Come Hang Out with Me Tomorrow Night - Christine Kane

Saturday night (May 5), I’ll be performing near Asheville in Montreat, NC.

It’s the Great Southeastern Hiking Festival. I am the closing entertainment for the five-day festival.

The concert is at Upper Anderson Hall at Montreat College. It starts at 8pm. And it’s open to the public.

The people involved in this concert have been amazing. So, I’m expecting quite a fun and happy evening. Hope you can come!

Have a great weekend everybody!

  • Jenn(y)Sherwin

    Hello from good ol’ Northern Virginia! Am just returning from a little European vacation and I find not one but two emails from my folks about your blog. They’re hooked! The list about your Mom came from Dad, and the one about creativity from my Mom. So glad I logged on too. It’s clear why our Moms are such good friends. I wish I had written those things about Diann! Your folks are always in my thoughts and prayers. I miss seeing them on Rust Hill. You look great and sound better everytime I listen. Take care! Jenn

  • Kay

    Amazing concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And, yes, Elaine, it was a brilliant evening, concert and performance! Standing ovations and all!!! Everyone left filled with gratitude and JOY…..
    …and hope, because with people like Christine leading the way, the right messages just might get out there…..
    not to mention the wondrous guitar playing and music!!!!
    With gratitude,

  • mk

    Have a great show!!!

  • etbnc

    I should clarify, lest ye be disappointed: it’s the lower hall of Anderson that’s all stone and reverberates so much. Unless it’s changed a lot, the upper hall probably won’t provide that Nigel Tufnel kind of sustain. But if there’s nothing going on downstairs before or after your show, perhaps you can strum a bit in the big stone room to enjoy the effect.


  • Christine Kane

    Elaine – well, if anyone from the UK would decide to hop on a plane and come to one of my shows, I have a feeling it would be you!

    hi etbnc – I’ve performed one time at Montreat for another conference, but it was a long time ago. I look forward to that ten seconds of natural reverberation…

    thanks for writing lisa. i’ll see you next time!

  • lisa

    I have commitments here this weekend. Phooey. Have a great show!!

  • etbnc

    I was part of the A/V crew at Montreat one summer, twenty odd years ago. I remember hauling equipment to Upper Anderson.

    I’m gonna guess you’ve played at Montreat before, and perhaps tried out the Anderson main auditorium. As I recall that big, round, stone room created more than ten seconds of natural reverberation. Besides the occasional staff jam session, some nights we’d crank up Pink Floyd over the house sound. The sonar ping in Echoes was extra cool, bouncing around the big room in the dark.

    Have fun. I’m sure you’ll do a fine show.


  • Elaine

    I really wish I could!!! Roll onthe October retreat!!! – gonna try and book my flights today 🙂

    It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK so I get an extra day at home with the 4 legged members of my family (pusscats)!!!

    Have a brilliant evening Christine and a Happy weekend too!!!