Creativity Tools For Personal & Business Success

6 Creativity Tools to Ignite Your Creative Process

Creativity lives in all of us.

It’s a part of who we are.

Seriously. ALL of us.

And, yes, that includes YOU, even if you claim you don’t have a “creative bone in your body.”

So how about I give you some creativity tools?

Because the thing is, creativity is a process. And, like a lot of processes, you get better at it with practice. With the creativity techniques outlined below, you can achieve more and see more success in life.

Here’s a list of six creativity tools to get your creative juices flowing!

Creativity Tools for the Mind

1 – Stop watching television

This might be one of the most valuable creativity tools I can share. Seriously, TV is a mind-killer. It makes you numb. It dulls your spirit. It weakens your senses. Turn it off. Or better yet, get rid of the damn thing.

2 – Make a collage

I love collaging! It makes me feel alive and deliriously open to possibility. If you want to set an intention to your collage, you can even make a vision board. My ebook, The Complete Guide to Vision Boards, is yours, free for the downloading, and will walk you through the process, step-by-step. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that over 22,000 people have downloaded The Complete Guide to Vision Boards. Give it a try and add it to your arsenal of creativity tools. There’s always something new for you to discover with vision boarding and collage.

Creativity Tools for the Body

3 – Take a 20-minute walk everyday

This isn’t about getting your heart rate up by speed walking. No. This is about connecting your heart to your surroundings. It’s about taking it slow. Watching the world unfold around you and just being with it. Creativity tools like this one help your naturally creative eye appreciate the beauty of creation: moss, trees, even the crack in the sidewalk that looks a bit like a crooked smile. When you look closely, what do you see?

4 – Dance around the house

Shake your tail feather! Start your day off with a little dance party, if you wanna, or try dancing around the kitchen when you’re putting away the dishes. Dance liberates your mind and your body and just makes everything more fun. When it comes to creativity tools to get you feeling pumped, this is a good one. I mean, there’s no way not to have fun when you’re dancing around to your favorite jams!

Creativity Tools for the Spirit

5 – List the things you love

One of my most requested songs, Loving Hands, came out of a journal exercise I did where I wrote a long, long list of all the things I love. Things like: my favorite purple sweater, sending off a letter, finding feathers, and sleeping in on a rainy Sunday morning. When you list out all the things that you love, it connects you to joy, and when you connect to your joy, you’re inviting more of it into your life. This remains one of my favorite creativity tools—you can keep updating your list all the time!

6 – Be quiet

Light a few candles after dark and just sit. Don’t meditate if you don’t want to. Just sit quietly and listen. Watch the candles. Allow for more silence in your life. In the silence, you can hear the voice of your creativity. Maybe not at first. But be patient. It’s in there! You just have to learn to listen.

I hope you enjoy these creativity tools and turn to them often to ignite, jumpstart, and reconnect to your own unique creativity.

Have fun along your journey!

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