Creativity, Career, and Being a Pioneer - Christine Kane

Alison Lee has a wildly popular podcast called Craftcast. She’s all about creativity, crafting, art, music, and writing. She’s also a great interviewer. Her guests have ranged from best-selling authors like SARK to celebrated musicians like Gabrielle Roth to fabulous artists like Claudine Hellmuth. I am honored to be her guest on this week’s Craftcast Podcast. Our conversation is a lot about creativity, a little about building a career, and all about being a pioneer.

Click here to listen.

  • claudine hellmuth

    awww thanks for the mention in your post!! See you in a month!!!

  • ChickiePam

    Well, I did the most wonderful techy thing…I downloaded it on my brand spanking new iPhone, plugged in some head phones and listened as I did my favorite thing…dig in the dirt! Loved it!

  • m

    is there a transcription of the podcast? – Idon’t have a sound card !

  • Millie

    I’m 22.
    I love life.
    I’m confused.
    I am joyful.
    I am scared.
    I am looking for inspiration… And I’m so glad my mom kept bugging me to read your blog!
    Thank you so much for being you and for all of your love and inspiration. I wrote to my mom the other day in an email that if there’s anything you ever wanted to know about life, just check out Christine’s blog. Blessings for your retreat this weekend!

  • Christine Kane

    hey julie! thanks! that’s great to hear – and welcome! 🙂

    sue – “waggy” is a great word! i feel like that when i meet inspiring people – so i’m honored to know i can pass on that torch!

    km – honestly, i can barely keep up with blogging along with everything else on my plate! i pondered a podcast – but i’ve decided to let others do it! as for “being supported by others” – that’s got to be images you find on your own. i suggest looking through magazines and just let images guide you. tear out everything that moves you at all! for me – being supported was the image of a sturdy black theatre stage – the kind that you walk on and only hear a slight “thud” cuz it’s so dense. now, i KNOW what that feels like – so it means something to ME. what provides that feeling for YOU???

    thinking_s – thank you! that was a fun song to write. i barely ever play it! i probably won’t write that particular book though!

  • thinking_s

    oh my christine! i’m listening right now, and i haven’t heard much of your music. chicken soup for drama queens!!! I LOVE IT. how can you write this book without getting in trouble with the chicken soup people? i’ll be first in line to buy it. (i’m still listening, so i may have more to say, but i couldn’t even wait to say that.)

  • KM

    I love the podcast! Have you considered doing your own?

    In the podcast, you mentioned your vision board. I would love to see the images you chose for your vision board because I have similar goals, but have a hard time coming up with images that embody non-tangible things like “being supported as an artist” and such.

  • Sue

    great podcast! enjoyed listening to the whole thing….fills me in some way that’s hard to describe. I think it makes me so ‘waggy’ (sorry for the dog reference, but it’s such a perfect adjective) to see or hear people living their lives so fully aware like you. It inspires me. Thx!

  • Julie

    Listened to the podcast and it was great! FYI….about six weeks ago, I was watching Oprah, and she was doing the follow up to the Secret and a segment on vision boards. thought it was just what I needed, googled it and HERE I AM!!!

    Take care!