Columbus and Chicago - Christine Kane

Hello from Springfield, Missouri!

I’m back in my hotel room this evening after a performance. And I have the day off on Wednesday. So, here’s what I’m trying to decide: Should I go to Branson tomorrow? (I mean – shouldn’t everyone go to Branson at least once in their life?) Or should I visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder home about 30 miles away? It’s a big decision indeed!

So, here’s the deal:

I’m performing in Columbus, OH at the Columbus Performing Arts Center on Friday night, October 5. And then, I’ll be performing in Chicago, IL at the Old Town School of Folk Music on Sunday night, October 7. If you know anyone nearby, please let them know – or if you’re nearby, come say hello! I had such a great time meeting blog readers when I was in Berkeley last week – I hope there will be more of you out there this weekend!

  • therapydoc

    I hope it went well at the Old Town School. Welcome to town.

  • NancyCz

    Kris and I vote for Bransen (although I was a HUGE fan of the books!). We’re pscyhed to see you in Chicago — been about a year since our last show. And, who can resist the windy city? Thanks again for “Adventure Day” — we had our 6th one last weekend!

  • Katherine

    My stepdaughter and granddaughter will be seeing you in Columbus. The tickets are my stepdaughter’s birthday gift from her dad and me. I’ll tell them (Jymme and Cherity) to come by and say hello. I’m sure they will be buying CDs anyway!

    Let us know where you went? And did you love/hate it?

    Have a great time,

  • seventh sister

    I used to go to Branson in the summers when I was growing up. I have avoided it since it became such a music mecca. I loved those family music theaters that were up there long ago. I think one or two of them are still in operation. They did not have big names but they did have colorful ones…The Baldknobbers comes to mind. I thought it was wonderful that such talented people had found a way to make a living without traveling or being famous.

  • Kim

    I hope you went to the Laura Ingalls Wilder home.

    I love your blog and I just found you this week. I’ve spent a lot of time just reading your past entries and absorbing the ones that my soul feels hungry for.

  • Michelle


    That’s a great dilemma to have! Kitsch or history? Why not both? Hope you had a great time relaxing. Can’t wait for the retreat!

  • Deb

    I vote for Laura Ingalls Wilder home (though you have probably made a choice by now).

    Also, I can’t get to Columbus this time. Sorry. I’m sure it will be a great show.

  • Charity

    I vote for Laura Ingalls Wilder home, hands down. Then again, I spent a great deal of my playtime pretending to be her, living on the prairie, as a child, so I’m a bit biased. I still watch reruns of the show and pull out my books to re-read fairly regularly. 🙂 Have fun whatever you do!


  • Kelsey


    I just printed my tickets for the Columbus show (technology is so weird, I paid and then this message popped up that said, “Print your tickets now!”). I am coming with a good college friend who has had a difficult time lately, I think the show will be really wonderful for her. I driving from Dayton for the show (less far than you’ll travel) and staying with my friend Friday night. That way I won’t have to rush out to drive home. I’m looking forward to saying hello and meeting you after the show — despite the fact that I’ll probably be totally tongue tied and embarrass myself! This will be my first time at one of your shows and I am terribly excited. Seriously, a little giddy over here! (Oh look, I’m embarrassing myself already.)

    Safe travel to you!

  • Dawn

    Hey there – my vote is for Laura Ingalls Wilder home….What an incredible life she had, the struggles and the accomplishments. Enjoy your day – whatever you do. Hope you get to come to Nashville some time soon.