crash Course in Blueberries. It was inspired by an overheard conversation in a grocery store. It wasn’t about blueberries exactly. It was about delight. My title was a veiled reference to Catie Curtis’s CD, “A Crash Course in Roses.”

One of the commentators was slightly miffed at my choice of titles. He was hoping for advice on all things blueberry: where to find them, how to bake with them, how to pick them. I failed to deliver my title’s promise. There I was. Writing “Blueberry Soup for the Soul.”

You’d think I’d learn by now. After all, I’m a devoted reader of Copyblogger, ProBlogger, Remarkablogger, and Anthropomorphablogger. (I made that last one up.)

According to my gurus, the one immutable law of blogging is to write great titles. Not just the kind that Google likes. But the kind that hooks readers instantly and makes them want to read more.

Otherwise, someone is going to show up at your blog looking for blueberry recipes and there you’ll be. Providing terrible customer service.

(Do you think anyone returned Catie Curtis’s CD to Barnes & Noble claiming that there wasn’t one single piece of advice about roses on there?)

This is where songwriters (and all artists) get into trouble when they blog. It’s just boring to write every post in reverence to the Google Gods. It’s tiring to try to hook people with every headline. Words are fun. Veiled references are fun. And song titles… don’t even get us started on how much we love song titles.

So, my advice to blogging artists and songwriters is to mix it up. It really is true that writing magnetic headlines is in fact one sure-fire way to get readers to your blog. And it’s fun when you witness the Google results after you try a few headline tweaks.

However, it can get a little stale too. So honor the fact that you’re an artist. Otherwise, you’ll lose the passion for blogging. And you might even lose your readers who enjoy a little variety and playfulness themselves.

Just remember that someone might just get upset that you didn’t provide the cobbler recipe he was seeking.

  • Kate

    I just very recently found your blog and I love it. Several years ago I received two of your c.d.’s as gifts. When I saw a comment you left on Martha Beck’s blog (I love her too), I checked yours out. You just go ahead and write about whatever you want and title it whatever you want. BTW I had some wonderful blueberries this afternoon.

  • Michael Martine | Remarkablogger

    I’m a favorite? Really? That just made my day! Search is such a gamble sometimes, for both the searcher and the searchee (is that a word? it is now!).

    The number one search term on my blog is, now, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, time will tell) is: sex. That’s right. Sex. Because I wrote a post called Twitter is Like Sex. Go figure.

    Thanks for being so entertaining and unpredictable. That’s a great combo. 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Ah well, this is what happens. There are many disappointments in life and some fabulous surprises that you might never have found if you didn’t get hooked by an interesting title or tagline. I’ve gotten much better at searching for things I need by being more specific. Google is great about giving you what you ask for. Search for blueberry recipe and you’ll get a whole list of ’em. Want tips on growing a blueberry bush of your own, try blueberry growing tips. Just dreaming of blueberries and want to do some general wandering around with other blueberry lovers, yeah, just type in blueberry. For search engine geeks, this is fun

  • Danny

    I saw the title of this one, pondered your citizenship on multiple planets, and marveled that you juggle it so well. 🙂 Then I started to read it…

    Great show, as always!

  • Christine Kane

    Thanks for the notes!

    lance and joe – so sorry to disappoint! 🙂

    And yes, kim, – there is an intense marketing mindset to blogs. But as always, it totally depends on your vision and intention for your blog.

    And, I , too, have been eating pretty much all fruit since that last post!

  • Kim

    We’re supposed to write titles for our blog posts so we can be googled? Good grief. And here I was just titling my posts so I could remember what they were about when skimming through the past archives.

  • Joe

    Hey Christine,
    And I thought you were going to tell us all about your daily commute from planet to planet. 😉

  • carey

    i for one really dug the catie curtis reference. 🙂

  • Deb

    I agree it was a great title and the commenter obviously was not a regular but just Google Blueberries which at best is fraught with hazard.

    And I love this title too.

  • Wendi Kelly

    ok so I will admit that even though I knew it wasn’t really about blueberries I went right to the kitchen and had a bowl of fresh fruit salad with blueberries in it.
    It was a delightful post and a delightful bowl of fruit. What’s not to like?
    Anyone who is a subscriber here is going to understand your creativity and if she stumbled on to here because of blueberries then Great!

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to every post.

  • Tammy

    The great thing about blogging is that one comment, one moment, one tiny little snippet of an experience in your life can lead to an inspiring post. I figured you were finding something in your blueberries because that’s how you roll, and I am glad you don’t really follow the rules. I have been reading your blog for over a year and it’s because you write what you want to write. Keep it up. Is the new CD on itunes yet?

  • Lance

    Darn it – here I was expecting to learn more about these bloggers they have discovered on Mars!

    It’s one of the things I really like about your blog is the creativity in your titles and posts. I say, though, that someone searching for blueberries and getting your blueberry post still can pick up some great info from a subject unrelated to their intended search.

    So, keep us guessing, and surprised with your titles and how they relate to the blog post that goes along with it.

  • Diotima

    Christine, I loved your blueberries post! It was kind of synchronous, as I had just written one titled “Blueberries and Changing Times” the week before on my blog, It wasn’t really about blueberries either. 🙂

    But speaking of delight, to my mind there are few things more delightful than wandering out in your nightgown and bare feet to pick a breakfast of raspberries and blueberries on a perfect summer morning — something I’ve been doing almost daily for a few weeks now. And no strain on the inheritance!

    Now, I think I’ll go make a cobbler…

  • Mark

    Thanks for this post Christine. I’m with you. I don’t blog for google. I blog for me and my readers, for creativity’s sake, and try to have fun with the headlines.

    For the record, I don’t know why your commenter was so uptight about your blueberry headline. I saw it as a metaphor immediately and figured you’d do something creative with it.

    Besides – your blog isn’t called “Christine Kane’s Favorite Fruity Recipes.”

  • Walter Hawn

    Seems to me that you delivered just fine. I expected to hear why blueberrys are good for the creative soul, and I did. I heard that indulgences are not necessarily sinful and decadent.

    Blueberries aren’t in season here, yet, though. So I got me some strawberries instead. With heavy cream.