Create a Successful Indie Music Career - A Workshop on September 10 - Christine Kane

This Monday, September 10, I’m presenting a workshop in Asheville, NC with author/indie music guru Bob Baker.

Click here for more details, and let your musician/artist friends know about it. It’ll be a great evening, packed with all kinds of helpful and practical tools for creating success as an artist and musician.

Most of these workshops offer one perspective – the business perspective. I’ve been to tons of these things – the music-biz executive dude tells all the hungry little musicians what they need to know in order to make it in his music business world.


Boring. Overwhelming. And and SO 1990’s.

The truth is – music-biz executive dude has NO idea how to make a career any more than you do!

This workshop is about the artist. And it’s about building a successful career. It’s about creating a life and being a success as an artist – not getting onto American Idol and being told what to do for the whopping three years of your music career. That’s why we call it “The Empowered Artist.”

So, click here to read more. Email me if you have questions. ( Asheville’s a quick drive from Charlotte, Knoxville, Atlanta, and Greenville. If you know people who’d benefit from this – let them know about it!