Contact - Christine Kane

Team Uplevel is here to serve you. Please first read the following 5 guidelines…

  1. Christine and Team Uplevel are real people with hearts and souls… not automatons, recordings, bots or droids. (Though we sometimes wonder about Adam, our IT guy.) Sometimes people forget this part!
  2. Upleveling is all about having a soulful happy life and business – so we keep our hours in the general range of 9 – 5 EST. (But hey, sometimes we get a little jiggy and send an after-hours response.)
  3. We are definitely not here on holidays or weekends.
  4. We try to respond to your requests within 24-48 hours. We trust that you can do the math if a holiday or weekend day is involved. (Though math is probably not your unique ability. We get it. But we still believe in you!)
  5. Here are quick answers to our TOP 5 questions:

1. I’d like to hang out with/pick the brain of/yell at/critique the life choices and/or writing of/have coffee with Christine. How do I make that happen?

First off, thanks for caring enough to want to reach out.

With that said, there’s just not the bandwidth for me to do it all, take it all in, and respond to everything. So that means I don’t do “pick your brain because I’m visiting Asheville” lunches, and I let my team handle the peeps who want to criticize. (Trust me, I’m working every bit as hard as the next guy. So far, perfection hasn’t manifested itself. Dang.)

With that said, I’ve created a suite of premium programs, retreats, and opportunities where you can access me and my amazing team of coaches for help on mindset, strategy, spirit, sales, marketing and money. Start with the free articles on my blog, and then try Uplevel Café for a month and see if you like our community. We’re pretty freakin’ awesome.

2. Why don’t you list all of your Uplevel programs on your site? That’s so stupid! I want to browse through and see all the stuff you offer! You’re losing sales!

We don’t see it that way.

At Uplevel, one of our core values is “No transactions, only transformations.” That means it’s not just about the sale. It means we make sure people engage with our content, do the work – and get results.

To that end, I only open up our programs at certain specified points of the year. That way, we all go through the curriculum together, and you get accountability…and results.

In other words, it’s not just another program with a log-in and password you can’t remember. 🙂

With all of that said, we do keep enrollment open for Uplevel Café. If you want to join a community and get accountability as well as access to an entire suite of trainings on the marketing, mindset, sequences and soul of running a business… then become a part of Uplevel Café. Click here to find out more. You can sign up for just a month if you want to test the waters. (But I’m betting you’ll want to stay much longer!)

3. Can I work privately with Christine?

Sorry. I don’t work privately.

Why? Three reasons…

First - and I’m sharing this from many years of clients paying me shitloads of money to work with me privately – you need at least (at least!) a year to get the context and the mindset and the marketing principles of your business down pat.

Which is why - in Uplevel Academy, I’ve designed a year-long curriculum, complete with tools, done-for-you templates, bonus trouble shoots and monthly mindset work as well. In other words, everything you could possibly need or want as you grow your business is here.

This is much more powerful than me trying to teach you this stuff one-to-one.

Second – you need other entrepreneurs around you to hold you accountable, keep you on track and give you perspective from their experience. The isolation of owning and running a business is soul-sucking. You can’t do this alone. The Uplevel tribe is unlike any other out there. My peeps are 100% committed to each other’s success.

Third – you need to consistently exit your usual confined surroundings and work ON your business…to return to center and revisit your strategy. Uplevel Academy meets 4 times per year. Once every quarter, you get to realign… to strategize, plan your marketing, dive into mindsets and recommit to the soul of your business…live and in-person.

So, even when all your old patterns have taken over yet again and threaten to derail you, you return to clarity, you stay on track. Not many people do live retreats anymore in this on-line world. And I’ve witnessed stunning results from our in-person work. MUCH better results than I could deliver one-on-one.

4. Seems like there are hundreds of coaches these days. I’ve been “burned” by a few of them. How do I know you’re right for me or even legit?

Honestly? You don’t know if I’m legit! At least, not if this is your

first time visiting! And even if I stand here and assure you that I’m legit, how’s that work for you? 🙂

This is why you don’t see me trying to sell shit to you the minute you meet me. (If you download the Abundance 4X4 and do the training, however, you’ll get a sense of who I am.)

But let’s back up here.

Whenever someone says “I’ve been burned by a coach,” I kinda want to check under the hood a bit.

Yes, I know there are some manipulative scheisters out there. But more often than not, that’s not the issue.

Mostly, what I’ve seen is that sometimes it’s not the right match. (Yes, this has happened to me too.)

Or more likely… you wanted someone to give you EVERYTHING and fix everything about your business and have all the answers.

And no single coach can do that.

For instance, I’ve invested up to $100,000 in one year to work with a coach (yes, you read that right) – and even when I’ve done that, I’ve still invested in other programs and books and supplemental trainings. That’s because I’m an avid learner. And I don’t think one person should have all of my answers. That’s called entitlement. It’s a disempowering mindset and will block your success faster than any other obstacle out there.

I don’t know the particulars of your situation, but the bottom line is this: Owning and running a business – whether you’re an artist, doctor, realtor, graphic designer or corporate trainer - is a path of mastery. Which means you will reach amazing heights - and experience some really sucky shit. You’ve got to choose to commit to the whole process.

So, if you’re hesitant, dubious, skeptical… I understand, and that’s totally fine. But I don’t waste my time trying to convince people who are more committed to their doubt than they are to their transformation. (FYI: You shouldn’t do that either.) So just take your time, watch my videos, open my emails, read my stuff and check in with your heart, and when the time is right (IF it’s right), you’ll know it!

5. Do you still play music? Don’t you miss it?

Every now and then at a retreat or a mastermind, I will play a tune for my peeps. But no, I don’t play music professionally anymore. (Running a company is pretty all-consuming!)

And I apologize because I know I’m supposed to tell you that I miss it and that it just eats me up everyday that I’m not playing music anymore.

But I don’t, and it doesn’t.

When I left music, I had known for about 5 years that I would be leaving that path. I didn’t make the decision impulsively. I literally started getting these little tugs and prompts that I was going to be taking a different direction…even as I was walking onto big stages for my second or third encores.

Also – the road life was never my jam. I didn’t like being on the road 200+ days a year, I couldn’t stand the late nights and the bad food – and when you’re in your 30’s and start to look like Keith Richards in the mirror each morning, something’s gotta give.

What I loved most was making these amazing things called songs and delivering them to people who wanted them and were healed or moved or touched by them. And in some ways, that’s exactly what I'm still doing now. But the thing I deliver now is just different. That’s all.