CD Release Announcement - A Friday Night in One Lifetime - Christine Kane

afniol.jpgMy new CD is called “A Friday Night in One Lifetime.” (Click here to get it.)

Lots of people told me that they actually tried to put my DVD into their car stereos so they could listen to it on their way to work. Many of you might snicker at such blatant non-technical behavior – but it sounded like something I would probably try!

Alas, DVD players and CD players are not Equal Opportunity Devices.

So, seeing as how I’ve learnt (you can use this word in Australia) all about customer service, I went back into the studio to create a CD version of the performance. (Actually, Van Atkins did all the work. I just watched him and bought lunch a lot.)

Here’s the deal:

It’s a double-CD of a live performance. It’s the same performance that’s on my DVD — but there are a few more stage stories and banter moments on the CD. (And each one gets its own track – so you don’t have to listen to them every time!)

This CD was also re-mixed and re-mastered for better stereo listening.

You can buy it today. Right now. Just click here.

My shopping cart has free shipping too!

p.s. I’m performing in Raleigh-Durham this weekend on Friday night. And Hampton, VA on Saturday night. If you live nearby – or if you know anyone that lives nearby – show the mainstream media that blogs have power! Come join me!

p.p.s. Thank you!!

  • elaine1

    Thanks for the value/tax thing – very much appreciated!!!

  • Nic Wise

    Thanks Christine – I may just order the CD when we get to the UK… 🙂

  • Christine Kane

    i didn’t pay kay to write those things up there! i promise! thanks kay!

    hey elaine – glad they arrived. (we always rate the value of them lots less so that you don’t have to pay heavy duty taxes (or whatever) on the delivery!)

  • elaine1

    …they arrived this morning!! A Brilliant double album Christine – many thanks!!

  • elaine1

    Can’t wait for mine to arrive… though there currently is a postal strike in the UK…just to tease me!!

  • Kay

    It is a super double CD!!! The stories in between are pricless and the songs and sound are terrific. Even though I already owned the DVD and the songs from download and your other CD’s, I am really glad I own this Friday Night in One Lifetime double CD!! I noticed just yesterday that the song “I’m With You” has a beautiful instrumental piece in the middle that is not in the Right Outta Nowhere CD. Many thanks!!!

  • Christine Kane

    hi nic – the official release date (to radio and stores) isn’t til september. so it won’t be for a while. plus – there’s the issue of all the banter and stories between songs. it makes for a lot of tracks. so we have to figure out how iTunes could even work with that. i’ll keep you posted!

    thanks tammy! it was so good to see you in new hampshire last month. what a great surprise and joy to see a fellow blogger twice in one summer!

  • Tammy Lenski

    Woo hoo! Congrats on the new release and can’t wait to be able to enjoy it away from my computer or tv!

  • Nic Wise

    Is there an ETA on release on iTunes?