Change to My Blog Archives - Christine Kane

This is just to announce a small revision to my blog. I believe it is a major improvement.

You can now click on the word Archives over there in the sidebar to the left of this text, and you will see an INDEX of all of the blogs I’ve written. They’re listed by DATE POSTED and TITLE. (Before, they would just all appear, text and all, in order. It was completely overwhelming.)

Go ahead and try it. I’ll wait here til you come back.

See? Now, wasn’t that easy? And so much fun! And so much cleaner and more organized.

(Feel free to write a comment below about how easy and clean it was for you.)

You can also click on any of the MONTHS below the word ARCHIVES to view just the articles for that particular month. All blogs are listed by title and day of the month they were posted.

So, if you’re a new reader and you wish to go back and look at the articles you’ve missed, click away, and share articles with friends.

(Plinky background music begins.) We here at the corporate offices of Christine Kane are always working hard to make things a little easier for you, our loyal customers.

(In fact, if we were an airline, we’d still give you pillows. Unlike the airline that flew me (Pillowless! For four hours!) to Salt Lake City this weekend.)


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  • barb

    well, I can’t do RSS (my home page is and I am particularly loyal as the owner gets me out of any mess i make) BUT I could do the archives. Mary Katherine, I just finished reading The Power of NOW 1.5 times ( I think I have the basic concept. take care y’all barb

  • christine

    Hey Karen! The only spot I perform in Nashville is the Bluebird Cafe. I won’t be back there til November. Thanks for asking!

  • Karen

    I will hope to get more familiar with your blog I have learned so much from the few blogs I have read
    And now I know you are a country singer I am going to the Grand Ole Opry Sat July 22 Any chance you will be there
    That would really be cool

  • christine

    I TOLD you it’s a great book!

  • mary katherine

    David, thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.

    Christine, I just read chapter 2 of Tolle’s A New Earth – gives me a whole new concept of the voices in my head!! WOW.

  • David (meer kitty2)

    Here is an explanation of RSS for non-technical people I found on Lifehacker.

    A non-technical explanation of RSS

  • christine

    Oh yes. THOSE are always the best help.

  • mary katherine

    Is the recommended help for the technology or the “voices” in my head? 🙂

  • christine

    First off, when I channel Mary Catherine, I spell the “Catherine” part with a “C.”

    Second off, I know THIS Mary Katherine is real because she was at my last retreat…

    Third off, congrats for starting a blog David! Can’t wait to comment!

    Mary Katherine, I recommend finding someone who can help you!

  • mary katherine

    David, you’re funny!!!

  • David (meer kitty2)

    Christine, are you channeling Mary Katherine again ?


  • mary katherine

    I second, actually third, the way cool comments. One of my first thoughts upon waking today was “if I’m going to really do this blog thing I gotta start learning about the technology and get organized so that my posts don’t get out of hand” and then I see this. You and I – we’re sharing some brain space or something. When a former co-worker and I did that we’d say to each other – get out of my brain. To you I say sit down, enjoy a beverage, and settle in for a visit. It’s fun when you come over.

  • christine

    HI Rick. It started as a plug-in that i found by searching. It’s called “Clean Archives.” But my web guy had some troubles with it and made some changes to get it to work. It was quite frustrating to him at first.

  • Rick

    Actually, I do think it’s way cool. Is this a plug-in, or did you get it done. It’s a lot more convenient than the out-of-the-box way WordPress lists the posts one after the other.

  • christine

    Rick & Susie, thanks for indulging me! =]

  • Susie

    aahhh…how purdy!

  • Rick

    Okay, I’ll be the first.:-) It is “easy and clean”, and way cool, too!