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Meet Colleen



Colleen O’Grady was an overworked marriage and family therapist raising her teenage daughter in Houston, TX. She wasn’t unhappy in her career, but was feeling the call to something MORE – something BIGGER that she couldn’t quite explain.


She followed every step of the Uplevel game plan – from getting clear on her value and raising her prices – then choosing her ideal client and establishing herself as the expert through stay-in-touch marketing and creating an innovative online program. Colleen then wrote her best-selling book, Dial Down the Drama.


Colleen built a thriving private practice and created multiple income streams. She launched an online program called Power Your Parenting,™ and turned it into a evergreen funnel that generates passive income.  Colleen wrote a book, became a best-selling author and TED-x speaker.

From Overworked Generalist to High-Paid Specialist…

"There was something really big in me, but I didn’t know what it was. And, I didn’t know how to get it out.”

“I knew that I wanted to do more with my life. I was feeling like there was something more inside of me. I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I knew that if I kept doing what I was doing I would never reach my full purpose.”

When Colleen first came to Uplevel You™, she had a marriage and family therapy practice and a second job teaching at a medical school. Though she was “content" with her life and career, she kept feeling the call to create something MORE.  More authentic, more impactful, more aligned with her truth.  So, how do you move from being an overworked generalist into a more powerful role in your industry? Here’s how Colleen upleveled…

Uplevel 1: Owning Her Value & Expertise

Uplevel Academy™ really rocked my world because it taught me how to think about my business.”

Colleen had over a decade of experience as a psychotherapist and moonlighted at a medical school where she trained doctors and Ph.D.’s. She didn’t think of herself as a business owner.  As such, she wasn’t recognizing her expertise, or how to market her services in a way that communicated her value.  So step one was to take a deep dive into being the C.E.O. of Y.O.U. and begin clearly naming and clarifying everything from her message, unique selling proposition and the results she delivered clients.

Watch as Colleen explains how she began to step into the ownership role and value herself as a business:

Uplevel 2: Raising Her Prices

“I was terrified to raise my prices. I thought I would get shot, but what happened was I became a better therapist and my practice is full.”

As Colleen was getting clear on her value and owning her expertise, it was time to get strategic and raise her prices. Watch how she describes how raising her prices transformed her therapy practice.

Uplevel 3 – Identifying her Ideal Client

Once I got clear on my ideal client, everything fell into place.”

Before Uplevel Academy, Colleen did what she had seen other therapists do: She took on every client who showed up at her door.  She couldn’t imagine there was such thing as an “ideal client.”

As Colleen got clearer and more strategic as a business owner, she saw that she has a special talent and clarity with moms. Especially moms with teen daughters.  Colleen also began to notice how many of her clients were truly helped by her Christianity.  Colleen recognized that her faith was a part of her practice, even though at first, she was hesitant to admit this.  She said, “I’m a cool Christian, you know?  An “Anne Lamott” Christian! I don’t like flaunting my Christianity, but I live and breathe those values! And my clients really resonate with how I use it in our work together."

Colleen began creating marketing materials and messages that spoke to these moms and included her unique way of sharing insight and communicating mental health.

Watch as Christine and Colleen discuss how she chose her ideal client and what that did for her business.

Colleen had the unique opportunity to apply her materials first hand as she raised her daughter Erin

Colleen had the unique opportunity to apply her materials first hand as she raised her daughter Erin

Uplevel 4 - Creating an Online Program: The “One-to-Many” Model

“Learning how to create my Power Your Parenting program, and then to launch it and change so many lives was the impetus I needed to really step into my purpose.”

Colleen’s private practice was thriving.  She was making more revenue than ever before. And she wanted to explore a dream she had had for a long time:  To create an online coaching program to help moms who had teenage daughters.

Uplevel Academy™ provided the support, accountability and resources to make that happen, even as her list was still growing.

“This part was hard. And Christine really pushed me, which was hard too! But it worked. I created this amazing program. I launched it. And I continued to grow my list.  I never imagined I could do all of this. But I have now helped so many moms become so much more compassionate and kind to themselves and to their daughters. It’s a great feeling.”

Uplevel 5 - Writing a best-selling book

Christine helped me think congruently and strategically in my business, but she also helped me think BIGGER.”

At one of the Uplevel Academy™ mastermind retreats, Colleen finally got clear about writing her book.  She wrote it, and then she got an agent, and a coveted publishing deal.  The best part of all is that Colleen had laid all the groundwork so that she could make money from her book while also establishing herself as an international expert in the parenting field.

“When I wrote my book, I got an agent, and a publisher. A lot of authors don’t realize they can actually lose money in their book launch. But because of Uplevel, my book and my business fit together.  My book sends readers to my website and into my programs. So, I have this back-end product so that I monetized the book. And I’m able to impact the lives of so many more moms!”

Colleen’s book not only became a best-seller, but was also endorsed by Jack Canfield.

Colleen’s book not only became a best-seller on Amazon, but was endorsed by Jack Canfield.
Colleen’s book not only became a best-seller on Amazon, but was endorsed by Jack Canfield.

From Limitations to Living Her Dreams…

With all that Colleen has accomplished in her life and business, she felt her greatest transformation was internal.

I was able to get over my own limitations because I felt like, ‘Who am I to do this? Who am I?’ It really was kind of my own transformation to say, ‘Who am I NOT to do this?’”

“I’m so grateful because so many of us have this dream inside of us and we don’t know how to get it out. And Christine got my dream out. I’m so grateful for her and everything she’s done.”

“I am so grateful for Christine Kane because my dreams have come true – because of her and Uplevel You.”

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