Business or Pleasure? The Traveler’s Guide to Unwavering Happiness - Christine Kane

When you travel, much of your time is spent reacting.

Regular business travelers know this all too well.

“Annoying Thing A” happens.

“Business Traveler B” decides what to do.

Some days are a constant impetus/response pattern. Some of us get good at it.  Some of us pride ourselves on our inner peace in spite of Annoying Things A, B and C.

But here’s the kicker:

Even if we learn how to react well, we’re still reacting!

That’s why your choice of how to use your non-reactive time is a key to unwavering happiness when you travel.

It’s about getting pro-active.

So, here are 10 tips for ANY traveler seeking unwavering happiness…

Tip #1 – Simple Self-Care.

No, I won’t tell you to go to a spa in your spare time.

However, I will tell you to…

sleep when you’re tired.

…pull off at the next exit when you have to pee instead of making yourself hold it.

allow extra time to get places.

Travel takes energy.  When people don’t practice self-care in healthy ways, they reach for it in unhealthy ways.  They eat hub-cap-sized plates of pasta and grease, claiming they “deserve it.”  They drink alcohol.  They watch TV to numb out.

This isn’t self-care. This is self-medicating.

One is pro-active. The other is reactive.

Tip #2 – Discover Audiobooks.

Many years ago, I decided to turn my vehicle into a “school.”  I started listening to books on business, coaching, and spirituality.  Not only am I always learning, but it makes a huge difference in how I show up to my destination.

Tip #3 – Use Intention

Before any new segment of travel, set an intention for your travel.  You’ll be surprised how your intention determines your outcomes.

Tip #4 – Make Mantra.

Create a simple affirmation. Say it often. Say it when you’re waiting in line. Say it when the plane gets delayed. Use it to center yourself. Challenge yourself to say it a thousand times in one day.

Tip #5 – Board the Plane Last.

When the gate agent calls the zones, let everyone else trip over each other so they can then stand in the hot jet way punching their cell phones.

Give inner peace a chance. Wait until the final boarding call to board.

Tip #6 – Work out.

Nothing uplevels your mood like a great heart-thumpin’ work-out!  Wake up a little earlier, or find the hotel gym after you check into your room.

Tip #7 – Get Help.

I used to lug around my suitcases, and my computer bag.  I rented the cheapest cars and dragged my butt all over the place to save a few extra bucks per day. I prided myself on my thrifty stamina.

Now, I pride myself on hiring a car service to pick me up at baggage claim. I’m not into struggle anymore.

Get massive support when you travel.  The extra $50 you might spend costs less than a visit to the chiropractor when you get home!

Tip #8 – Wash off your travel

If I have the opportunity, I always take a shower after I fly. I call it “washing off the travel.”  If nothing else, shower before you climb into bed. Try not to sleep with your travel still on you.

Tip #9 – Forgive unexpected expenses

You rush to the airport in your rental car after the conference. There’s no time to fill the tank. You end up paying $45 for a teaspoon of gas at the Hertz desk. Argh!

Travel expenses like this can make you crazy. You can spend the day beating yourself up or criticizing the world for its unfair policies.

Don’t waste your precious creative energy!

Travel is filled with lots of unexpected expenses.  Your money will get spent because of A) stupid things you did, B) unforeseen situations, or C) the fine print.

Do yourself a big favor.  Breathe and let it go because A) you’re traveling, B) you’re wealthy, and C) you’re worth it.

Tip #10 – Think Ritual

A business trip is not the time to start a new diet or yoga practice.

You can, however, keep small daily rituals.  Write in your gratitude journal, even if you feel tired. Wake up 15 minutes early and remind yourself of your intentions for the day.  Personal rituals put you in charge of your day.

Got a favorite travel tip?  Share it below please!  We UPLEVELERS love each other’s wisdom!


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  • Louise Hodges

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    • colleen mahon

      I don’t think you should be allowed to put commercial messages on Christine’s blog. I feel that this message is spam!

  • Raederle

    I always reserve the day before I travel for preparing food. So all the packing is done not on the day before, but two days before. That last day I focus on making myself snacks, preparing and cleaning the kitchen. It’s wonderful to come home to a clean kitchen, and it’s even more wonderful to not be stuck eating airport over-priced junk food or fast-food along the side of the road.

    Instead, I bust out with my turmeric muesli, nori wraps, (recipes on my website), or home-made carob/cacao bars. Delicious, nutritious and way less expensive than eating out.

  • Kristy

    “I’m not into struggle anymore.”


  • Sherri Boles-Rogers

    I always pack my mindfulness bell. By now, I’m so conditioned by its sound that I can immediately get to a calm mindful state. I put it on my dresser in the hotel room and invite its lovely sound first thing in the morning (as I set my intentions), before I go to sleep, and anytime I walk into the room during the day. It helps me to pause and remember what brought me to that hotel, to that particular travel…and into that moment of NOW. See ya in Atlanta Christine!

  • Laurel Winter

    I like to take a bag with a nightlight & a mini surge protector & a sleep mask. If I’m traveling by car, I take a power strip with a 6 foot cord, because hotels frequently have too few & badly placed outlets. That way the computer & the phone can charge by the bed. I have new folding laptop stand that will be fun to take along — makes it easy to have a standing desk (stretch while you work) or a bed desk so your laptop doesn’t bake your lap. Also, when road tripping, I bring my 8-lb weights so I can work out in my hotel room or at relatives’ homes — good to do at the standing laptop desk as well.

  • Alexandre L’Eveille

    I love the audiobook tip…I have my iPod stocked with good reading both edifying and entertaining. It becomes a luxury to sit on the plane and just enjoy a good book—something I don’t have as much time for as I’d like on a daily basis.

    I also plug in my iPod when I’m just traveling around town in my car. It allows me to use drive time productively and It help keep me from sharing colorful driving critiques of my fellow road warriors (well, lessens it, anyway) and converts the irritation of driving in moments of pleasure.

    • Christine Kane

      Alexandre – I’m addicted to my iPhone for those very things too!

  • Anne

    Great article Christine.
    I travel every other week or so for work and almost always by plane. One recent difference I made, was to pay for membership to the USAirways club myself (my company doesn’t) and this makes a huge difference when I can sit somewhere comfortable if there are delays or a layover.
    I also think it pays to spend a few minutes understanding what is in your hotel room when you travel – ask for a fridge or a coffee pot if they don’t have one in there. Or better still, choose hotels that have microwaves and fridges. It saves you having to eat out EVERY night. It sounds exotic to people who don’t travel, but it gets really old. Also find somewhere close to your hotel that provides the sort of food you like. I generally dislike scones or muffins or whatever for breakfast – I need something less sugary to start my day. So I make sure I know where I can get something tasty and healthy. (I also take apples and other little snacks for times when I really can’t get something decent!)
    And lastly as an introvert that spends a lot of her day with people (deliberately and enjoyably), I have to know when to say no to evening activities. I take plenty of books, or I take an evening to catch up on work, but being comfortable forgoing the social events (unless there are compelling reasons) makes my trips much more balanced.
    Thanks Christine! And have fun in Atlanta!

    • Christine Kane

      Hey Anne – I’ve probably seen you in the club once or twice! 🙂

  • Siw Cathrine

    Wonderful tips, Christine! Just what I need when I leave Norway and Europe on Friday to go to you Uplevel Live event! So much looking forward to it. And at the same time being nervous for travelling so far and alone. I definitely will find a soothing mantra 😉

    Have a safe trip, Christine – and you all in the Uplevel World

    • Christine Kane

      Can’t wait to meet you in person Siw! Peaceful happy travels!