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There are certain kinds of books that just make you want to crawl under a blanket, sip tea and become friends with the author. By the time you finish the book, you’ve got a new relationship. Even if the author never knows who you are, you know you’re friends. She’d like you and you’d like her. Finishing the book is a little sad because that connection is gone.

Joan Ranquet is that kind of author. I picked up her book Communication with All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator because I was interested in reading about animals and the work she does with them. I got so much more than that.

Ranquet’s words offer more than just the observations of an animal communicator. Communication with All Life is a funny, authentic, spiritual, centered, and informative book about animals, awareness, health, and the deep and important role you play in your companion’s life. In addition to the many stories and examples from her clients and their pets, the author gives sweet examples of her own learning process with her animals to convey this as well.

This book doesn’t try to prove whether or not someone can communicate with animals, though there is one section describing telepathy. Communication with All Life recognizes that there’s a connection, a oneness of all things. And that any part of that oneness can tap into any other part of that oneness. In fact, Ranquet occasionally references other authors like Abraham-Hicks, and applies some of those teachings to our relationships with our pets. She does this with ease and practicality. No woo-woo stuff here.

As I re-read the book for this review, some sections said identical things to what Eckhart Tolle and Oprah are saying in their web seminar…

Animals’ ability to just be and not question their existence makes them seem more spiritual. We humans are so far away from “just being” in our everyday life. If it isn’t bills, it’s taxes; if it isn’t taxes, it’s what color to paint the bathroom; if it isn’t the bathroom, it’s forgetting to send off an RSVP for that party…it’s always something. As a result, there are miscommunications and breakdowns in our behavior. Or we have unclear ideas about how to proceed when our pets get sick. Ultimately, the depth of love that animals express to us is so profound that there are no words to explain it.

Sometimes the greatest thing you can do – even if you don’t necessarily belive that it’s communication per se or that you get any secret messages from your animals – is to just “be” with them and connect on that level of One Mind… Sometimes that’s all they’re waiting for.

Ranquet also suggests the very thing I wrote about in my last post: that our thoughts, our beliefs and the pictures we hold of our pets have great power. She suggests that if you’ve rescued a dog, you eventually let go of the “sad story” about the dog’s past abuse. Stop telling it over and over again – which only keeps that energy alive. (There is also one section called “The Myth of Multitasking.” Her dog, Olivia, teaches us why it’s not a feasible things for humans to do!) Ranquet also teaches readers how to tap in and listen to their own pets.

Much of the advice of the book is geared towards us humans creating a mind and an environment that is clear and peaceful and connected. The book is not just about healing animals. It’s about healing ourselves. The animal stories are amazing. I can honestly say that just reading the book created a little more harmony and connection between me and my furmily.

Any of my readers who have pets will love this book. That’s why I’m writing about it. I love to share my little discoveries with my friends. This is one of those discoveries. And you, dear reader, are my friend.

Two true stories:

1 – I read this book over a cloudy drizzly weekend. Every time I sat down to read it, all of my pets (3 cats and a dog) would gather round as if they knew what I was reading. They would all scrunch up beside me as I read. It was almost like a purr and love fest surrounding the book. I could hardly move for all the bodies!

2 – When I got back from the grocery store, Atticus (my cat) was on the coffee table lying across the book, looking very much in love with it. I took the hint and sat down with him to read.

  • Fleur

    You are simply fabulous and I’m so glad I found your blog! Thank you in advance for all the amazing things I’m going to love reading and learning from you 🙂

  • Laurence Musgrove

    A poem of mine on animal communicators:


    Climbing up the wooden stairs
    From the damp and low hung
    Basement into the curious eyes

    Of the worried couple, she reported
    That she had indeed spoken
    With the crowd assembled below,

    Presented the choices as instructed,
    That is, leave or the exterminator
    Would be called straight away—

    Not the choice the wife preferred
    (She who had searched online for
    Child-proof options to traps and poison)

    Better they choose another home
    Or the nearby farm of easy corn.
    So when huddled for her report,

    The husband doubtful of silent talk,
    The animal communicator smiled
    And nodded, an ear even then to

    The high debate pressing on below,
    Confident a resolution still possible
    Given the rats remained divided.

    Laurence Musgrove

  • Imelda/GreenishLady

    That is such a lovely post. Although I no longer have a living companion animal, my dog is still very present in my life, and the truth of what you say here, and the excerpts from the book is really clear to me. I learnt so much from Trixie, and she loved me even though I didn’t always stay as present to her as she would to me.

  • Christine Kane

    andi – that’s great news! I’ve gotten several emails from people with similar exciting stories. that prayer list is powerful stuff!

    thanks mags!

    jenny – he gave you “this time last year?” that’s definitely an old one! thanks for the kind words…

    katherine – i’m so so sorry to hear about our dog. and i KNOW that she doesn’t even NEED to forgive you – because she never judged you in the first place. really and truly, this book might be a great thing for you to read right now to guide you through the letting go process. i’m sending you (and your doggie) lots of light and love this morning.

  • Katherine

    Hi Christine,

    What a wonderful article. I need this book. Yesterday I had to euthanize my sweet little dog. She and I had been together 13 years and she was in pain. Although there was no question medically that the decision was right, my feeling was so strong that I was letting her down and letting her go too early.

    I’m sure she forgives me because that was her nature.

    Again, thanks for the book suggestion.

  • Jenny

    Thanks for the recommendation! I will be reading it sometime soon. There is nothing better than having an animal to just ‘be’ with.

    My husband surprised me with your first cd last night! I’m always talking about your blog and we both love the free song your provide, so he thought it would be a nice surprise. It was, I love it!

  • Mags

    It sounds fantastic, Christine, thanks for letting us know about it!

  • Andi

    I just had to share a story about your recent retreat. I had asked for courage to send out my work to galleries. On the very next Monday, a curator from the Canton Museum of Art called and asked me to send information for a potential show next spring! Having that receptive audience has helped me to break through the blocks I had in creating my other packets. Today I am sending out the Canton packet as well as one to Fiberarts, and will be sending my first gallery packet by weeks’ end. Thank you so much and thank you to the wonderful group.

    And to relate to the post, my friend Anna recently read a book called The Ancestor’s Tale, which tells how we are all related in terms of our DNA to all life forms. This sounds like a wonderful companion to your book. I will be asking our library about them both. 🙂

  • Christine Kane

    Hi Irene – My belief is that you can change anything at any point! Why not just start with intention and see what happens? Make it an experiment. (Believe me, if i healed bulimia – you can definitely heal allergies! I was a wreck!) It might take time though. My allergies went away when I started working with homeopathic stuff.

    Diane – After I read Joan’s book, I was walking through a field with my dog. And she was bounding all over the place – and she saw this guy walking towards us and she gleefully bounded over to him. He said,”Wow. This is the happiest dog I’ve ever seen in my life.” And I could feel myself wanting to tell him about how abused she had been when I found her, etc etc. But I just took a deep breath and said, “Yea. She really is!” I found that there was so much SPACE when I did that. None of the heaviness. I didn’t see Nightline (no TV!) but it sounds pretty great. My dog shows me how to do downward upward and sideward facing dog every day!

    fivecats – patticus is the wisest soul he knows!

    hey barbv – great! it’s a fabulous read.

  • BarbV

    Thanks for the recommendation Christine. I will be running out to the bookstore today!

  • fivecats

    obviousy atticus padicus is a very wise soul.

  • Diane

    I know many people that have rescued animals. I’d never thought about it before but that is usually the first thing they will tell people about their dog or cat. I can just see a dog thinking “enough already…that is the past!”

    Did anyone else watch Nightline last night? There was a segment about “doga” which is yoga with your dog. I didn’t see all of it but what I did see was amazing! Even hyper type dogs relax and chill out! Downward Dog takes on a whole new meaning. Thanks for the the book info!

  • Irene

    Good morning Christine,
    As I was reading your post I kept wondering since we can change our behavior I wonder if I can change my allergies. I love cats and attrack them all the time. As for what Joan Ranquet talks about the animal just being is true. They are great teachers. The last cat I had Fluffy all white and blue eyes was my rock all the time. She knew when I needed something. Her presence always brought calm in my body. There is so much to learn. Thank you and thank you